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Sunday, March 11, 2012

AMAZING DISCOVERY !! The Forsgren Pram

In the evening of March 11, 2012 I checked my email messages on my I-phone before going to bed for the night and was astounded to see this picture.    It was sent to me by Charlotta Cederlof, the journalist/reporter in Gavle, Sweden with whom I have maintained an on-going, though infrequent, connection ever since she did an article on John Erik Forsgren and the monument placed in the park in front of the Forsgren home in Sweden. 

Her comment was, "They say this is the Forsgren pram.  I have decided to believe it is.  Someone has painted the sun hood with gold paint but it is still beautiful."

I just can't stop looking at it!    Did Peter or Erika or John use this as babies?    Could it have been used by Peter's son Pehr Johan, born to him through Britta Cathrina Wallstrom?    Oh, if only it could talk!

Charlotta is investigating who had the pram and sold it back to the current owner of the Antiquity shop which is housed in the old Forsgren home in Gavle.

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