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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


     I know people you love can't live forever.  But two THREE more of our "mainstays" have left us recently and graduated to the other side.   And I miss their smiles and faces and associations.

On February 24th we lost Ferron Forsgren, a descendant of Peter's son, Oscar, who - together with his brother Keith, and his cousin Frank Forsgren - was a faithful supporter of the Forsgren Family Association and its reunions, serving as president on more than one occasion.  He also liberally blessed us with his smiles and encouragement and financial support.   I bet Frank will be glad to see him!

And just this week we lost Erma Vilate Funk Walsh, the oldest living descendant of Peter Adolph Forsgren. She made it to her 100th birthday in December and passed away 20 March 2013 in Ogden.  Erma was the granddaughter of Peter A's first child, Sarah Christine Forsgren Klem Christensen.   Other entries have been made on this blog about her coming to the 2012 Forsgren Reunion.

Update:  Once again our Forsgren descendants have been alert!  Four of you called to my attention that Ferron couldn't get along "up there" without his younger brother!  Keith Oscar Forsgren passed away at age 95 on April 17, 2013 in Murray, Utah.  His services were held 22 April and he was buried in Elysian  Gardens in Salt Lake City by his wife, Fern who died in 2007.

In a phone conversation with Keith's oldest son on 4-26-2013 I learned that at the time of Ferron's death, Keith was in the hospital intensive care unit with pneumonia.  He took the news of Ferron's death very hard because they had been so close in their lifetime.   I, for one, am quite glad they get to be together again, both with each other and with their wives and each with a daughter who preceded them in death.

Keith & Fern
 Keith & Ferron at one of the reunions
 Ferron,  Fern and Keith,  2006 reunion

     Obituaries for both all of these individuals can still be found online as well as in their appropriate family spots within the bowels of the blog.  We wish their family members well and say to all, "Thank you" for lives well-lived and examples left behind.  May your reunions on the other side of the veil be joyful!

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