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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CHILD #6 - Mary Magdalene Forsgren

Peter Adolph and Anna Christene's 6th child is Mary (or Marie) Magdalene Forsgren  born 22 March 1866, Brigham City;  Died 18 May 1882 at age 16.

From the time I first saw the headstone of this young woman I felt a sadness for her that she had died at such a tender age.   During a visit to Lester Lee Knight I was thrilled to find that he had a photo of Mary or Marie (as she is alternately listed).  The photo is actually a stereoscopic card - meaning that it is two images side by side, used to view thru a instrument which gave the illusion of a 3D image. The double photo is an image of Mary, deceased, laid out for viewing prior to her burial.

I have no information about what caused her death.  I have seen no official death record for her.  Neither the handwritten Sexton's records,nor the official Utah Burials website list the cause of death.
She is buried in the Peter Adolph and Adolph Peter Forsgren joined family plots  B-18-22-2.

NOTE:  Today (July 8, 2011) I discovered a strange notation about her.  I went to the Church's website ( to check how they have her first name listed.  To my surprise I find that she is listed with a husband:  Frederik Peter Jensen!   I thought, "how strange!"  I have heard no family stories passed down that she had ever married before she died.  Closer examination showed that Frederick Peter Jensen was born in 1847 and died 11 Dec. 1864....two years before Mary Magdalene was even born!!
     My supposition is that this is a situation of a posthumous sealing.  Frederick Peter Jensen was only 17 at the time of HIS death and it does appear that he is in the ancestral line of the Jensens that married into the Forsgren family.  ( He is the son of Hans Peter Jensen (1815-1883) and Ane Maria Clawsen (1812-1848). 
Hans Peter Jensen is the son of Jens Pedersen and Kirsten Hansdatter Thisted and brother of Gerhardt Jensen (who is the father of Gehardena Jensen that married Adolph Peter Forsgren).  So, if this information is accurate the two families must have made the decision to have these two young people sealed to each other after their deaths.  The sealing took place in the Logan Temple 11 March 1892.   They were not endowed on the same day as each other.
     There is also a possibility that someone has done some incorrect combining of records, but previously, exact Temple records were not available to us as they are now thru this new website.  The sealing took place 11 Mar 1892 in the Logan Temple, so it was during the time period in the Church when this might have been the norm more than it is now.    If anyone has any more information about this marriage/sealing please contact me.

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