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Friday, April 12, 2013


In the course of my perusal of old newspapers online - particularly the Ogden Standard Examiner - the following is one of several articles I have across about Forsgren Reunions.  Hey!  They got better attendance back in 1922 than we are getting now with quadruple the number of descendants!!!

Somewhere among these names you will probably find one of your progenitors!!  Just a fun little "ancestor moment" to enjoy!

Ogden Standard Examiner Sunday Morning, 6 August 1922  (available on
BRIGHAM SOCIETY  [I added the paragraphing]

     Brigham City, Aug. 5 - Saturday afternoon and evening one  hundred and two members of the Forsgren family met in their annual reunion which was held in the Fourth ward amusement hall.  Garden flowers were used in the hall and table decorations.  The afternoon's program consisted of a family dinner, with Mrs. Elsa Christensen and Mrs. Othelia Forsgren as hostesses, assisted by Roma Christensen, Doris Christensen, Edith Forsgren, Vinnie Christensen, and Afton and Barbara Forsgren. 
      An interesting feature of the afternoon was the baby show, conducted by Roma Christensen and Afton Forsgren.  Patriarchs James Olsen and Denmark Jensen, the oldest and youngest members of the "John E. Forsgren Co." which was the first organized company of Latter Day Saints to leave Scandinavia, were present and gave interesting talks of pioneer life and of their journey to this city.     
     In the evening, following the opening exercises, the following program was given:  Address of Welcome, President J.H. Forsgren;  songs by the little folks; vocal solo, S.N. Lee;  talk on geneology  [Argh!  They spelled it wrong even then!]  by Lydia W. Forsgren  solo Clarice W. Forsgren; piano solo, Guinivere Hess,  reading Lois Christensen; solos, Charles W. Forsgren and Freda F. Sorenson.  [Hey!  That's my grandmother!  I bet she also helped arrange flowers as she did in my home every Sunday for all of my teen-age life while she lived with us!]
     A committee on reunions was elected with A.J. Forsgren [This may be an error.  It was likely A.T. - Arvil T. - Forsgren] as chairman and the following members:  Elsa Christensen, Eli Christensen, Lettie Forsgren, May D. Smith, Ruth F. Conine, and C.V. Forsgren.  Following the program refreshments were served.