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     And I thought I knew everything there was to know about Peter Forsgren!!  Tonight I was reading  the recently reprinted edition of the History of Box Elder County: 1851-1937 published by Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Box Elder South Company (the bulk of which was researched & written by Lydia Walker Forsgren, 3rd wife of John Heber Forsgren). 

     In 1863, the Brigham City Dramatic Association was organized under the direction of Peter and Alexander Baird.  Most of the presentations were staged in the basement floor of the County Courthouse.  Originally the actors called were also called as missionaries so no play was staged that did not teach a moral truth as well as entertain.

      Quoting from the book:  " This dramatic company was active for over twenty-five years, during  most of which time Peter A. Forsgren was stage manager and invented, among other conveniences, a system of footlights by which, from his position backstage, he could darken the stage by putting a tin shade between the stage and the lights."

     Price of admission was 50 cents.  It was the custom generally to rehearse four nights a week and perform every Saturday.  Later on the Mutuals of each ward in the county were in charge of dramatic presentations.  Touring groups also went to Malad and Bear River City.

     It was the council of President Brigham Young that, "suitable amusements be furnished for the people."

     I remember coming across several articles in the Ogden Standard Examiner and Box Elder News which reported that Victor E. Madsen was very active in this company.  He married Cleofa Forsgren, the daughter of John Heber Forsgren (thru his wife Ann Jane Evans) who also appeared in many of the presentations.

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CHILD #1 - Sarah Christine Forsgren (and spouse #1 Christen Klem)

[Because the blog posts were getting too long and confusing with all Sarah's descendants in one group I am separating them for more manageability !!]


Though this photo is labeled Christian Clements it should be properly labeled Christian Klem. The handwriting appers to be that of Olivia Lee Knight who labeled many such photos that are now in the possession of her son Lester Lee Knight of Meridian, Idaho. (Original of this photo is in the possession of Erma Walsh/Andrea Lockwood).  Erma confirmed that it is indeed her grandfather, Christian Klem and that the original is a tintype. [Family members have sometimes listed him as Christian Clements on their family group sheets that have been circulated among each other].
This is the reverse side of the Christian Clements (Klem) photo

BIOGRAPHY: "Sketch of the Life of Christen Christensen Klem" Obtained from DUP files. Photocopy in possession of Forsgren Family Assn. No author is given, nor is there a submitter named. Page 2 shows a copy of a portrait of Marie Dorothea Jensen Klem Mortensen and a son Nels Christian Klem. Handwritten is the statement that the original picture is on the 2nd floor East Wall, West Balcony of the DUP museum. [Note. I believe that the portrait referred to above is mislabeled. The son would be Christian Christensen Klem - NOT Niels Christian Klem. Marie Dorothea had married Niels Christian Mortensen... so I believe that the names were confused on the identification. I am in the process of obtaining a photo that is clear to upload to the blog post]

     Christen [sic] Christensen Klem, son of Christen Kristensen Klem and Marie Dorthea Jensen was born March 3, 1848 at Kastberg, Denmark.
     All of the formal education that Christen had was received in Denmark. At the time he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the age of sixteen he was serving as an apprentice with a skilled shoemaker. The family had decided to emigrate to America and they feared that Christen would not be ale to accompany them because of this apprenticeship, which was very binding. But when he told his employer that he had joined the Mormon Church his employer became very angry and fired him immediately. His mother was very happy about this, but she feared that when the employer had time to reconsider he would come and want Christen back, which he did the very next day. The mother was cautious, however, and sent her boy out into the country to stay with relatives. So when the employer came she told him that she had made other arrangements for her son. The shoemaker was disappointed and apologized for his hastiness and said the boy was a very fine worker and a good, clean young man. The mother was thankful and felt that her prayers had been answered as her son was now free to go [to America] with them.
     Christen, with his mother and two sisters, left Denmark April 13, 1864 and arrived in New York June 3, 1864, where they were met by his step-father who had preceded them to America. They crossed the plains with ox team and after many trying experiences arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Sept. 15, 1864. They moved to Brigham City immediately where they established their home. Christen was united in marriage with Sarah Forsgren on April 10, 1872 in the Endowment House at Salt Lake City. To this union three children, one daughter and two sons were born.
     He died Dec. 7, 1878, at Brigham City, Utah.

Christian Christensen Klem with his mother Marie Dorthea Jensen Mortensen
Niels Christian Mortensen - Christian Klem's stepfather - 2nd husband of his mother Marie Dorthea Jensen
These two photos were purchased copies from the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum in Salt Lake City

Jensine Katrine Christiansen Klem Mortensen (25 May 1950, Hammelev, Randers, Denmark - 1 Nov. 1893, Brigham City, Utah) - Sister of Christian Klem as well as his step-mother (his step-father's polygamist wife)  She was the mother of 11 children.                        

Ane Marie Klem Johnson - Christian's sister.  Married to John Peter Johnson, mother of 6 children.
"Aunt Mary" was born 8 Jan 1853 in Hammelev, Randers, Denmark - Died 19 Dec 1942 in Brigham City.
Original photo in possession of Erma Walsh/Andrea Lockwood

Monarch of the Sea - the ship which brought Christian, his mother and two sisters to America from Denmark in 1864.

Christian's BURIAL: Brigham City Cem B-17-24-1
Sexton's records list his parents as Christian Christiansen Klem and Marie Dorothea Jensen and his place of birth as Greno, Denmark

Sarah Christine Forsgren and Christian Christensen Klem had three children:
     Children #2 & 3 were sons who both died in infancy:  I am including them first since there was, of course, no posterity by them and since their sister's information will take lots of room:
     Child #2 - Clarence Christensen Klem, born 2 May 1876 in Brigham City.  He died 6 April 1879, just short of his third birthday.  He is buried in the family plot in the Brigham City Cemetery, B-17-24-7

     Child #3 - Peter Monroy Christensen Klem, was born 24 Oct 1878 in Brigham City.  He died 2 months later on Jan 2, 1879.  He is also buried in the family plot in Brigham City B-17-24-8

    Child #1 -- Lorinda Christensen Klem, born 19 April 1873 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah; she died 5 March 1943 in Ogden, Weber Co., Utah and was buried in the Aultorest Memorial Park Cemetery in Ogden on 8 March 1943, Lorinda married Andreas Georg Funk (Americanized to Andrew George Funk) on 9 November 1892 in the Logan LDS Temple.
     Andrew George Funk was born 17 March 1868 in Aakersogn, Bornholm, Denmark. He was christened into the Lutheran Church on 16 May 1868 in the same place.  Died 19 Aug 1950 in Ogden, Weber Co, Utah, and buried in Aultorest Memorial Park Cemetery on 22 August 1950.

Sarah Forsgren Klem with Lorinda, her only surviving child with Christen Klem.
Lorinda was born in 1873. I would judge this photo to have been taken between 1876 and 1878.

PERSONAL REMEMBRANCES of Erma Vilate Funk Walsh interviewed at the Crescent Care Facility in Ogden Utah - age 98 - when I got to meet and visit with her in Feb of 2011. She seemed very glad to get to talk about her parents whom she admired tremendously. She said that Lorinda was amazing - a woman who was slight and petite with lovely hands but who could do anything. While her husband was on his mission in Denmark (at age 42) she was left at home with the whole family and a small boy. One day when Andrew was gone she picked 30 bushels of peaches all by herself. She said Lorinda was a sort of health nurse in town, caring for a lot of people. She was supposed to have been one of the first children born in the Brigham City Fort. Lorinda got her first pair of shoes the day she got married. In addition she was good at making head cheese, which Erma thought was delicious. [For the uninformed here is the Wikipedia explanation of what head cheese is:

     "Head cheese (AmE) or brawn (BrE) is a cold cut originating in Europe. Another version pickled with vinegar is known as souse. Head cheese is not a cheese but a terrine or meat jelly made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig (sometimes a sheep or cow), and often set in aspic. While the parts used can vary, the brain, eyes and ears are often removed. The tongue, and sometimes even the feet and heart may be included. Head cheese may be flavored with onion, black pepper, allspice, bay leaf, salt, and vinegar. It is usually eaten cold or at room temperature as a luncheon meat. It can also be made from quality trimmings from pork and veal, adding gelatin to the stock as a binder."

The following are a series of scanned images of personal remembrances written by Lorinda's granddaughter Helen Lillian Heimke Moholt:

This is one of the homes where Lorinda and Andrew lived in Brigham City (photo taken 2011).  It was designed and built by Andrew

The Andrew and Lorinda Funk home at 1219 Porter in Ogden, UT. This is the home where Erma was born. It was designed and built by Andrew Funk and was made of Adobe bricks. This is where Andrew and Lorinda moved after Andrew returned from his mission and had given up his architectural practice in Brigham City to his partner. This photo was taken 2-12-2011. I hope I can upload a better one later. Hopefully the current owners are merely in the process of changing carpet and that the front porch will eventually be cleaned up!

A view of the home from the South. I love the ornamental woodwork on the 2nd story.

CENSUS: 1900 Census of Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah
Funk, Andrew, head, md for 8 years, age 34, born mar 1866, Denmark. Immigrated 1882. , naturalized, Carpenter, both Father and mother born Denmark
Funk, Lorinda, wife, md for 8 yrs., age 28 (Apr 1872), born Utah. Mother of 3 children, 3 children living.
Funk, Esther, daur, age 6, born Dec 1893, Utah
Funk, Lillian, daur, age 3, birb Nat 1897, Utah
Funk, Andrew W, son, age 7 mos., born Oct 1899, Utah

1910 Census of Brigham City Ward 2, Box Elder Co, Utah, ED 6 sheet 17 A, family #
Funk, Andrew, head, md, age 17 when married, age 42, architect, born Denmark
Funk, Larinda, wife, md, age 37, age 17 when married, born Utah; mother of 8 children, 7 living.
Funk, Ester, daur, age 26, all children born Utah
Funk, Lillian, daur, age 12
Funk, Winslow, son, age 10
Funk, Norman, son, age 8
Funk,Clarence, son, age 5
Funk, Dorethy, daur, age 3
Funk, Harold son, age 1

1920 Census of Evanston, Uinta Co., Wyoming
Funk, Andrew, head, md, age 51or 54, Contractor, born Denmark
Funk, Lorinda, wife, md, age 46 (all remaining household members born Utah)
Funk, Esther, daur 25, single
Funk, Lillian, daur 22, single
Funk, Winstan, son, age 20
Funk, Normand, son, age 18
Funk, Clarence, son, age 15
Funk, Dorothy, daur, age 12
Funk, Harold, son, age 10
Funk, Irena, daur, age 8

1930 Census of Ogden, Weber Co., Utah., 12th St., family #199
Funk, Andrew, head, md, age 25 at marriage,age 62, Carpenter, born Denmark, immigrated 1884, Naturalized,
Funk, Lorinda, wife, md, age 57, age 20 at marriage, (all members of household born Utah)
Funk, Clarence, son, age 25
Funk, Harold, son, age 21
Funk, Erma, daur, age 17
Heimke, Lillian, daur, age 33, divorced,
Heimke, Helen, grand daughter, age 7

Lorinda Klem
Obituary. Salt Lake Tribune - Saturday, March 6, 1943

OGDEN - Mrs. Lorinda C. Klem Funk, 69, wife of Andrew Funk of 1219 Porter Avenue, died Friday at 5:10 a.m. in an Ogden hospital following a three-week illness.
     Mrs. Funk was born April 9, 1873 in Brigham City, a daughter of Christian and Sarah Forsgren Klem. On November 9, 1892 she was married to Mr. Funk in the Logan LDS temple. For a number of years they resided in Brigham City, moving later to Evanston, Wyo., and for the past 15 years they have resided in Ogden.
     She had been active in Relief Society affairs in the Brigham City Second and the Ogden Seventh LDS wards.
     Mr. and Mrs. Funk observed their golden wedding anniversary last November.
     Surviving are her husband: eight sons and daughters, Winston, Clarence and Harold Funk, Mrs. Esther Jensen, Mrs. Lilliam F. Hiemke, Mrs. Dorothy Phelps and Mrs. Erma Walsh of Ogden and Norman Funk of Evanston, Wyo; her mother, Mrs. Sarah F.K. Christensen; 12 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and the following brothers and sisters: John and Wilford Christensen of Brigham City, Emil and Hazel Christensen and Mrs. Lettie Cheney of Salt Lake City and Leland Christensen of Ogden.
     Funeral services will be conducted Monday at 1 p.m. in Lindquist & Sons Colonial funeral chapel by Arvil W. Porter, bishop of the Ogden Seventh LDS ward.

BURIAL: Funeral notice Salt Lake Tribune, Monday, March 8, 1943
     Lorinda C.K. Funk Ogden - Funeral services for Mrs. Lorinda C.K. Funk, wife of Andrew Funk 1219 Portere Ave., will be conducted Monday at 1 p.m. in Lindquist & Sons Colonial Funeral Chapel by Arvil W. Porter, bishhop of the Ogden Seventh LDS ward. Burial will be in the Aultorest Memorial Park

Aultorest Cemetery on 36th St., Ogden, Utah

Apparently Lorinda ceased to use Klem as her surname as she grew, adopting Christensen, the name of her step-father who raised her.  Notice that SHE signs her name that way, it is not just an error on the part of the creator of the document.

The Andrew G and Lorinda Klem Funk family:
Back:  Winston Andrew, Esther Christine, Lillian Gertrude
Middle:  Andrew George and Lorinda, Norman
Front:  Dorothy, Clarence, Hal
(Erma was not born until after Andrew's mission to Denmark so she is not in any family photo)

 Ogden Standard Examiner, Nov. 8, 1942 copy in possession of Forsg. Fam. Assn. Photo

     Open House Marks Fiftieth Wedding Date of Ogdenites
     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Funk will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversry with open house today between the hours of two and six p.m. at their home, 1219 porter avenue. Friends and relatives are invited to attend.
     Mr. Funk was born in Bornholm, Denmark, March 171868, and came to utah as an LDS convert at the age of 16 years. He has engaged most of his life in carpenter work, has been an active member of the church. He is a member of the Scandinavian organization.
     Mrs. Funk was born in Brigham City, April 19, 1873. She also has been active in the church.
     The couple was married in the Logan temple, after which they resided in Brigham City, later moving to Evanston, Wyo. They have lived in Ogden the past 15 years.
     They are the parents of eight sons and daughters: Mrs. Lillian Heinke, Mrs. Esther Jensen, Mrs. Erma Walsh, Mrs. Dorothy Phelps, Clarence Funk and Harold Funk of Ogden, and Norman Funk of Evanston, Wyo.
     They also have 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild."
Funk, Andrew George:

(Andrew and his two sisters, Carrie and Kate ,share these same full lips;  Andrew's were covered by a moustache the greater share of his life).

The Funk family home in Brigham City.  His mother is Kirstine Christiansen Funk

Andrew's father

Andrew's mother:

 Andrew and his brothers and sisters:


NATURALIZED: January 10, 1891 [Source: Biographical sketch of Andrew Funk; censuses list different years ]

PASSPORT APPLICTION: U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-1925(
(This would be his mission back to Denmark)
Birth Place: Borgholm, Denmark
Age: 41 Residence: Brigham City, Utah
Passport Issue Date: 21 Sep 1909
Passport Includes a Photo: No

Andrew Funk was an Architect. 1907 - 1909 Newspapers have numerous ads with "office over M.C. Mortensen & Sons, Brigham City, Utah" He was involved in plans for changes to the 2nd ward meeting house, additions to several area schools, the Court House and the Box Elder News Bldg. Involved in the design and building of the Fire Station. While Andrew was on his mission he turned over the business to Carson F. Wells, Jr. who had entered the profession as a draftsman with him. Upon his return from Denmark he turned the entire business over to Wells. 

[Note: Madrienne Moholt Atkins, Andrew's granddaughter, told me in a phone conversation on Jan 23, 2011, that the story here is that the Utah State Legislature passed a law that non-licensed architects had to be licensed before a certain date. However, Andrew was on a mission at the time he was notified of this when Carson Wells told him about the new requirement. Family stories differ in the detail of whether Andrew refused to come home without finishing his mission to meet that deadline, or whether the Church wouldn't let him come home early. It would have been for this reason that Andrew turned the business over to Wells at the completion of his mission).

This photo of Andrew Funk (left) and Carson Wells hangs in the County Courthouse.   They designed the addition to the Courthouse as it now stands. Andrew left for a mission to Denmark and Carson Wells carried on the renovation in his absense. Their office was located in the Wm. Horsley & Sons Building over N.C. Mortensen's Hardware Store on Main Street near First South in Brigham City. (Niels C. Mortensen had a family connection. He was the step-grandfather of his wife, Lorinda Klem, as well as her step-uncle. N.C. Mortensen married Christian Christiansen Klem's mother in Denmark, after the death of Christian's own father. Later, in Utah, Mortensen also married Christian's sister Jensine Katherine Klem as a plural wife)

Funk and Wells business cards

Andrew was also an artist and a singer..  He loved to raise the sights and education of his children
Served as Brigham City Council Chairman Protem in 1904

MISC. NOTES FROM THE Ogden Standard Examiner & the BOX ELDER NEWS

1901, Oct. 21. (Ogden Standard Examiner). Reported that The Republican Convention had met at Brigham City and that Andrew Funk was either nominated or named Recorder.

Ogden Standard Examiner 1902,Sept 29. Andrew Funk nominated to succeed himself as Precinct Justice of the Peace at the Republican Convention.
1923, May 09. In Evanston, Wyoming Andrew Funk lost by 24 votes to another Republican candidate (did not say what office).

Ogden Standard Examiner 1923, July 17. Reported that Andrew Funk was part of the parade committee for an elaborate 24th of July celebration planned in Evanston, Wyoming.

1924, Feb 5. Andrew is still serving as a Choir Director in Evanston. (Article mentions him directing the choir at the funeral of Jos. Kessler)                                    

1925, March 26: "Andrew Funk and son, Winston, carpenters of Evanston, left Thursday for Ogden where they have taken employment"

Box Elder News:
In 1907 Andrew Funk served on the Admission and Grievance Board, the Immigration Committee and the Public Entertainment Committee of the Commercial Club (Box Elder News June 20, 1907) In August of 1907 he was announced as part of the Public Entertainment Committee for Peach Days (even though there had been some debate whether they should hold it since a series of severe hail storms had destroyed most of the crop. Peach Days was to be held on Sept. 18th with pink and green being the colors for decorating. In August Andrew is purported to be a candidate for some Republican Office. Nov. 21, 1907. City councilman Andrew Funk has been on the sick list but is now able to tend to business again. He was the conductor of the 2nd Ward Choir which performed at the funeral of pioneer Annie Wixom on Dec. 26, 1907 & the dedication of the newly remodeled 2nd Ward Meeting House on May 6, 1909.

Mar 19, 1908: BIRTHDAY PARTY A jolly crowd assembled at the residence of our local architect Mr. Andrew Funk on Tuesday, Marach 17, the occasion being the anniversy of Mr. Funk's birth. A splendid supper, which was fully up to plans and specifications, but still required some extra work, was served and the evening was spent in progressive card playing, speech making, etc. At midnight the guests departed all wising Mr. Funk many happy returns of the day.

Box Elder News Jan 16, 1913. "ENGROSSING CLERK" Our good friend and fellow townsman, Andrew Funk, has been appointed engrossing clerk in the Senate of the State Legislature. He has done considereable work along the line of engrossing, drawing and painting and is eminently qualified for the position. He took up his labors on Monday last and will spend the next sixty days, at least, in Salt Lake City.

Feb 22, 1918 - Mr. Andrew Funk and his son Norman came home from Evanston, where they have been employed during the winter, upon receipt of the news that Grandma Funk had passed away.


Mission to Denmark - called at age 41, served from April, 1909-Dec., 1911
Box Elder Journal Oct 7 1909. "Missionaries Depart."

     During the week a jol1ly (?) bunch of missionaries left their homes in this city and neighboring towns to go out and preach the unpopular religion to their fellow creatures. Those in the company were Claud Holst, Andrew Funk and Lorenzo Jensen of Mantua.
     The whole company is bound for Scandinavia, and they will have a right good time on the way over too, in as much as there are so many all from the same neighborhood.
     They departed in good spirits, but when the time comes to return home their spirits will be considerably better.
     [Note: While he was away Mr. & Mrs. Oluff Peterson entertained the wives of the missionaries on 6-30-1910)

Box Elder Journal,

"From Far Off Denmark". Ye Editor received a card from Elder Andrew Funk this week, dated Copenhagen. Elder Funk states that he has been transferred from Aarhus to Copenhagen and is now working the Mission office as secretary. He is also director of the Copenhagen choir, and is enjoying his labors immensely. He is feeling splendid physically.

One of Andrew's mission photos
Andrew's mission call from President Joseph F. Smith

This is a magnificently preserved photo of Joseph F. Smith given to Andrew on his mission and now in the possession of Erma Walsh and Andrea Lockwood

Andrew Jensen was Andrew Funk's mission president in Denmark.  Andrew Jensen would later become Church Historian.  There are many artifacts of the Jensen family on the 2nd floor of the SLC DUP Museum.

A small notebook written in Danish.  The entries have to do with the first missionary work to Scandinavia and John Erik Forsgren's subsequent rolls in the mission and in the Mormon Battalion .  It is in the possession of Erma Walsh & Andrea Lockwood

Andrew Funk chose to continue his mission to the prescribed end rather than coming home early in order to solve the problem of his architect's license requirements.  (See his biography).

Andrew's art work:  (These sketches in the home of Andrea Lockwood;  several other paintings are in the home of another family member).

Utah Death Index, 1905-1951 (
Name: Andrew George Funk
Death Date: 19 Aug 1950
State File Number: 1950003286
Gender: Male  Age: 82  County of Death: Weber

Obituary of Andrew G. Funk (photocopy of a newspaper article which is undated and unidentified. It was probably the Ogden Standard Examiner). Another obituary, virtually identical, was published in the Salt Lake Tribune, Sunday, Aug. 20,1950 p. C-9
     Andrew George Funk, 82, of 1219 Porter, died at the family residence at eleven a.m. Saturday after a short illness.
     He was born March 17, 1868, in Bornholm, Denmark, a son of Jacob and Karen Funk. He emigrated to this country when 16 years of age and settled in Brigham City, Utah. He later moved to Evanston, Wyo., where he resided for 10 years, moving to Ogden about 23 years ago where he had lived since.
     He was an architect and contractor in Brigham City and had been active in construction work until a few days prior to his death.
     On Nov. 9, 1892 he marrie Lorinda Clem in LDS Logan temple. She died March 5, 1943, in Ogden.
     Mr. Funk was an active member of LDS Seventh ward and at time of death was a group leader and a member of the presidency of the high priests quorum.
     He served a mission to Denmark from 1909 to 1911, where he acted as interpreter for the mission. He was a member and former president of the Weber County Scandinavian organization and a member of the Danish Brotherhood.
     While living in Brigham City he served as justice of the peace and was active in civic affairs here and in Evanston.
     Survivors are the following sons and daughters: Winston A., Clarence C., and Harold T. Funk, Mrs. Lillian Heimke and Mrs. Jack (Dorothy) Phelps, Ogden; Norman D. Funk, Evanston; Mrs. Joseph W. (Esther) Jensen, Layton, and Mrs. John (Erma) Walch; Libby, Mont; 14 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
     Also - the following brothers and sisters: John Funk and Mrs. Kate F. Forsgren, both of Brigham City, and Emil funk, Fielding, Box Elder County.
     The body is at the mortuary, 3408 Washington Blvd.
     Funeral services will be conducted Wednesday at one p.m. at the mortuary, 3408 Washington, with Bishop Orson T. Foulger of the LDS Seventh ward officiating. Interment will be in Aultorest Memorial Park.

Aultorest Cemetery, Ogden, Utah  - Lyndale Section, 248-5

Andrew Funk's work on the Box Elder Tabernacle: Letter from "Connie" to Hazel Christensen (undated)
Dear Hazel
     I don't know if you and Lettie know of the work father did on the Box Elder Tabernacle or not. I and the younger members of our family didn't until we went home for mother's last illness. One day, coming home from the cemetery he went in the Tabernacle with us and told us that he worked on it before and after the fire Feb. 7 1896. When it was rebuilt he made about half of the benches, balconys, the choir seats, the bishops stand, the mouldings for all doors and windows. He sawed all the scroll design trimming the balconies and the front part of the room with his jig-saw run by a foot pedal and completed all the trim also the pulpits he made the pulpits in the original second ward and the Sixth ward. He did other work on Tabernacle.
     Frank Earl Sr. did the plastering even the fancy part around the edges of the ceiling.
     Part of father's work was his own donation, part he did in exchange for work to be done by farmers and other mechanics on our own home. One man made adobes for him, another hauled rock for our foundation, others hauled sand and clay; one man did the masonry work and another gave him wheat.
     I had admired this work all my life but didn't know father had done it.
     I was so delighted to buy these post cards that show so much of his work. I thought you might be interested. Perhaps Lettie would like this information for her Book of Remembrance.
     With love, Connie
[P.S.]When we went to the tabernacle to buy these cards I told the lady why I wanted so many. She said, "O, can you give me any information, we don't know anything about it, we have been told to tell people it was built by European Carftsmen." Father told me other men's names who worked on it so I wrote it up and sent it to her so guess she is using it now to tell visitors.

Andrew's work on the renovation of the Brigham City Courthouse:

Andrew George Funk. This photo appears in the main foyer of the Box Elder County Courthouse and was provided courtesy of his daughter Erma Vilate Funk Walsh in memory of the work he did on the renovation.

A post card of the County Courthouse, pre-renovation.  The family of A.W. Compton is on the stairs.  Compton was a promient photographer in Brigham City and was friends with the Funks
Another view:  This photo was among possessions of Lorinda and Andrew.  I do not know if these are Funk family members or not.

The Courthouse under reconstruction. The columns are being placed by John H. Bott and Sons (who also came to figure into the Forsgren family when Maria Hadave Jensen married John H. Bott on the same day that her twin sister Gehardena Jensen married Adolph Peter Forsgren - Sarah Christine's brother).

Andrew Funk's handiwork as it stands on a lovely Spring morning - June 2011

Other buildings he enlarged or renovated are the Firehouse next door to the Courthouse (later City hall and now the Brigham City Chamber of Commerce) & Box Elder High School.

The Firehouse, before and after

And as it stands today (June 2011)
Andrew also designed the expansion of Box Elder High School in Brigham City (This photo hangs in the courthouse)

Lorinda Klem and Andrew Funk had 8 children:

           Child #1) Esther Christine Funk, born 20 Dec 1893 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co. Died 22 Nov. 1963 in Ogden, Weber Co.; buried 24 November 1963 in Aultorest Memorial Park, Ogden. Esther married Joseph "W" Jensen on 28 Feb 1913 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co.

Andrew and Lorinda with their first child, Esther - photo abt. Feb or March 1894.  The original of the photo above is in the possession of Lester Lee Knight.  The one below is in the possession of Erma Walsh & Anita Lockwood.

MARRIAGE: Box Elder News Mar. 6, 1913
     "Last Friday evening, Miss Esther Funk and Mr. Joseph Jensen, both of this city, were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Funk, Bishop T.H. Blackburn performing the ceremony."   [Esther's obituary gives the year of marriage as 1912]

Joseph Jensen was born 22 Jan 1893 in Mink Creek, Franklin Co., Idaho.  He died on either the 28 Feb or in May of 1977, depending on which source you pay attention to.  He is buried in the Aultorest Cemetery in Ogden

OBITUARY: S.L. Tribune, Sat, Nov. 23, 1963, p. 36; Also S.L. Tribune Sun, Nov. 24, p. C-16 (listing name as Mrs. Ester Christine Funk Jensen)
     Layton-Mrs. Esther Christine Clem Jensen, 69, Layton, died Friday 4 p.m.,in an Ogden hospital after a long illness. Born Dec. 20, 1893, Brigham City, to Andrew Funk and Lorinda Christensen Clem. Married Joseph W. Jensen Feb. 28, 1912, Brigham City. Member, Women's Benefit Assn., Rebekah Lodge, both in Evanston, Wyo. Member, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, active in Relief Society. Layton resident since 1942. Survivors: husband; son, D.J., Layton; daughers, Miss Onida Jensen, Lander, Wyo.; Mrs. Angelo (Elinore) Pantalone, Evanston, Wyo.; six grandchildren; borthers, sisters W.A., Claren C., Harold T.,Mrs. Lillian Heinke, Mrs. Jack (Dorothy) Phelps, Mrs. Erma Walsh, all Ogden; Norman D, Brigham City. Funeral, Monday, 11 a.m., Lindquist and Sons Mortuary, Ogden, where friends call Sunday, 7-0 p.m., Monday, one hour prior to services.

Ogden Standard Examiner Nov 23, 1963
"Esther C. Jensen
     Layton - Mrs. Esther Christine Jensen, 69, of Layton, died Friday afternoon at St. Benedict's Hospital.
     Mrs. Jensen was born Dec 20, 1893, in Brigham City, a daughter of Andrew and Lorinda Christensen-Clem Funk.. She resided in Evanston and came to Layton in 1942.
     On Feb. 28, 1912, she was married to joseph W. Jensen in Brigham City.
     She was an active member of the LDS Church and active in the Relief Society. She was a member of the Women's Benefit Association and past noble grand matron of Rebekah Lodge of Evanston.
     Surviving are her husband, one son, D.J. Jensen, Layton; two daughters, Miss Onida Jensen, Lander, Wyo., and Mrs. Angelo (Eleanor) Pantalone, Evanston; six grandchildren, four bothers, W.A., Clarence C. and Harold T. Funk, all of Ogden; Norman D. Funk, Brigham City; three sisters, Mrs. Lillian Heimke, Mrs. Jack (Dorothy) Phelps and Mrs. John (Erma) Walsh, all of Ogden.
     Funeral services will be held Monday at 11 a.m. in Lindquiest and Sons Colonial Chapel. Friends may call at the mortuary Sunday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. and Monday prior to services.:

Burial: Aultorest Cem, Ogden. Lyndale Section 210-4
CENSUS: 1900 Census of Chesterfield, Bannock, Idaho, ED137 p. 1-A

Jensen,Jacob, head,md for 24 years <1876>, age 50, born Sept 1844, Furrier, he & both parents born Denmark, immigrated 1874, 26 years in the United States. Naturalized
Jensen, Karsten S, wife, md 24years, age 50, born Nov 1849, Denmark (and both parents Denmark, mother of two children,2 living.
Jensen, Hulter, adopted daughter, age 15 immigrated 1894, farm laborer, born Feb 1885, single
Jensen, Joseph, son, age 7, born Jan 1893, Idaho
Jensen, Christian, Lodger, age43, born Sept 1856 Denmark

1920 Census of Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah, family #415
Jensen, Joseph W, head, md, age 27, born Idaho, contractor, Father & mother both born Denmark
Jensen, Ester, wife, md, age 26, ( all remaining members of the household born Utah) Ester's mother born Denmark, father born Utah
Jensen, Oneta, daur, age 5
Jensen, Elner, daur, age 2

1930 Census of Evanston, Uinta Co., Wyoming, ED 21-2 Sheet No. 12 B; family #
Jensen, Joseph, Head, md, md at age 20, age 37, Cement Worker, Street Construction, born Idaho
Jensen, Esther, wife, md, age 36, md at age 19, Dressmaker, born Utah
Jensen, Onita, daur, age 15, single, born Utah
Jensen, Eleanor, daur, age 11, single, born Utah
Jensen, De Vern, son, age 6, single, born Wyoming

DEATH: Social Security Death Index lists the following: Birth matches but date of death does not match what I "inherited" on a family group sheet or what is given on newFamilySearch
Name: Joseph Jensen
 Last Residence: 84041 Layton, Davis, Utah, USA
 Born: 22 Jan 1893
 Died: May 1977
State (Year) SSN issued: Utah

Aultorest Cemetery, Ogden Utah - Lyndale Section 210-3

Esther and Joe Jensen are the parents of three children:
          #1) Onita Esther Jensen, born 26 Jan 1915 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co.  died 12 Sep 1976.  I have no other information on Onita.  I do not know where she died or where she was buried or if she ever married.  At the time of her mother's death in 1963 she was listed as Onida Jensen, living in Lander, Wyoming.  She would have been 48.  She is not listed on newFamilySearch (8/2011) with either a spouse or children.  I have no photos of Onita.
          #2)Eleanor Jensen, born 4 Jan 1918 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co.; died 10 Feb 2006 in Evanston, Uinta Co., Wyoming.  She is probably buried there also, though as yet I have nothing to document that other than that in the Social Security Death Index Evanston is listed as her last residence.  Eleanor married Angelo Pete Pantalone (place & date unknown to me).
     Angelo Pantalone was born 5 Oct 1916 in Ophir, Toole Co., Utah.  He died 12 Jan 1997, last known residence was Knoxville, Marion Co., Iowa.  He is buried in Evanston, Uinta Co., Wyoming

Social Security Death Index (

Name: Angelo P. Pantalone
Last Residence: 50138 Knoxville, Marion, Iowa, United States of America
Born: 5 Oct 1916
Died: 12 Jan 1997
State (Year) SSN issued: Colorado (Before 1951)

Listed in the Cemetery Index for Evanston Wyoming. A digital photo of the headstone can be obtained for $6.00 from Phyllis Martin PO Box 671, Evanston, WY 82931

MILITARY: Utah, Military Records, 1861-1970 (
Angelo Pete Pantalone
Birth: 5 Oct 1916, Ophir, Utah
Age: 29
Serial No. 39941625, Army; Commissioned 3/15/45 Ft. Douglas, Utah
Nearest Kin: Anita Pantalone Callas, sisstser, Evanston, Wyoming
Wife: Eleanor Jensen Pantalone, Box 30, Hillfield Road, Layton, Utah

Eleanor and Angelo had four children:  Karen, Roger, Juanita, & Debra.  Debra is deceased and is buried in Evanston.  She was born 17 Nov 1950 in Evanston.

I have no photos of anyone in this family.  Descendants, can you help??

Esther & Joe Jensen's child #3 - Devern Joseph Jensen <living>
He is listed as D.J. in his mother's obituary, Nov. 1963

MILITARY: Utah Military Records, 1861-1970 (
Devern J. Jensen, Box 30-B, Hill Field Rd., Layton, Utah
Serial #: 19 172 240
Born 24 Apr 1923, Evanston, Wyo
Father: Joseph W. Jensen; Mother: Esther Jensen (same address as above)
Resident of Utah for 1 year prior to entering Service
Three years completed at Evanston High School
Age 19
Enlisted 12/2/42, Ogden, Utah; Discharged 12/30/45 Ft. Douglas, Ut.
Army Air Corp. Left for Overseas 12-25-44, Returned 12-21-45
Unite: 313 Bombardment Wing 505th
Pfc. 43, Cpl. Nov. 44, Sgt. 9-45
Hillfield, Ogden, Ut

U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
Name: Devern J Jensen
Birth Year: 1923
Race: White, Citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: Wyoming
State of Residence: Utah
County or City: Weber
Enlistment Date: 2 Dec 1942 , Salt Lake City, Utah
Branch: Air Corps
Grade: Private
Education: 4 years of high school
Civil Occupation: Semiskilled mechanics and repairmen, n.e.c.
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Height: 69
Weight: 138

Devern married  1) Clover Rasmussen and had one daughter, DeAnn ;  Married 2) Jean Audrey Olsen and had two daughters, Jolene and Jan.

I have no further information on this family.  No photos.

Lorinda & Andrew's second child - Lillian Gertrude Funk (known in some records as Gertrude Lillian), born 19 April 1873 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co.  Died 5 Mar 1943 in Ogden, Weber Co.  Buried 8 Mar 1943 in Aultorest Memorial Park, Ogden.  Lillian married Charles Frederick Heimke on 7 Dec. 1920 in Farmington, Davis Co., Utah.  They divorced in 1927.   A daughter, Helen Lillian, was born to this marriage.

NOTES FROM DIGITIZED NEWSPAPERS: (http://digital.lib.usu.ed/)
Box Elder News June 22, 1926
    "Mrs. Charles Himke and baby Helen and Miss Dorothy Funk, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Funk of Evanston, Wyoming, are visiting in Brigham City with their grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Christensen."
Lillian (age 33) and daughter Helen (age 7) were enumerated with Andrew and Lorinda Funk in Ogden in the 1930 census.

DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Last Residence: Utah
Born: 7 May 1897
Died: Jan 1966
SSS card issued in Utah before 1951

OBITUARY: Ogden Standard Examiner, Jan 18, 1966.
Lillian F. Heimke (contains photo)
     Mrs. Lillian Gerturde Funk. Heimke, 68, of 1219 Porter, died this morning of bronchial pneumonia.
     Mrs. Heimke was born May 7, 1897, in Brigham City, a daughter of Andrew George and Lorinda Christensen Klem Funk.
     On Dec. 7, 1920, she was married to Charles F. Heimke in Farmington, Utah. They were later divorced.
     She resided in Brigham City until 1918 when she moved to Evanston, Wyo., coming to Ogden in 1920.    
     She had been employed as a deparatment store clerk and had been a telehone operator for the telephone company in Evanston and in Ogden for the Forest Service. She was amember of the LDS Seventh Ward and Sego Lily Camp, Daughter of Utah Pioneers.
     Surviving are one daughter, Mrs. Otis (Helen) Moholt, Libby, Mont.; three grandchildren, four brothers, W.A. Funk, Harold Funk, Clarence Funk, all of Ogden; Norman D. Funk, Brigham City; two sisters, Mrs. Jack (Dorothy) Phelps, Mrs. John (Erma) Walsh, both of Ogden.
     Funeral services will be announced by Lindquist and Sons Mortuary.

BURIAL: Aultorest Cemetery, Ogden - Lyndale Section 211-1

Charles Heimke was born 31 Dec 1895 in Rockland Twp., Brown Co., Wisconsin.  He died 27 Aug. 1968 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California.  Burial location unknown to me.

There is a discrepancy on IGI files as to who his parents were. One source lists Charles Frederick Heimke & Minnie Louise Steimberg; A second IGI source lists him as Charles Ferdinand Heimke born on the same date but in Rockland, La Crosse, Wisconsin and with parents named Charles Augustus Heimke and Wilhilmina Steinberg! An family tree submission lists parents as Charles Carl Augustus Heimke and Eilhelmina Minnie Steinberg.

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Charles Frederick Heimke
Home Address: Chadron, Dawes , Nebraska
Birthplace: Rockland, Wisconsin;USA
Birth Date: 31 Dec 1893, age 23
Race: Caucasian (White)
FHL Roll Number: 1711524
Occupation: Locomotion Fireman with Chicago & Northwestern Railway, employed in Chadron Nebraska
Married [wife's name not given]
Previous Military service: Private, CAC 67 Co. - 3 yrs.
Claimed draft exemption because he has a dependent wife.
Height/Build: short/slender; Color of Eyes/Hair: blue/light
Signature: Signed Chas F. Heimke
West Chadron precinct, June 5, 1917

CENSUS: 1905 Wisconsin State Census (1 June 1905) of Kaukauna, Outagamie, Wisconsin. Line 15, family #414.
Heimke, Minnie, head, wd, age 55, born Germany
Heimke, Louisa, daur, age 16, all children born Wisconsin
Heimke, Julius, son, age 13
Heimke, Chas, son, age 9

1910 U.S. Census of Kaukauna Ward 1, Outagamie, WisconsinED 140, Sheet 23 A, family # 443, George St.
Heimke, Wilhelmina, head, widow, age 61, <1849> immigrated 1885mother of 5 children, 4 still living, She & both parents born Germany
Heimke, Charles F, son, age 15, <1895

1930 Census of Saramento, Sacramento, California ED 34-73, Sheet 27-A , M Street, family #406
Heimke, Charles F., head, md, age 34 <1896>, age at first marriage 32, Switchman with steam railroad, born Wisconsin, both parents born Germany
Heimke, Elizabeth E., wife, md, age 30 <1900>, age at first marriage 28, born Utah, father born Norway, mother born Sweden
Heimke, Jean C, daur, age 9 mos., born Utah

DEATH: California Death Index, 1940-1997
Name: Charles F Heimke
Sex: Male
Birth Date: 31 Dec 1894
Birthplace: Wisconsin
Death Date: 27 Aug 1968
Death Place: Los Angeles
Mother's Maiden Name: Steinberg

Charles Heimke later married Elizabeth Bertha Matilda Erickson, about 1928 & probably in Utah.
[Elizabeth was born 16 Feb 1900 in Marriott, Weber Co, Utah to Neils C Erickson & Jennie Larson.  She died 10 Apr 1958 of cancer at Dee Hospital in Ogden,  She was buried 14 April 1958 in Washington Heights Memorial Park in Ogden.   They lived at 3268 Tyler Ave. at the time of her death.
     There was at least one child born to this marriage, a daughter, Jean (who was nine months old in the 1930 Census). I have no further information about other children that might have been born to them.

Lillian and Charles had one child:  Helen Lillian Heimke, born 9 Apr 1923 in Evanston, Uinta Co., Wyoming.  Helen married Odis Merlin Moholt on 1 Sep 1945 in Glendive, Dawson Co., Montana.  Helen died 16 November 1992 in Libby, Lincoln Co., Montana and is buried in the cemetery there.
     Odis Merlin Moholt was born 26 Dec 1923 in Bloomfield, Dawson Co., Montana.  He died 25 Jul in 2003 in Bozeman, Gallatin Co., Montana and is buried in the Libby Montana Cemetery.  Helen and Odis are the parents of three children:  Madrienne, Nadine and Bradley, all living.

Odis and Helen, Nadine, Bradley and Madrienne - abt. 1961

age 4
 Helen at High School Graduation

age 15

Ogden Standard Examiner 19 Feb 1946 (
Guests - Mr and Mrs. O.M. Moholt of Glendive, Mont. are visitors in Ogden.  They are guests of Mrs. Moholt's mother, Mrs. Lillian Heimke and her grandfather.  M. Andrew Funk of 1219 Porter.  Mrs. Moholt is the former Helen Heimke of Ogden.

DEATH:  Montana Death Index, 1954-2002 (
Helen H Moholt
Father: Heimke
Death:  16 Nov 1992, Lincoln Co.
File Number: 6088
Marital Status:  Married or Separated

BURIAL: Memorial #5026264 (has photos of two headstones)
Birth: Apr. 9, 1923 Evanston, Uinta County, Wyoming, USA
Death: Nov. 16, 1992 Libby, Lincoln County,  Montana, USA
 Family links:
  Odis M Moholt (1923 - 2003)*
Burial: Libby Cemetery Libby, Lincoln County, Montana, USA
Created by: Nancy Pernigotti
Record added: Jul 23, 2000
 Helen's baby carriage

ODIS: has a family tree submitted by Dr. Peer Goksem of Agder, Norway which includes Odis and his parents (Ole Moholt 1897-1949) and Mabel Sophe Amundsen (1896-1979) and his brothers and sisters.

NAME:  Odis always spelled his name with a D, but when he sent for his birth certificate he found that it was spelled Otis.  He wrote to officials in Helena, Montana to have it changed legally to Odis.  [source:  daughter Madrienne, Oct. 2012]

RESIDENCE:  Libby Montana 1992-2001

MILITARY:  World War II Army Enlistment Records:
Odis M. Moholt
born 1923, Montana
Residence:  Dawson, Montana
Enlisted 5 Apr 1943 in Butte, Montana,  Grade:  Private
Education:  2 years high school
Occupation:  Semiskilled warehousing, storekeeping, handling, loading, unloading, and related occupations, n.e.c.
Single, without dependents
Height 02  Weight: 081
[Odis lost his leg in World War II in Bouganville, Solomon Islands.  He received shrapnel to both legs.  Natives carried him about 20 miles but one leg had to be amputated.  He received the purple heart.   He had a wooden leg all his life after that but also always had a lot of problems with the real leg.  The family used to joke with him asking which was really the "bad leg."]   Pain and difficulty eventually resulted in his early retirement from the Forest Service at age 45.
Odis in Bouganville, Solomon Islands (third from right, back row)

Odis in the hospital, showing his purple heart award

   Odis met his wife, Helen at Bushnell Hospital in Brigham City where he was sent to recover from his wounds.  He and Helen were married in the Lutheran Church in Glendive, Montana.  Ironically that church later became an LDS Church.  Odis was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 20 Sept 1952.   Helen and Odis lived in Glendive their first year.

OBITUARY:  The Missoulian, Tues July 29, 2003
Odis M. Moholt
LIBBY - Odis M. Moholt, 79, of Libby, died of natural causes Friday, July 25, 2003, in Bozeman.
     He was born Dec. 26, 1923, in Bloomfield to Ole and Mable Amundsen Moholt. Odis entered the U.S. Army in April 1943 and was honorably discharged in December 1945.
     He was preceded in death by his wife Helen.
     Survivors include three children, Madrienne Atkins of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Nadine Moholt of Polson and Brad Moholt of Bozeman; sister Jane Brewster of Ekalaka; brother Clarence Moholt of Billings; eight grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.
     Visitation will be 1-8 p.m. Tuesday, July 29, at the Nelson & Vial Funeral Home.
     Services will be 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Libby Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

BURIAL:  U.S. Veterans Gravesites
Odis M Moholt
PFC US Army, WorldWar II
Birth:  26 Dec 1923
Death:  26 July 2003
Cemetery:  City of Libby Cemetery, Libby, MT 59923

also on  memorial #45336853 with photos of two headstones
Birth: Dec. 26, 1923
Death: Jul. 25, 2003 Gallatin County, Montana, USA
 Family links:
  Helen Lillian Heimke Moholt (1923 - 1992)
Burial: Libby Cemetery, Libby, Lincoln County, Montana, USA
 Created by: Jim Lee
Record added: Dec 11, 2009

Odis passed away on the morning of his grandson's [un-named because he is living] wedding.  He died in his sleep at the motel where all the guests had been booked prior to the wedding.  (Madrienne's comments on Oct 4, 2012)

Please go to this link to see photos of Odis's individual stone and one of their "together" stone.  For some reason when I try to download them here they always come in sideways, even though on my file they appear straight!  None of my efforts to correct that are meeting with success!

Lorinda & Andrew Funk's 3rd Child - Winston Andrew Funk
     Born 14 Oct 1899 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah.  "Win" died 31 Dec 1997 in Ogden, Weber Co., Utah and is buried in the Funk Family plot in Aultorest Memorial Park in Ogden, Utah.  Win married  Myrtle Ruth Graham 25 August 1924 in Salt Lake City. 
     Myrtle was born 16 Jun 1900 in Evanston, Uinta Co., Wyoming.  She died 21 May 1984 & was buried 25 May 1984 in Aultorest Cemetery.   There were no children born to this marriage.

Winston's 90th Birthday -  (the rest of the article was cut off) - in possession of Andrea Lockwood

MILITARY: World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Winston Andrew Funk
Reg. Card C43-1-2 date Sept 12, 1918.
Name: Winston Andrew Funk
Permanent Home address: 513 S. 3 W. Brigham, Box Elder, Ut. age 18
Date of birth: 14 Oct 1899
Occupation: Farming, Employed by W.S. Hansen in Fielding, Box Elder, Ut.
Nearest Realtive: Mr. Andrew Funk, Brigham, Utah
Description: Height, Med. Build: med, Eyes: Blue

NAME:  Headstone lists him as Winston A. Funk - Aultorest Cemetery, Ogden; Some genealogical submissions list him as Andrew Winston. He was certainly known in life as Winston or Win. Madrienne Moholt, a niece, also said that they called him "Uncle Win." Erma Walsh, his sister verified that it is Winston Andrew and that he was born on October 14 - which she verified with an entry in the family Bible to church headquarters

CENSUS: In 1920 he is living with his parents in Evanston, Wyoming
1930 U.S. Census of Ogden, Weber, Utah, 27th St. family #103
Funk, Winston A, head, md, age 30, breakman, steam railroad, age 25 when married, born Utah
Funk, Myrtle R, wife, md, age 29, age 24 when married, born Wyoming, father born Missouri and mother born Wyoming

DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Name: Winston Funk
Born: 14 Oct 1899
Died: 31 Dec 1997
State (Year) SSN issued: Railroad Board (Issued Through) (Before 1951)

Myrtle Ruth Graham

BURIAL: Aultorest Cemetery, Ogden Utah Lyndale Section 248-3

Lorinda & Andrew's Fourth Child - Norman Diderick Funk,
     Born 8 Feb 1902 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah.  Died 12 Nov 1976 in Brigham City, buried in 15 Nov. 1976 in Evanston, Uinta Co., Wyoming.  Norman married Mary Titmus 17 Nov 1925 in Woodruff, Rich Co., Utah.   
        Mary Titmus was born 6 Jan 1909 in Evanston, Uinto Co., Wyoming.  She died 6 Nov 1986 in Ogden and is buried in Evanston.   Norman and Mary had 5 children:  Diana, Norma, George, Linda and John. 

Ogden Standard Examiner, 21 Nov 1925 (Evanston Department)
    "Mary Titmus and Norman Funk were married Wednesday at Woodruff, Utah. The bride and groom are residents of Evanston."

Ogden Standard Examiner, 23 Oct 1926 (Evanston Department)
     "Mr. and Mrs. Norman Funk recently left for Cheyenne, Wyo. Mr. Funk has taken a position with the American express company."
Ogden Standard Examiner, July 13, 1931
     Mr. and Mrs. Norman Funk and daughters, Diana and Norma Lou, and his mother, Mrs. Andrew Funk of Ogden are spending an outing this week at Fishaven on Bear Lake. They will motor to Ogden the latter part of the week

Ogden Standard Examiner, Sunday, Feb 12, 1935
     "Norman Funk was pleasantly surprised by a number of fdriends on the occasion of his birthday anniversary Friday evening: Present were Mr. and Mrs.Athel Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lott, Mr and Mrs Harris Workman, Mr and Mrs. Roy Cook,Mr and Mrs. Ardon Norman, Mr and Mrs. Fred Rupprecht, Mr. and Mrs. Richardson, and Mr. and Mrs. Funk. A supper was served at midnight.

Ogden Standard Examiner 7 Oct 1939 (
     Mrs. Norman Funk was to leave the hospital today and planned to remain with relatives for a short time before returning home. Both ladies are recuperating from major operations. [the other lady referred to was Betty Boothe Bird, also from Evanston, mentioned in the paragraph before]

Ogden Standard Examiner, 24 Nov 1975 (
Contains a photo of them
     Brigham City - An open house will be held Friday to honor Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Funk of 420 S. 3rd W., formerly of Evanston, Wyo., on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary.
     The event, hosted by their family will be held at the Evanston, Wyo., LDS 2nd-5th Wards Cultural Hall (on the county road) from 6:30 to 9 pm.
     Mr. and Mrs. Funk were married Nov. 17, 1925 in Woodruff. The marriage was later solemnized in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.
     Resided in Evanston:  They lived in Evanston for 38 years, moving to Brigham City in 1963.
     Mr. Funk served with the Railway Express Agency for 48 years and for Smith Management Corp. for four years, retiring in 1972.
     He was born in Brigham City and moved to Evanston in 1919. In the LDS Church he served as bishop's counselor of the Evanston 2nd Ward and as Sunday School Superintenden, and secretary of the High priest Quorum in the Brigham City 5th Ward. He is also a home teacher.
     Mrs. Funk was born and raised in Evanston. She served as Relief Society secretary and was social relations leader for 23 years in Evanston.
     She served as YWMIA speech director and counselor; Primary teacher and on the Relief Society Stake Board. She was a visiting teacher for 35 years.
     Sons and Daughters: Mr. and Mrs. Funk have five sons and daughters: Mrs. Eugene (Diana) Martin of Evanston; Mrs. Herman (Norma) Schmucker of Ogden; George Funk of Tacoma, Wash.; Mrs. mark (Linda) Hobson of Burley, Idaho and John A. Funk of Brigham City.
     They have 17 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
     It is requested that gifts be omitted.
Ogden Standard Examiner, Sunday, Feb 12, 1935
     "Norman Funk was pleasantly surprised by a number of fdriends on the occasion of his birthday anniversary Friday evening: Present were Mr. and Mrs.Athel Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lott, Mr and rs Harris Workman, Mr and Mrs. Roy Cook,Mr and Mrs. Ardon Norman, Mr and Mrs. Fred Rupprecht, Mr. and Mrs. Richardson, and Mr. and Mrs. Funk. A supper was served at midnight.

DEATH: Social Security Death Index
Norman Funk
Last Residence, Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah
Born 8 Feb 1902
Died: Nov 1976
SS card issued through Railroad Board

BURIAL: Evanston City Cemetery - photo of headstone on Memorial #69484578
Mary served as a representative to County Homemaker's Advisory Council while in Evanston (1933)

Evanston City Cemetery, Wyoming.

Norman and Mary's 2nd child, Norma Lou, was born 28 Jun 1929 in Evanston, Uinta Co., Wyoming. She passed away at age 81 in Jefferson, Georgia.  Norma (or Lou as she is known by some family members) married 1) DeVerl Ole Miller,  4 Oct 1947 in Elko, NevadaDeVerle had served in the Navy in World War II prior to their marriage.  After DeVerl's death, Norma's two children,  Ronald and Bethany  were adopted by her second husband Herman Otto Schmucker (Married 30 Apr 1955 in Ogden, Utah).  Five more children were born to Norma and Mr. Schmucker:  Michael, Mary, Erick, Andrew, Daniel

 OBITUARY:  NORMA LOU FUNK SCHMUCKER (with photo)  Athens Banner-Herald Dec 1, 2010
June 28, 1929 - November 11, 2010 - Norma Lou Funk Schmucker, 81, passed on peacefully in her Jefferson, Georgia home after a long illness.
   She was born in Evanston, Wyoming to Norman D and Mary Titmus Funk.
   She married Herman Otto Schmucker Jr. (Mike) a handsome airman and her eternal sweetheart on April 30, 1955 in Ogden, Utah. They moved to Islip, New York in 1958 where they made their home until the summer of 1969 when they moved to Ogden, Utah. In 1982 they moved to Islip Terrace, New York. They then moved to Jefferson, Georgia in 1993.
   Norma's greatest joy was her family: her husband, seven children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was a den mother, a Girl Scout leader, served in many church positions, business owner, volunteer, and political activist for East Islip School District, Islip Township Tax PAC, and Suffolk County. She worked at the IRS, Weber State College and Hill Air Force Base, before starting her own business and then becoming VP and office manager at Orowac, Inc. While it became difficult for her to be physically active later in life, her fingers and her mind were never idle, making many craft items and volunteering on an online pinochle group.
   She is survived by her husband Herman "Mike"; sisters: Diane(Gene) Martin and Linda (Mark) Hobson, brothers: George (Mary) and John (Jennifer), children: Ronald V (Lorraine) Schmucker, New York; Bethany Schmucker, Utah; Michael (LuAnn) Schmucker, Utah; Mary (Steven) Riley, New York; Eric Schmucker, Georgia; Andrew (Jan) Schmucker, Texas. Daniel (Tammy) Schmucker, Georgia; 19 Grandchildren and 14 Great Grandchildren.
   Memorial services: Saturday December 04, 2010, 10:30 am, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 4859 Mt. Olive Road, Commerce, Georgia,

In Barrow Journal - Winder, GA Obituary, she is listed as a member of the Commerce Ward, Georgia

Lorinda & Andrew's Fifth Child - Clarence Christian Funk
     Born 2 Aug 1904 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co.;  died 6 Dec 1967 in Ogden, Weber Co.; buried 9 Dec 1967 in Aultorest Memorial Park, Ogden.
     Clarence married 1) Elsie Marie Young 17 May 1937 in the Salt Lake Temple.  Elsie Marie was born 5 Feb 1906 in Frosthult, Vastmanland, Sweden.  She died from life-long diabetes 2 Dec. 1950 in Ogden.  She was buried 5 Dec 1950 in Aultorest Memorial Park.   There were no children born to this marriage.
      Clarence married 2) Elaine Perkins Roberts, 6 Jun 1958 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  There were no children born to this marriage, though Elaine had children from her first marriage. 

BIRTH: Box Elder News 11 Aug 1904 p. 1-4.

"Born, to Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Funk, boy, Tues. Aug.9 "

DEATH: Social Security Death Index,
Clarence Funk
Birth: 2 Aug 1904
Death: Dec 1967

OBITUARY: S.L. Tribune, Thursday, Dec 7, 1967 p. B19
      Ogden - Clarence Christian Funk, 63, died of a heart ailment Dec. 6, in an Ogden hospital. Born Aug. 2, 1904 in Brigham City to Andrew and Lorinda Klem Funk Married Elsie Young May 17, 1937 in Salt Lake LDS Temple. She died Dec. 2, 1950. He married Elaine P. Roberts, Las Vegas, Nev., June 6, 1958. Member LDS Church.
      Survivors: widow; stepson, stepdaughters, Keith, Susan and Amie Roberts, Ogden; brothers, sisters, Winston A., Harold T., Mrs. Dorothy Phelps, Mrs. Erma Walsh, Ogden; Norman D., Brigham City. Funeral Saturday 1 p.m., Lindquist and Sons, Ogden where friends call Friday 7-9 p.m., Saturday prior to services. Burial Aultorest Memorial Park.

Ogden Standard Examiner, Dec 7, 1967 ( - contains photo; adds information that he died at Dee Hospital of a heart attack and residence had been 730 Oak Drive and that he had lived in Brigham City, Evanston, Wyo., and in Ogden since 1927. He had worked for Ogden City Schools in the maintenance department for 30 years. He was a member of the LDS 60th Ward and was a high priest and was assistant group leader in the high priest quorum. He had served a stake mission while residing in the 8th ward and was former president of the Whitney Whirlers Square Dance Club

Ogden Standard Examiner 26 Apr 1930 - Police recovered a car stolen from Clarence Funk, 437 Twelfth Street.

Elsie Marie:
Her parents are Erik John Young (1865-1939) & Augusta Larson

MARRIAGE: Ogden Standard Examiner, May 23, 1937
     "ANNOUNCEMENTS - Mr. and Mrs. John Young of 707 Seventh Street, announce the marriage of their daughter, Elsie, to Clarence C. Funk, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Funk, which took place in the Salt Lake City LDS temple May 17, with Stelphen L. Chipman performing the ceremony."

Ogden Standard Examiner, 23 May 1937 p. 4-B gives a longer account of the wedding and names all the attendant parties and showers given in honor of Elsie along with guest lists.

DEATH: Utah Death Index, 1905-1951
Elsie Marie Funk
Death Date: 2 Dec 1950
State File Number: 1950004701 (Death certificate in possess of Forsg. Fam Assn)
Gender & Age: Female, 44,
Died in Weber Co.

Aultorest Memorial Park, Ogden, Utah - Lyndale Section

Lorinda & Andrew Funk's Sixth Child - Dorothy Margaret Funk,  born 4 Feb 1907, Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah;  Died 4 Jan 2001; buried in Aultorest Cemetery in Ogden, Utah.   Dorothy married Hulen William "Jack" Phelps 14 June 1927 in Preston, Franklin Co., Idaho.   Hulen was born 28 Jun 1906 in Kell, Luke Co., Illinois.  He died 5 Nov 1966 in Ogden, Weber Co., Utah and is buried in Aultorest Cemetery in Ogden.
     Jack and Dorothy had one child, a daughter, Beverly.

BIRTH: Box Elder News, 7 Feb 1907 p. 5, col. 3 "Additional Locals"

     "Mr. Andrew Funk kept the telephone system busy all Monday night announcing the arrival of a baby girl at his home. All well and happy."

A FUN TIDBIT OF INFO. On 8-19-1915 it was reported in the Box Elder News that Dorothy Funk had caught 8,000 flies in the "Fly Harvest" and was awarded 4 tickets.

"Three hundred eighty-four thousand flies, all dead, were brought to the city hall Monday afternoon by the boys and girls engaged in the trapping of the pesky insects. " (The flies were counted every Monday afternoon from 3-4 p.m. The article does not say what the awarded tickets were to be used for.)
A family tree submitted by "plnjmw" of Gunnison, Colorado on includes Hulen Phelps (altho information is sketchy)

He was known in life as "Jack"

1910 Census Hulen is age 4, living with his family as boarders in the home of John Arnold in Nevin School District, Sweet Grass, Montana. His father (Ranchom Phelps) is a hired man and mother (Lola) a housekeeper.

In the 1920 Census the family is in Big Timber, Sweet Grass, Montana. Hulen is 13, his father (spelled Ransom this time) is a day laborer

In 1930 Hulen, Dorothy and 10 month old Beverly are in Rock Springs, Sweetwater Co., Wyoming where he is working as a salesman

"Jack" Phelps - looking like he should have been movies!

Lorinda & Andrew Funk's Seventh Child - Harold Theodore Funk,  born 14 Mar 1909 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co.  Died 18 Mar 1983 in Ogden, Weber Co., Utah.  He is buried in Ogden.    Hal married Harriet Wight 8 Jun 1935 in Salt Lake City.   Harriet was born 12 Oct 1903 in Pleasant View, Oneida Co., Idaho.  She died 20 July 1984. 
Harold and Harriet had four children:  Harold Andrew, born 27 Jan 1936 in Ogden;  Died 4 June 1981.; Venna Mae, Jeannene & Lorna Dawn .

Harold & Harriet Funk with children Hal, Venna and Jeannene

CENSUS: 1910 Census, Hal is one year old living with his family in Brigham City, Ward 2

1920 Hal is 10, living with Lorinda and Andrew and his family in Evanston, Wyoming

1930 he is 21, single, living with his family in Ogden (including sister Lillian Heimke and her daughter Helen)

MARRIAGE: Ogden Standard Examiner, 9 Jun 1935
     License - A marriage license was issued Saturday in Salt Lake City to Harold Theodore Funk, and Harriet Wight, both of Ogden.

Ogden Standard Examiner, June 16, 1935 Caption under photo: " Mrs. Harold T. Funk, formerly Miss Harriet Wight, daughter of Mrs. Alma Wight of Malad, Idaho, who marriage took place June 8 in Salt Lake City. Mr. Funk is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Funk, 437 Twelfth street."

Ogden Standard Examiner, June 16, 1935 "Mr. and Mrs. Alma Wight of Malad, Idaho, annunce the marriage of their daughter, Harriet to Harold T. Funk, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Funk. The marriage took place June 8 in Salt Lake City. The couple will make their home in Elko, Nevada."

RESIDENCES: Elko, Nevada (1935); 2464 F Ave. Ogden (1943); 1017 30TH St., Ogden

DEATH: Social Security Death Index (
Harold Funk
Birth: 14 Mar 1909
Death: Mar 1983, Last Residence: Ogden
SSN: issued thru Railroad Board before 1951

Harriet was active in the PTA and other educational committees in the late 1940s. She is pictured in the May 2, 1946 Ogden Standard Examiner with a poster, acting as chairman of the exhibit committee.

I have no other photos for this family.

Lorinda & Andrew Funk's Eighth child - Erma Vilate Funk
     Erma was born after her father's return from his mission to Denmark.  She is still living.  It has been my privilege to have several visits with her in Ogden where she is living happily in a care facility.  At 98 years of age she is my inspiration!   Usually I put almost no information about living individuals on the blog because of privacy issues, but we are all in Erma's debt for her memory and the wealth of genealogical photos that are present on this blog BECAUSE of her.  Erma is alert, positive, happy, strong of voice and mind.  I have come to love her dearly and hope she will be with us for many years to come!!  Erma is the reason I have been able to post anything at all about Sarah Christine Forsgren Klem Christensen and her many wonderful descendants ...because before meeting Erma I had almost zero information and no photos of Sarah's children through Lorinda Klem Funk!  Her daughter Andrea has the family scrapbooks and records in her home and shared freely with me.  My only lament is that I couldn't spend a week there and scan or photograph every little scrap of paper they own!!

Erma Vilate Funk, age 21

     Erma married John Walsh in 1937. 

Ogden Standard Examiner: 9 May, 1937
Erma Funk Weds Colorado Man at Rites in Denver
     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Funk announce the marriage of their daughter, Erma Funk, at Denver, Colo., May 8 to John Walsh, son of Mrs. Robert Walsh of Frederick, Colo. They will make their home in Fredrick. Mr. and Mrs. Winston Funk accompanied the bride to Denver.
     On April 19, a number of friends entertained at a shower in honor of the bride. A delicious luncheon was served. Bunco was played. Many lovely gifts were received. . . . (the remainder speaks of several showers and parties given in her honor along with the guest lists)

Erma Vilate Funk Walsh age 98,  12 Feb 2011- Notice       Erma Vilage Funk at about age 4
her pretty, blue, fingernails!!

 Erma with great granddaughters Stella and Elizabeth Grace - 2011

UPDATE:  Sweet Erma reached her 100th birthday in Dec. She was honored at an Open House at the Crestwood Care Center in Ogden with family and friends.  She died on March 20, 2013.

Obituary Photo

     "Erma Vilate Funk Walsh passed away on the morning of March 20, 2013, in Ogden, Utah. Erma was born on December 8, 1912. Her family and friends recently celebrated her 100th birthday at an open house. She was born to Andrew George Funk and Lorinda Christensen Klem in Brigham City, Utah. She was the youngest of eight children. Her siblings, Esther, Lillian, Winston, Harold, Norman, Clarence, and Dorothy, all predeceased her. Erma spent her childhood in Brigham City and Evanston, Wyoming. The family then moved to Ogden, where she attended and graduated from Ogden High School in 1931.
     After graduating from beauty school and becoming a licensed beautician, she married John Walsh in 1937. The couple first lived in Longmont, Colorado. In 1951, the couple settled in Ogden with their two daughters, after living in Chicago, Illinois, Panama, and Libby, Montana, Her husband died in 1965. Their union was later solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Except for a few years spent in Gilbert, Arizona, she lived the remainder of her life in Ogden.
     Erma worked for many years at the Defense Depot Ogden and the Internal Revenue Service, retiring in 1975. She served in many church positions while living in the Lorin Farr Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She enjoyed singing and performed with many church groups, including The Singing Mothers. She was a member of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.
      She had many interests throughout the years, such as, ceramics, rock hounding, jewelry-making, cooking, and gardening. She particularly loved traveling and reading. Erma was always curious about the world, wanting to know and understand more. After retirement, she attended Weber State University, where she studied Spanish.
      Erma was predeceased by her daughter, Julie Anne Walsh Crosbie, and her grandson, Cristopher Shawn Crosbie. Erma is survived by her daughter, Andrea Winette Walsh Lockwood; her grandsons, Jeffrey Scott Crosbie and John Daniel Lockwood; her granddaughter, Elise Cristina Lockwood Reinert (and Elise's husband, Jeffery); and her great-grandchildren, Sarah Kalinoski (Kaly) Crosbie, Kayla Jade Crosbie, Brandon Lee Crosbie, Isabella JulieAnn Reinert and Elizabeth Grace Reinert; and many nieces and nephews.
     The family extends its love and gratitude to the wonderful staff at Crestwood Care Center, who took such good care of her.
     Funeral services will be held on Saturday, March 23rd, at 3:00 p.m., at Leavitt's Mortuary, 836 36th St., in Ogden. Prior to the service, a viewing will be held beginning at 2:00.   Interment will be at Leavitt's Aultorest Memorial Park."

Erma and John had two daughters Andrea Winette (who is named after her Uncle Win - Winston Andrew) . Andrea has two children.

Erma and John's first daughter is Julie Ann who was born 27 Dec 1939 in Ft. Lupton, Weld Co., Colorado. She passed away Dec 17, 2001 from colon cancer and is buried near her son Christopher Shawn (who died in 1962) in the Aultorest Cemetery in Ogden.

Buried in the Funk Family plot in the Lyndale Section of Aultorest Cemetery has a photo of her headstone
Birth: Dec. 27, 1939, USA
Death: Dec. 17, 2001, USA
Family links:
  Cristopher Shawn Crosbie (1962 - 1983)*
 Burial: Aultorest Memorial Park, Ogden, Weber County, Utah, USA
 Created by: Donna Molgard
Record added: May 30, 2011
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OBITUARY:  Arizona Republic Dec 21, 2001
Julie Ann Walsh Crosbie, age 61, Fort Lupton, CO, Gilbert, AZ