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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CHILD #4 - Oscar Forsgren and his descendants

Peter Adolph and Anna Christine Knudsen Forsgren's Fourth Child:   Oscar Forsgren

 According to Frank Forsgren the photo above was taken at the time of his marriage

Four Generations: 1943
Oscar, Ruthvin, Frank holding son Dean; Frank's wife Irene Dial

Oscar was born 18 September 1860, Brigham City, Utah
Died 6 April 1949, Ogden, Weber Co., Utah
Married Othelia Margrette Eliza Andersen 13 November 1879 in the S.L. Endowment House
They were the parents of 11 Children:  Lucretia Lavinia Othelia, Laura Camilla, Christian Oscar, Arvil Theodore, Luja Navoni, Ruthvin Peter, Nephi Fauntleroy (known as "Faunt"), Phyillis Constance, Manila "D", Verde Charles, & Naomi Sheila

by P. Constance F. Cleere (daughter).
Photocopy in possession of Forsgren family Assn.
[Some additions to this story were sent to me by Julie Larson, an Oscar descendant, which I have included in this alternate color.  She has a copy of this same history with some handwritten additions that she believes were made by Connie Cleere.  Thanks Julie for your watchful eye!]
Oscar Forsgren was born in Brigham City, Utah, September 18, 1860, to Peter Adolphus Forsgren and anna Christina Knudsen. He was the fourth of eight children. His oldest sister, Sarah, is believed to be the first white baby girl born in Brigham. She was born July 23, 1854, and died November 16, 1949, having outlived all in their family.

The other children wre Olivia Juliane, Adolph Peter, Eli Knude, Mary Maria Magdaline, James William and Rebecca Lenora. Mary died when she was sixteen; Rebecca died when she was seven. The others lived to raise large families, Adolph being the father of seventeen.

Oscar was born in his parent's home on First East between Forest St. and First South.

As soon as the children were large enough, their mother gave them things to do. When his father was janitor, the children had to make the candles to be used for the theatre, meetings, etc. They use tallow from the cattle. There were other jobs such as helping with the garden, caring for smaller children, caring for the chickens and the cow. They used to gin cotton in the dugout, and the endless work of supplying the silk worms with mulberry leaves was theirs.

Both of Father's parents were converts to the LDS Church, his father having the distinction of being the first convert in Sweden. His father [Peter Adolph] was born at Gefle (now Gavle), Sweden, July 20, 1826, and baptized July 26, 1850. His [Peter's] parents were John Olaf Forsgren and Anna Christine Holstrand. Peter's wife, Anna Christina Knudsen was born in Moen, Denmark October 6, 1830 and immigrated from Denmark December 20, 1852. She was baptized August 13, 1851 and her parents were Jens Knudsen and Juliana Marie Jensen. Both came to this country on the same small ship, the "Obetri" and had ten months to become acquainted in.

When they arrived in Brigham, their first home was a dugout, the same as other early settlers. In those days in Utah, everyone had to struggle to get food and raiment; each family would raise the crop best adapted to his soil and then they exchanged with each other. Each family would draise wool, flax and cotton, then cord and spin thread and take it to grandfather to have it woven, he being a weaver. Grandmother raised silk worm's which lived on leaves from the Mulberry tree.  She corded and wove beautiful silk from them.  Lucretia was given a piece of silk and a piece of lovely cotton she had woven also from home-grown cotton.

With both parents being converts, their religion was of utmost importance to them and to the upbringing of their family. All were strictly taught their religion.

The children had to help with all the work and everything they had was produced at home. Father told me how glad he was when grandpa bought their metal knives, forks and spoons in Salt Lake City. Before that Grandpa had carved spoons from white birch from the mountains.

With the children kept so busy, school was held about three months a year, but they learned a lot in that time. I don't know how much schooling Father received, but he kept learning all his life. He loved to read the Scriptures, to talk about them and quote them. He also kept up with events of the day. My husband said of him, "He is a well-versed man. He can talk about most anything and tell of many interesting events."

One of Fathaer's boyhood friends was Ernest Nichols, father of the popular bandleader, Red Nichols. My Father bought a second-hand clarinet in Ogden and taught himself to play and then taught Ernest and others to play. Father played for dances in different towns for years.

Father knew Brigham Young and well remembered his attendance at the meeting when Brigham Young made his last public address at the old Bowrey, August 19, 1877. Father was then seventeen.

Oscar was baptized as a child by A.C. Anderson about 1873. He remembered the occasion, but when he wanted to get married they could find no record of it, so he was re-baptized November 5, 1879 by Peter Baird.

Father and Mother probably met at church dances at which he played a violin. Mother came to Utah from Denmark in 1874. She traveled with her parents, Andreas Christian Andersen and Laurentz Dorthea Luja, and two brothers. Mother was then twelve years old. Her father was considered a wealthy baker in Denmark and he was the first baker in Brigham.

My father told me the first time he had dinner at the Andersen's home, he noticed the bread was sour. He wondered if they knew it; he was embarrassed for them. But at the other meals he noticed the bread was sour and he said he learned to really like it. I presume "sour dough bread" has been a favorite for many years.

My parents were married in the Salt Lake Endowment House November 18, 1879. He was nineteen and she not quite seventeen. She was born in Beder Aarhus, Denmark, November 18, 1862.

They were blessed with their first baby, Lucretia, in the first year of their marriage. In the third year both of my Mother's parents died; her mother on May, 1882, her father November 6, 1882, leaving two young sons, C.O. and Charles F. Anderson, aged twelve and ten respectively. My parents raised these boys and Uncle Charlie once told me that he "loved Oscar as a father."

After Mother's parents died, my parents moved into the Andersen home on the corner of Forest Street and Fourth West, where they lived about seventeen years. Next we moved into Grandpa Forsgren's house where we lived two or three years while my parent's home was being built.

Father was second assistant Sunday School Superintendant from November 26, 1882 to March 30, 1890. He was appointed chorister of the Second Ward about the time he was married and served as such for 25 years. I remember when he was given a party upon his release and was presented a platform rocker that is still lovely and used by one of his grandchildren.

When about 11 years old, Father made the silk reel used by Aunt Eliza when she demonstrated spinning and weaving at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Father served as an apprentice carpenter and cabinet maker. He made furniture, was a joiner, did millwright work in Ogden at the first flour mill in Utah. He used to shear sheep in camps in the Spring.

Father worked on the Box Elder Tabernacle before after the fire that destroyed in on February 7, 1896. When it was rebuilt he made about half of the benches, and the balconies the balconies he trimmed with a sort of four-leafed clover in a circle, a scroll design which he also used on the front of the room. These and other parts he sawed with a jig saw run by a foot pedal. He made the chairs on the bishop's stand, the mouldings for the doors and windows and also the pulpits. He also made the pulpit in the Second and Sixth Wards. I had always admired the pulpits but never knew my Father made them until we went home for Mother's last illness in June of 1945.

The newel posts and steps to the bishop's stand in the Tabernacle were made by F.G. Nelson and the newel posts and steps to the president's stand were made by Didrickson. Severin Lee, Frank Earl, Sr.  did the plaster molding, & perhaps other plastering.  James Thompson made balconies and railings to the pulpit.  Uncle Will Forsgren painted on the Tabernacle.

Part of this work was his own donation and part he did in exchange for other mechanics work on our home. Various farmers came to Father and asked him to work out their Tabernacle donation and promised to secure and haul the foundation rock for our house in exchange. Jim Bowden told him he would make the adobes for Father's house if Father would work his donation, to which he agreed. The adobes were made of some particular clay and straw mixed with water and put to dry. Another man gave Father a load of wheat. Mr. Iverson, father of John M. Iverson, did the mason work and others brought the sand and clay.

We moved into our new home on Fifth West in June of 1901 or 1902. How happy we all were: parents and eight children. It was a big two-story house with full basement on a two-acre lot that was planted with many kinds of peaches, pears, apples, a huge crab apple tree, a quince tree, about 18 almond trees, all kinds of cherry trees, prune trees, plum trees, and two prunuspasortiis out in front. The sidewalk was lined on both sides with Lyndon trees watered by irrigation ditches. Then there were dewberries, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and grapes, a row of lilacs and a flowering peach.

Father and Mother were the parents of eleven children in this order: Lucretia, Laura, Christian Oscar (who died the day he was born) Arvil, Luja Navoni (who lived less than two months) Ruthvin, Fantleroy, Constance, Manila, Verdi and then after seven years Sheila was born. How thrilled we all were to have a baby to care for.

In my childhood we used kerosene lamps. I remember when our house was wired for electricity, the thrill of our new electric iron. Father bought a bread mixer for mother and she used to mix six loaves about every other night to feed her big family. As far back as I can remember, we had a beautiful organ. In about 1911 Father bought a piano which is still in use in Sheila's home. It is nice looking and of excellent tone. I remember well the Christmas Father got us a phonograph, Dec 25, 1908. When city water was made available to us, our brother Faunt did the plumbing and it was an excellent job.

Arvil, the oldest son, left for a two-year mission to Sweden on August 11, 1905.

Father worked on the Oregon Short Line Railroad as a bridge and building foreman from 1898 to 1917. He came home on weekends except when he worked too far away.

With great pride Father told me of the time he was ordained a Seventy by President Wilford Woodruff. There were others to be ordained. When it came Pres. Woodruff's turn to ordain, he tapped with his fingers on the back of the chair to attract Father's attention. As Father looked up, Pres. Woodruff motioned for him to come and sit on the chair so he could ordain him.

Father did a lot of traveling connected with his work, but in the Spring of 1908, he and Mother made a trip to California. They were thrilled with the beauty and new scenes everywhere and excited over the trip to Catalina. Papa had a large crate of oranges and a huge bunch of bananas shipped home for the family and also little orange and lemon trees, but they would not grow in Utah.

During World War I, Ruthvin and Faunt were called into military service. On October 13, 1918, tragedy struck our family when Faunt died from influenza in a French Hospital in the Argonne Forest. He was in the 91st Division.

Mother and Father did much temple work on Mother's line. After Father stopped working for the railroad he did other work on his line, He also worked the two acres of ground at the home and the five-acre field he received from his father. His main crop was cherries. He irrigated and did much of the work until he was about 86.

On the 21st of September, 1948, Father entered the Dee Hospital in Ogden and passed away April 6, 1949. He was 88 and a half years old and was survived by eight children and 24 grandchildren.

Father was a perfectionist; he was deeply religious and spent much time studying scripture. He was a strict tithe payer and said by so doing the Lord had opened the windows of heaven on him. He led family prayers when he was home. The blessing was always asked on the food. He worked hard and long hours; he was strict in raising his children.

It is wonderful what his two hands have been able to accomplish--to build a big home, to feed and clothe and rear nine children. He was a wonderful father.

OBITUARY: Deseret News April 7, 1949 p. 18A
     Oscar Forsgren, 88, a native and lifetime resident of Brigham City died Wednesday at 11 a.m. in the Dee hospital, Ogden of causes incident to age.
     He was born Sept 18, 1860 in Brigham City, a son of Peter A. Forsgren and Ann Christena Knudson Forsgreen. He married Othelia Anderson on Nov. 13 1879 in the Endowment House.
     He was a chorister of the Second Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 25 years. He was a railroad employee for 16 years and also was a carpenter by trade.
     Survivors include eight children: Arvil T. Forsgren, Mrs. Jonathan Earl and Lucretia Mayhue, all of Salt Lake City; Marila Clements and Connie Clure of Los Angeles; Verdi C. Forsgren, Hayward, Calif; Sheila Beecher, Richmond, Calif; and R.P. Forsgren, Brigham City. Also 24 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be Saturday noon in the Second Ward at Brigham City Friends may call at the Felt Morturay Friday evening and Saturday morning.

So glad to obtain this photo of Oscar and Othelia in their "golden years!"  It was among the possessions of Frank Wright Forsgren.  In fact, I see a lot of Frank in this photo of Oscar!

FUNERAL NOTICE: Deseret News - Friday April 8, 1949 p. 4-B
     Funeral services for Oscar Forsgren, 88, Brigham City, who died Wednesday in an Ogden hospital of causes incident to advanced age, will be conducted Saturday at 2 p.m. instgead of Saturday noon as orginally scheduled.
     The funeral will be held in the Brigham City Second Ward chapel, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
     Friends may call at the Felt Mortuary, Brigham City, Friday evening and Saturday morning.

This is the home at 124 South 5 West in Brigham City (taken Sept. 2011) which Oscar built and moved his large family into around 1901. It was featured in a newspaper article about "mansard roofs" along with other homes in Brigham (including the home of his sister, Sarah Forsgren Christensen)

Brigham City Cemetery:  Plot B-21-21
This is Oscar & Othelia cropped from the Peter A. Forsgren family group photo.   I am going to date that photo at 1902 since, according the biographical sketch Oscar wrote, that is the year that Peter Forsgren was given the gold-headed cane.   Peter is holding the cane in the larger version of this photo.

Oscar's wife Othelia Margrette Eliza Andersen was born 18 November 1862 in Beder, Aarhus, Denmark.  She died 21 June 1945 in Brigham City, Utah where she is buried by her husband.

BIRTH: Brigham City LDS 2nd Ward Recs, early to 1921 SL Film # 0025,805); She is listed as Elizza Otelia M. Forsgreen.
BAPTISM: by Peter Sorensen; conf 18 Jun 1875 by J.F. Merrill; Her parents are C.A. Andersen and Loenze D. Luja
One of the children in this picture is Othelia.  These are her parents:  Anders Christian Andersen & Laurentza Dorothea Luja

 Othelia's parents:  Anders Christian Andersen & Laurentza Dorothea Luja

OBITUARY: Salt Lake Tribune, Friday, June 22, 1945, p. 20 (spelling retained)
     Brigham City - Mrs. Athelia Margaret Eliza Anderson Forsgren, 82, Brigham City, wife of Oscar Forsgren, died Thursday at 3:30 a.m. in the family home of causes incident to age.
     Surviving besides her husband are the following sons and daughters: Mrs. Lucretia Mayhue, Mrs. Laura Earl and Arvil Forsgren, Salt Lake City; Ruthvin P. Forsgren, Brigham City; Mrs. Connie Cleere, Los Angeles; Mrs. Manila Clements, Alhambra, Cal.; Miss Verdi Vorsgren and Mrs. Shelia Beecher, Haward, Cal.; 23 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and a brother, Charles T. Anderson, Brigham City.
     Funeral services will be conducted Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Brigham City Second LDS Ward chape by Raymond Olsen, bishop.

OBITUARY #2 - Box Elder Journal: 6-22-1945 (spelling retained)
     Othelis Margaret Eliza Andersen Forsgren, 83, wife of Oscar Forsgren, 124 South Fifth West died Thursday at 3:30 o'clock in the morning at the family home.
     Mrs. Forsgren was born Nov. 18, 1862 at Aarhus, Denmark, a daughter to Anders and Laurentza Luja Christensen Andersen. She was reared and educated in Denmark and came to the United State in 1875 as a convert to the LDS Church. She had lived in Brigham City since.
     She was married to Mr. Forsgren on Nov. 13, 1879 in the LDS endowment house in Salt Lake City.
     An active member of the LDS church, she was chorister in the LDS Second ward Relief society for several years. She was a gold star mother of World War I and was a member of the Cheerful club.
     Surviving besides the husband are the following sons and daughters: Mrs. Lucretia Mayhue, Mrs. Laura Earl and Arvil Forsgren, Salt Lake City; Ruthvin P. Forsgren, Brigham City, Mrs. Connie Cleere, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. Manila Clements, Alhambra, Calif.: Mr. Verdi Forsgren and Mrs. Sheila Beecher, Hayward, Calif.: aslo 23 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchild, and a brother Charles T. Andersen, Brigham City.
     Funeral services will be conducted Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the LDS Second Ward chapel by Bishop Raymond Olsen. Friends may call at the family home this evening and Saturday morning until time of services. Interment will be in the Brigham City Cemetery.

[Note: From on-line Wikipedia: Shortly after World War I the American Gold Star Mothers Inc. was formed in the United States to provide support for mothers that lost sons or daughters in the war. The name came from the custom of families of servicemen hanging a banner called a Service Flag in the window of their homes. The Service Flag had a star for each family member in the military . Living servicemen were represented by a blue star, and those who had lost their lives were represented by a gold star. Gold Star Mothers are often socially active but are non-political. Today, membership in the Gold Star Mothers is open to any American woman who has lost a son or daughter in service to the United States. On the last Sunday in September, Gold Star Mother's Day is observed in the U.S. in their honor.

The Gold Star Flag

Children of Oscar and Othelia Forsgren:

#1 Child -  Lucrectia Lavinia Othelia Forsgren
     Lucretia Lavinia Forsgren, was born 26 Aug 1880 In Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah.  She married Leon Mayhue 8 Oct 1903 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.  Lucretia passed away 10 Dec 1952 in Salt Lake City, Utah and was buried in the Brigham City Cemetery on Dec. 13th.
     Leon Mayhue was born 24 May 1876 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah. He married 1) Kate Hall, age 18 on 10 June 1895 in Salt Lake City.  They were later divorced.  Leon passed away 4 mar 1946 in Salt Lake City, Utah and is buried in the Brigham City Cemetery
     [I have no photos of either Lavinia Lucretia Forsgren or Leon Mayhue.  Can any of the descendants help with that???]

Utah Misc. Marriage Index (SL film # 820,160).  Box Elder Co. Book 2 p. 150.
     "Lucretia L. Forsgren  23 yrs old of Brigham, Utah.   Lic. issued 29 Sept 1903 in Brigham.  Married 8 Oct 1903 in Salt Lake City to Leon Mayhue.  Married by Elder John R. Winder."

No church-generated records list Othelia as part of her name.  Some call her Lavinia Lucretia.

DEATH:  Ogden Standard Examiner, Dec. 12, 1952
   Lucretia Forsgren Mayhue, 72, Salt Lake City.   [no day specified]. has a memorial & photo of her headstone which I had added:
Lucretia Forsgren Mayhue
Birth: Aug. 26, 1880,  Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah, USA
Death: Dec. 10, 1952,  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Oscar Forsgren and Ofelia Margrette Eliza Andersen
Married Leon Mayhue, 8 Oct 1903, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
 Family links:
  Leon Mayhue (1875 - 1945)*
  DeVoe Forsgren Mayhue (1918 - 1989)*
 Burial: Brigham City Cemetery,  Brigham City, Box Elder County,  Utah, USA
 Created by: SMSmith
Record added: Apr 21, 2007
Find A Grave Memorial# 19039479

Marriage to Kate Hall:
Details For Marriage ID#302359
Groom Last Name:MAYHUE
Groom First Name:Leon (21)
Groom Residence:Salt Lake City
Bride Last Name:HALL
Bride First Name:Kate (18)
Bride Residence:Salt Lake City
Place:Salt Lake City
Date:10 Jun 1895
County of Record:Salt Lake

MILITARY:  Spanish American War

   The History of the Utah Volunteers in the Spanish-American War and in the Philippine Islands; a complete history of all...   Chapter XI.  "The scattered volunteers who enlisted in the regular army":  p. 117
Leon Mayhue, Eleventh Cavalry

Span. Am. and Philippine Service Cards, 1898-1902; Series 24048; Reel 1 (
Mayhue, Leon  Troop 1, 11th Vol. Cav.  S.L.C.  [typed]
Bur in Brigham [handwritten on diagonal across the card]

US, Civil War Pension Index:  1861-1934  (
(Copy of card in Fors. Fam. Assn. digital file)
Mayhue, Leon
Service:  I 11 U.S. Vol. Cav.
Date of Filing; 1900 Sept 22, class:  Invalids  Application # 1254663  Certificate No. 1028232, Utah
Attorney:  C & W.B. King
Remarks:  C2 (or Z), 547,017

World War I Draft Registration Cards, Utah, Salt Lake City  (
Order # 1555;  Draft Board 1
Leon Mayhue
Permanent Address:  1414 McClelland Salt Lake City, Utah
age 43  Born March 24 1875, White, Native Born
Present Occupation:  Police Officer, Salt Lake City, employed at Police Station, Salt Lake City
Nearest Relative:  Lucretia Mayhue, 1404 McClelland, S.L.C., Ut
Signed Leon Mayhue
Stamped Number:  C 43-1-18
Description:  Medium Height and Build, Grey eyes, black hair; no physical limitations
Registered by Alta Stookey, Sept 12, 1918, Salt Lake City, UT

U.S., Returns from Military Posts, 1806-1916 Microfilm Serial: M617, Rol l973 (
Patientes Volunteers Gain
No. 6 Mayhue, Leon
Rank:  Pvt;  Regiment:  11 Cav, Company I
Joined from UST Hancock, July 14, 1900
Post Name:  Presidio of San Francisco, Letterman Gen Hospital, California
Post Commander:  Alfred C. Girard
Return Period:  July 1900

Also shown in the Post Return of Fort Douglas Aug. 30, 1899 awaiting transportion to Regiment;  Left Aug. 31 for the Presidio assignment

In the 1900 Census he is listed in the Military and Naval Forces Record taken 1 June 1900.  District 0162,
"In the Hospital in Manila P.I."
Line 70:  Mayhue, Leon, Private, from Salt lake City, Utah, White, Male, Born Apr 1873, age 26 on last birthday, Single, born Utah

DEATH: (also has photo of headstones)
Birth: Mar. 24, 1875 Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah, USA
Death: Mar. 4, 1945 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County,Utah, USA
Son of Medard Meyhue and Josephine Gilbert
Married Kate Hall
Married Lucretia Lavinia Othelia Forsgren, 8 Oct 1903, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
 Family links:
  Medard Mayhue (1826 - 1917)
  Josephine Gilbert Mayhue (1845 - 1910)
  Lucretia Lavinia Forsgren Mayhue (1880 - 1952)
  DeVoe Forsgren Mayhue (1918 - 1989)*
Burial: Brigham City Cemetery,  Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah, USA
Plot: C-3-9-2
 Created by: SMSmith
Record added: Apr 21, 2007
Find A Grave Memorial# 19039115

Lucretia Lavinia Forsgren and Leon Mayhue had four children: 

     Child #1 - Marcell Leon Mayhue, (known as "Mark", was born 22 February 1905 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah.  He married Mildred Merza Young on 24 June 1926, Salt Lake City.  Mark died 19 Sept 1965 in a car accident in Navajoa, Sonora, Mexico  was buried the same day in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.  I do not have information that his remains were ever disinterred after the 5 year period required by law and returned to the United States.
       Mildred Merza Young, was born 21 May 1906 in Salt Lake City.  She died the 7 Aug. 1994 in San Francisco, California.  [I have no information as to her burial location].

There were no children born to this marriage.   [I have no photos of either Mark or Mildred]
Mildred was not a member of the LDS Church.  A proxy sealing for this couple was performed 5 Nov 1995 in the San Diego LDS Temple.

Mark is listed on a family tree submitted to by "joanpowell 1" of California.  (You must contact her through

STUDENT/AUTHOR:  Google Books provides following citation:
Title: The negative catalytic effect of alcohols on the reaction of the Grignard reagent with carbon dioxide.
Author: Marcell Leon Mayhue
Publisher: Dept. of Chemistry, 1930
Length: 70 pages
Subjects: Grignard reagents.
Detail:  Article / book by Marcell Leon Mayhue, Date 1930
Google Books has citation only. No full text or digitization. Does not say where the book was published other than "Dept. of Chemistry".

MARRIAGE:  Utah marriages, 1887-1966 (
Groom: Marcell Leon Mayhue.
Groom's Birth Date: 22 Feb 1905.
Groom's Birthplace: Brigham City, , Utah.
Groom's Age: 21.
Bride's Name: Mildred Merga Young.
Bride's Birth Date: 02 May 1906.
Bride's Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. Bride's Age: 20.
Marriage Date: 24 Jun 1926.
Marriage Place: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.
Groom's Father's Name: Leon Mayhue.
Groom's Mother's Name: Forsgren Lucrita.
Bride's Father's Name: Geo. W. Young.
Bride's Mother's Name: Marion Hughes.
Groom's Race: White.
Groom's Marital Status: Single.
Bride's Race: White.
Bride's Marital Status: Single.
Marriage of Marcell Leon Mayhue to Mildred Merga Young
24 June 1926
Other information
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M74610-9 System Origin: Utah-EASy Source Film Number: 429124 Reference Number: an49949 ln49949

CENSUS:  1940 Census of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., Calif.  Sheet 12A; Household #1503;  1503 N. Hoover (renting)
Mayhue (transcribed in as Mayhew), Marcell L., head, age 35, born Utah, married, salesman of wholesale Chemicals, Education:  5 years college or more  Income: $1680 (wage or salary worker in private work)   no income from other sources
Mayhew, Mildred (the respondent), wife, age 33, md.  Education:  4yrs High School  (unemployed), born Utah   (Both lived in same place in 1935)

Census of 1930:  Mildred and Mark are living with her parents George W. and Marion H. Young at 922 Ramona Ave. in Salt Lake City  ED 24.  He is not employed.  She is a telegraph operator.

DEATH:  California Death Index, 1940-1997 & Social Security Death Index.  (
Mildred Y Mayhue
[Mildred Y Young]
Social Security #: 563783538
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 21 May 1906
Birth Place: Utah
Death Date: 7 Aug 1994
Death Place: San Francisco
Mother's Maiden Name: Hughes
Father's Surname: Young

  [If any family members can help with additional information about this couple, especially Mildred's life AFTER Mark died, it would be very welcome!]

Lucretia Lavinia Forsgren and Leon Mayhue's  child #2 - 
     Roma Moise Mayhue (called Moise in life), was born 22 Jan 1910 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She married Josiah Liddell Wallace 29 Jan 1929 in Salt Lake City .  Moise passed away 5 July 1991 in North Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., California and was buried 11 July 1991 in Glendale's Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA.
      Josiah Liddell Wallace, (known as Liddell in life) was born 1 Mar 1904 in Magrath, Alberta, Canada.  He died 5 Mar 1977 in Panorama City, Los Angeles Co., California and was buried on 9 Mar 1977 in Glendale's Forest Lawn Cemetery, California.

[I have no photos and very little other information on this family]

          Moise Mayhue and Liddell Wallace had two daughters.  [as far as I know both are still living     as of March 2013]

Lucretia Lavinia Forsgren and Leon Mayhue's  child #3 -  
     Belva Dee Mayhue, was born 9 May 1915 in Salt Lake City.  She married George Call Morris on the 18 June 1935 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.  Belva died 10 June 2002 in Salt Lake and was buried on 12 June in the Sunset-Larkin Cemetery in Salt Lake.
     George Call Morris was born 14 July 1910 in Neeley, Power Co., Idaho.  He passed away on the 8 of November 1996 in Salt Lake City and is buried (12 Nov. 1996) in the Sunset-Larkin Cemetery in Salt Lake.
      Belva Dee and George Morris had four children.  As far as I know (as of March 2013, all of them are still living]

[I have no photos of any member of this family;  Descendants, can you help???]

OCCUPATIONS:  Belva is listed as a telephone operator in the 1934 Salt Lake City directory.

OBITUARY: Deseret News Published: Tuesday, June 11 2002
    Belva Mayhue Morris, 87, died June 10, 2002, of natural causes.
    Born May 9, 1915, in Salt Lake City, to Leon Mayhue and Lucretia Forsgren. Married George Call Morris, June 18, 1935, in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Lifetime member of the LDS Church, serving in many positions. Served an Inner City Service Mission with her husband, and loved completing temple work for her ancestors. Enjoyed reading, music, travel and making ceramics with her own hands. She was a loving, full-time homemaker, constant in her devotion to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We are all left with her legacy of love, correct instruction and example.
     She is survived by her four children: son Marvin (Sharron); daughters Judy Morgan (Blaine), Betty Diamond (Gregory), Susan Pohlman (Steven); 15 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by her parents, husband, brothers Marcell and DeVoe, and sister Moise.
     Funeral services will be held Tuesday evening, June 11, 2002, at 7 p.m. at Larkin Sunset Lawn Chapel, 2350 E. 1300 So. Friends may call Tuesday evening 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. at the chapel prior to the funeral. Interment the following morning at 9 a.m. at the Larkin Sunset Lawn Cemetery. has a submitted family tree:  "Smith and Pepper Family Tree", submitted by "schiebout1" which contains information on George Call Morris

nFS lists place of birth as Salt Lake City

CENSUS:  1940 Census of Salt Lake City,  Lived on East 2nd South (as well as having lived there in 1935).
Morris, George C, head, age 29, born Idaho, lawyer, completed 4 yrs. college
Morris, Belva, wife, age 24, born Utah, completed 4 yrs. High School
Morris, Marvin L., son, age 1, born Utah

MILITARY:  Utah, Military Records, 1861-1970  (
George C. Morris, Major, Army
Enlisted: 1-21-42, Salt Lake City, Utah;  Terminated 3-10-46, Fort Douglas, Utah
age 32, Military service year:  1942
Born 14 Jul 1910, American Falls, Idaho
Father:  Geo W[illiams] Morris, 124 Kensington Ave., SLC
Marital Status:  Married.  Wife Belva M. Morris 1053 Roosevelt Ave., SLC, UTH
Military History:  Org: 532nd QM Group, APO 562 %PM New York, NY
    Battles:  Northern France; Ardennes; Rhineland
    Decorations:  Bronze Star Medal;  European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 3 Bronze Stars;  American Campaign Medal;  World War II Victory Medal;  American Defense Service Medals.

OBITUARY:  Deseret News, Sunday, Nov. 10, 1996
     George Call Morris, 86, died November 8, 1996 of natural causes.
     He married Belva Mayhue, June 18, 1935 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. He was born July 14, 1910 in Neeley, Idaho to George W. and Margaret [Elenore]Call Morris. He was an active lifetime member of the LDS church, serving faithfully in numerous positions. He was an independent practicing attorney for over 50 years. He received the Bronze Star in Europe during World War II. He was an active private pilot for many years and member of AOPA. His life was filled with many acts of generosity and kind, compassionate service.He is survived by Belva, his sweetheart of 61 years; son Marvin (Sharron); daughters Judy Morgan (Blaine), Betty Diamond (Gregory), Susan Pohlman (Steven); 15 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; brothers, Victor, Leonard and Jack Morris; sister Ruth Biddulph. Preceded in death by his parents; brothers Waldermar and Omer; sister Elenor.
     Funeral services will be held Tuesday November 12, 1996 at 12 noon at the Monument Park stake center, 1320 South Wasatch Drive (2400 East). Family and friends may call Monday, November 11 from 6:30-8 p.m. at Larkin Sunset Lawn Mortuary, 2350 East 1300 South and one hour prior to the service at the ward. Interment: Larkin Sunset Lawn.

BURIAL: has a photo of headstone in Larkin Cemetery
Birth: Jul. 14, 1910
Death: Nov. 8, 1996
Burial: Larkin Sunset Lawn Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
 Created by: Perry A Sloan
Record added: Feb 04, 2010
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Lucretia Lavinia Forsgren and Leon Mayhue's  child #4
     DeVoe Forsgren Mayhue, was born 6 Nov 1918 in Salt Lake City. He married Edith Louise Atkin, 1 Feb 1941 in Bountiful, Davis Co., Utah.  DeVoe died on 13 Feb 1989 in Sunset, Davis Co., Utah and is buried in the Clearfield City Cemetery, Davis Co., Utah
     Edith Louis Atkin was born 20 July 1921 in Tooele, Tooele Co., Utah.     [I have no information about Edith's death and burial.  Her dates have not been added to the headstone she shares with DeVoe.  It is possible she is still living (Mar. 2013) or that she passed away and is buried elsewhere.  I have no photos for anyone in the family and could use the input from descendants!   Anyone???]


DEATH: (has photo of headstone)
Birth: Nov. 6, 1918
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Death: Feb. 13, 1989 Sunset, Davis County, Utah, USA
Family links:
  Leon Mayhue (1875 - 1945)
  Lucretia Lavinia Forsgren Mayhue (1880 - 1952)
Clearfield City Cemetery, Clearfield, Davis County, Utah, USA
Plot: RL2_100_3
Maintained by: Logan
Originally Created by: Utah State Historical So...
Record added: Feb 02, 2000
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see granddaughter's blog:
Friday, February 13, 2009
A Memorial: We miss you Grandpa and Steve
February is a hard month for me. Valentine's day is a hard day for me. I don't remember ever really liking it before Phillip came and made everything in life sweeter.

When I was 7 my grandfather, DeVoe Forsgren Mayhue, died the day before V-day.
Then 6 years ago, my parents and I left our house headed for the MTC (I entered on 2/19). We stopped at my sister's house in Sacramento on the way and left there Saturday morning headed for Grandma's house in northern Utah. We got there late that evening to find out my big brother had passed away, the day after Valentines day.

MARRIAGE: Western States Marriage Index
Details For Marriage ID#563145
Groom Last Name: MAYHUE
Groom First Name: Devoe Forsgreen (22)
Groom Residence: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Bride Last Name: ATKIN
Bride First Name: Edith Louise (19)
Bride Residence: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Place: Farmington, Davis, Utah
Date: 01 Feb 1941
County of Record: Davis
State: Utah
Volume: 14
Page: 435
Notes:  Certificate # 14481

MILITARY:  Dept. of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010  (
Devoe Mayhue
Birth Date:  6 Nov 1918
Death:  13 Feb 1989, natural causes
Branch 1:  ARMY
Enlistment Date 1: 11 Apr 1944
Release Date 1: 29 May 1946

DeVoe and Edith Mayhue had one son and one daughter.  As of  March 2013 both are still living

   They lost one grandson, Stephen Leroy Browning, the son of their daughter Linda. (Steve born 19 Aug 1965, Provo;  died 15 Feb 2003 in Dallas, Texas and is buried in Clearfield Cemetery, Davis Co., Utah)


#2 Child of Oscar & Othelia Forsgren
     Laura Camilla Forsgren, born 30 Mar 1883 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co.  Laura married Jonathan Earl on 21 Apr 1910 in the Salt Lake Temple.  She passed away 9 Oct 1979 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah and is buried in the Wasatch Lawn Cemetery in S.L.

The following photos are courtesy of Julie Ann Earl Larson, granddaughter.

This photo and the following obituary can be found on

Laura Camilla (left) with her three sisters:  Phyllis Constance Cleere, Manilla Clements, & Naomi Sheila Beecher  (Taken 1968 in Granada Hills, California at Sheila's home)
[Thank you Julie Ann Larson for this wonderful photo!!]

Listed in Brigham City 1st Ward Records Book C p. 33 #1088 as Earl, Laura Forsgren (SL Film #0025,802), confirming her birth and baptism.
BAPTISM: By J.P. Olsen; confirmed same day by C.J. Nielson records sent to 2nd ward Dec 1911.


Laura Camille Forsgren (1883- 1979)
Laura Camille Forsgren …..March 30, 1883
Her Life History by Daughter, Beverly Earl Robinson 1968

Laura Camille Forsgren was born to Oscar Forsgren and Othelia Margret Eliza Anderson on March 30, 1883 in Brigham City, Utah. She was blessed in the 2nd Ward in Brigham City. She had asthma as a baby and a young child. Many of her asthma attacks were taken to be heart trouble and interrupted her activities in Primary and Sunday School.

The family lived on a farm and mother remembers when they had the hay in the barn all the children would be up there playing. She would go out to be with them, but would end up going back into the house with a severe asthma attack. Her baptism was put off because of this illness, but being afraid that she might die during the winter, she insisted on being baptized on November 8, 1891. They all gathered at Johnson’s Pond in Brigham City Park, the elders broke the ice, and there she was baptized. Her dress was stiff and frozen as they walked home, but she never became ill from it.

Laura first attended school in a lady’s home, ( one room for all ages) at the age of 6 years. Here she learned her ABC’s. Later at about 8 or 9, she went to school in a room above Fishburn’s store with about 4 or 5 grades in one class. Finally a school was built east of Second Ward Chapel and she attended there until she graduated at age 17 which was the 9th grade.

After Laura’s graduation the Forsgren family moved into the home on 5th West in Brigham. Grandpa built it himself with the help of some traded labor. Her close friends were Lottie Horslley and Ethel Kelly, both of whom she outlived. She was active in church; taught in Sunday School, Primary and sang in the choir of which her dad was chorister. In Salt Lake City in later years she served as Relief Society visiting teacher for 35 years, also as a visiting teacher supervisor.

At the age of 10, something happened to a lady in Brigham City that has been faith promoting to mom. A sister Ella Jensen as a young lady was dying. She was blessed by a brother in the church and told to come back, that her mission here was not fulfilled. To much astonishment of those around who thought she was dead, she did come back and told them it was such a beautiful place that she would like to have stayed. She did live for many more years.

As a young girl, mom remembers going on bob-sleigh parties and to church dances for entertainment. Her first date with dad was to a Decoration Day Dance. She married him on April 21, 1910 in the Salt Lake Temple. They lived in Brigham for 2 or 3 years and it was there they built their first home. Dad was so pleased to be able to have indoor plumbing, but mom wouldn't use it at first so he had to build her an outhouse. By the 2nd winter she gave in and became modernized too. When they moved to Salt Lake City, they lived in the Kimball Court, which was where the new Deseret Gym (now the Conference Center) is now. Here, Don was born in March of 1914. Mom remembers wheeling Don in the buggy from Kimball Court to Sherman Avenue when they were building that house, and then on to McClelland St. to visit her sister Aunt Lucretia. She was worried about the walk back but dad said he would never walk –they would ride the bus and put the buggy on the back outside. They did. Sherman was home for 9 years at which time Ruth, Alice, and Glen were added to the family. In 1925 the home on Denver Street was built and in 1927 the last of the family, l (Beverly) was born. Mom had each of her children at home with a doctor in attendance and then a nurse stayed with her for 2 weeks. She couldn't bear to leave her other children and go to a “dreadful” hospital.

After the birth of Beverly, Mom says her asthma cleared up, but I can remember her burning Asmador Powder quite often because it smelled terrible. In February of 1965 Mom had pneumonia and was hospitalized for 1 week. This was her first experience with a hospital. At age 82 she was a good patient, but impatient to get back home. Our home during the years was open to many family boarders — mom’s sisters and dad’s brothers. I remember that Uncle Hy had an apartment (room) in the basement on Denver Street and mom did his laundry and cooking until dad put a stop to it. Mom was a hard worker all of her life, at home before marriage and in her own home after. Things were always neat and clean, food was very delicious, she bottled all of her own fruit, made over clothing as well as making new things. She certainly was industrious, and still is.

At age 85 now, Mom still is very independent and does things for herself — all of her housework, laundry, cooking, shopping and gardening. The latter has been her hobby for many years and she is known by her family, friends and neighbors for having one of the most beautiful gardens in the city. She has served herself and family well. As as grandchild has been born she has been there to give help as needed and also in times of sickness with her married children. Mom kept the commandment to honor her mother and father too. She visited them in Brigham often, had them come to Salt Lake, took them on trips with her and when he father was left a widower she would go to Brigham to get his laundry, clean the house and give him some food. During his hospital stay she went often to visit him and attend to his needs.

On July 30, 1967, McKay Ward held a sacrament meeting to honor Laura F. Earl. Her family presented the following program:

Invocation — Glen Earl
Introduction of family members –Don Earl
Introduction of program –Raymond Earl
Verses by grandchildren, written by Beverly;
Mark: I”m thankful for my Grandma Earl
And all the things she does
She remembers all our birthdays
And blesses us with love
   Nancy: Sometimes when we go visit her
   The kitchen smells so sweet
   Her sugar cookies are the best
   That anyone could eat.
Keith: In the early springtime,
Through summer days and fall,
My grandma grows in her garden
The prettiest flowers of all.
   Sharon: Grandma has a special drawer
   For things that interest me.
   I like to choose a story book
   And climb upon her knee.
Wayne: We hope to make her happy,
That she may see and know
We’re glad she is our Grandma
Because we love her so.

Song: “A House Becomes a Home” by girls: Ruth, Elaine, Peggy, Jill, Judy, Martsie, Marge, Lauarene, Beverly, Janet, Janice (Susan had a wisdom tooth out) Alice accompanied them.

Remarks by Quentin - He paid tribute to Mom, told briefly of the Forsgren heritage and how the testimony has filtered down to the grandchildren. By kind, simple example Mom and Dad have influenced the lives of their posterity. Of 5 children and 3 married grandchildren there is 100% married in the temple. May we live our lives as to always make them proud and carry on the fine example to us given.

Organ Solo by Kathy - “Open the Gates of the Temple”

Remarks by Calvin Robinson - Is there revelation in the Church Today? While it may not be written down, there is indeed divine guidance through our prophet President David O. McKay for the Church; and through the Stake Pres. for his stake, the Bishop for his ward; the Head of the family for his family if he prays and lives close to Heavenly Father.

Benediction - Warren

All family members were in attendance except for Jack, Brent, who was in Scout Camp, and Gary who was on a mission.
Don- Mary Raymond, his wife Elaine and son Douglas
Julie her husband Mike, and their daughters Laurie Ann and Nanette
Joan and her husband, Lee
Ralph and Jill
Ruth - Warren (Brent), Paul, Elaine, Peggy, Mark
Alice - Quentin: Kathy, (Gary), Laurene, Janice, Judy, Wayne, Keith, Alan
Glen - Marge: Linda (Jack), Craig, Martsie
Beverly - Cal: Jim, Susan, Janet, Nancy, Sharon

Mom and Dad’s progenitors number 43 to date, April 3, 1968. We are pleased with the life mom has lived, with the principles of life that she has exemplified and taught, and hope to be a credit to her always.

My Remembrances
Julie Ann Earl Larson
As I read about my grandmother I enjoy the feelings that come back to me. I realize that I didn’ know her as well as many of the cousins. I looked forward to going there on Christmas Morning. We would open up our gifts, and then take something like my favorite doll over to share with the cousins. Everyone would gather all the families, and the house felt so warm, and it smelled so good in the kitchen. Everyone sat in the living room and just shared being family together. Sometimes we would go downstairs and play, it was fun in the basement. I remember the cookie drawer and how fun it was to get a good cookie each time we came to visit. As I write this I can hear my grandmother’s voice, which I haven’t even thought about for a long time. The voice I hear is in the kitchen, and is the voice of an older grandmother. It brings me joy.

I have grandmother's voice on tape, which anyone is welcome to borrow at anytime.

For years my father would ride his bike to “Dee’s” a fast food hamburger place, and pick up a hamburger for his mother. She loved them, and he loved serving her. He would bike it over and while she ate he would mow the lawn, and putter around the place. Grandmother took a fall down the stairs and was not quite the same after that. She became very quiet. I remember one time my dad asking me if I would go with him to grandmas and sit with her while he mowed the lawn. It was a pleasant visit in the living room. She didn't say much of anything. I felt sorry for her. It was hard for me to see her suffering. Grandmother died in her own home on the 9th of October 1979. I was living in Livermore, California at the time, and remember the call. Her family had been caring for her, and she now was finally released from this mortal struggle. I was unable to make my grandmother’s funeral. I was in the beginning months of a pregnancy and didn't want to take a chance on travel. At that time, we were not the air travelers that we are now. That much time in the car they thought might not be good. I later miscarried that child. My mother told me of the services, and I felt the strength of family. (This entry was posted on Monday, May 29th, 2006)

BURIAL: (had photos of Laura & her headstone) Memorial; # 67343075
Laura Camilla Forsgren Earl
Birth: Mar. 30, 1883 Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah, USA
Death: Oct. 9, 1979 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Family links:
Oscar Forsgren (1860 - 1949) #34503125
Othelia Margrette Eliza Andersen Forsgren (1862 - 1945) #34508352
Jonathan Earl (1886 - 1956) #45440474
Don Roy Earl (1914 - 1998) #67343005
Alice Earl Andrus (1921 - 2011) #79942557
John Glen Earl (1923 - 2012) #93576941
Inscription: Mom Note: Burial: Oct. 12, 1979

Burial: Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park Salt Lake City Salt Lake County Utah, USA
Plot: Hillsdale_353_4_E
Created by: Robert Steven Ramsey
Record added: Mar 23, 2011 Find A Grave Memorial# 67343075

Jonathan is part of an tree "Snow and Earl family"  submitted by "js7659" - a female, LDS person who can be contacted thru the ancestry website.    This photo is from that family tree.
Jonathan Earl 

 What could make a man happier?  Proud of his car; proud of his catch!

Laura's husband, Jonathan Earl
born 25 Sept 1886, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
died 27 Dec 1956 in Salt Lake and is buried in the Wasatch Lawn Cem in Salt Lake City

LIFE HISTORY:   from   (Written by Julie Ann Earl Larson)

Jonathan Earl (1886-1956)
"My grandfather Jonathan Earl was a tall stately man. At least when I was a child I thought of him that way as he would walk up the driveway of our home. He would tweek my nose with his thumb and finger and make me believe that he held it in his hand. He was a plastering contractor and well known for his work in the Salt Lake Valley. My father Don Roy Earl, and his brother Glen Earl worked with my grandfather in a company known as Earl and Sons. My father would tell me that he never regretted working with his father and brother. He said others would say to him “How can you work with you brother and father”? He was grateful that they enjoyed their time together. The family of brothers and sisters have remained very close.

Jonathan Earl was born in Salt Lake City and was the oldest of eleven (11) children. At age six the family moved to Brigham City. When he was twelve the family home burned down and Jonathan went to work to help out. He started to date Laura Forsgren when he was eighteen.

He went to Salt Lake for work and when he returned to Brigham at twenty-two, his mother died the very next day. He again helped with the family until he married Laura two years later in the Salt Lake Temple. They lived in Brigham where he built their first home. Later they had to move to Salt Lake for work. He became a plastering contractor and was well known for his honesty in his business. He built two more homes in Salt Lake for his family and was a super provider in every way of the family needs and wants!! The homes were on Sherman Avenue and 1412 Denver Street.

Being a member in good standing of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he was given work to do on several of the temples: Salt Lake, Idaho Falls, St. George, Manti, and Mesa. He was a generous contributor to the church in money, time, use of his truck and any help that was neededed, and it was all quietly done as the scriptures tell us it should be.

He lived to see the invention of automobiles and loved the opportunity he had of owning many, the last one being a Chrysler Imperial. I remember traveling with my grandparents once to Yellowstone. Grandfather stayed dressed up for the entire journey. Grandmother was in a dress of course all the way.

He had a great sense of humor and loved to tease as he would tell a grandchild that he wasn’t born, he just slid down the moon. On Holidays he made the best Ice Cream when the freezer had to be hand-turned, as his dad had done before him, and as my dad did after him. We had a hand crank freezer that we would make ice cream with. I could tell it was a good memory for my dad.

My grandfather developed sugar diabetes, which soon took his eyesight, and then his life. It was hard to see him become invalid with this disease. He would sit on the couch in the living room when we went to visit, covered with a blanket.

I remember him as a very kind generous man."

Jonathan Earl Death Certificate
Birth: Sep. 25, 1886 Utah, USA
Death: Dec. 27, 1956 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Family links:
Frank Wright Earl (1865 - 1926) #50610736
Sarah Amanda Olson Earl (1865 - 1908) #57062110
Laura Camilla Forsgren Earl (1883 - 1979) #67343075
Don Roy Earl (1914 - 1998) #67343005
Alice Earl Andrus (1921 - 2011) #79942557
John Glen Earl (1923 - 2012) #93576941
Burial: Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Created by: Ryan Curtis Record added: Dec 14, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 45440474

Laura and Jonathan had five children:
   #1 - Don Roy Earl, born 8 Mar 1914, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.  Don married  Mary Isadora Beck on her 23rd birthday, 19 Dec. 1935 in the Salt Lake Temple.  He died 5 Oct 1998 in Salt Lake City and was buried 9 October 1998 in Wasatch Lawn Cemetery in Salt Lake.  [Note
      Mary Isadora Beck was born 19 Dec. 1912 or 1913 in Salt Lake City.  She passed away 5 July 2006 in Salt Lake City and was also buried in the Wasatch Lawn Cemetery in Salt Lake City.  [Note on Mary Isadora's birthday:  "My mother's birth date was always a long story.  She was born at home and they didn't record her birth.  She was born close to the new year, and so the date they put was 1913, but according to a poem written by my grandmother she was born in 1912.  Also as we calculate the years, 1912 is correct.  We had it legally changed."  e-mail from daughter Julie Ann Larson to Adele Austin, April 9, 2013].

OBITUARY:  Newspaper unnamed.  Clipping and enlarged photocopy sent to me by Richard Wright of Salt Lake City Oct 1998 (so the newspaper is likely to be either the Salt Lake Tribune or the Deseret News)
DON ROY EARL  (contains photos of him as a young man and as an older man)
     Our beloved Don Roy Earl passed away October 5, 1998.
     Born March 8, 1914 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He was the eldest of five children of Jack and Laura Forsgren Earl.  His life was marked by loving compassionate service which he generously gave to his family, friends, and all whole lives he touched.  In marriage he was sealed to his eternal companion of 62 years, Mary Beck in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.  Their love and devotion to each other will stand as a great example to their children and their posterity who follow.  His entire life was dedicated to serving others.  He served as an LDS missionary in the Hawaii Mission, as bishop of the Liberty Park Ward and president of the Liberty Stake.  His reputation as a plastering contractor was well known throughout Utah and adjoining states.
     He is survived by his wife, Mary Beck Earl; his children, Raymond (Elaine), Julie Ann Larson (Mike), Joan Iverson (Lee), Ralph (Janice), and Jill Anderson (Weymouth);  21 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren;  brother, Glen (Marg); sisters, Ruth Anderson (Warren), Alice Andrus (Quinten) and Beverly Robinson (Calvin).
     Funeral services will be held Friday, October 9, 1998 at 11 a.m. at the Liberty Park Ward, 445 Harvard Ave.  Family and friends may call Thursday evening from 6-8 p.m. at Larkin Mortuary, 260 East South Temple, and at the ward Friday from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m..  Interment, Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park.

BURIAL: (has photos of him as a younger man and his headstone);  contains same obituary as above from the Salt Lake Tribune, Oct. 7, 1998
Don Roy Earl
Birth: Mar. 8, 1914 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Death: Oct. 5, 1998 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Family links:
  Jonathan Earl (1886 - 1956)
  Laura Camilla Forsgren Earl (1883 - 1979)
  Mary Isadora Beck Earl (1912 - 2006)*
 Note: Burial: Oct. 9, 1998
 Burial:  Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Plot: Hillsdale_354_1_E
Created by: Robert Steven Ramsey
Record added: Mar 23, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 67343005

Mary Isadora Beck Earl: 

Mary Beck Earl (1912 -2006)
To all who have made it possible for me to live and know the joys of living I lovingly dedicate a brief story of my life.

I was born on an early winter evening of December 19, 1912 at our home on Conway Court, between 6th and 7th South and 3rd and 4th East in Salt Lake City, Utah, to my mother, Vermilla Smoot Beck, and my father Edward Robert Beck.

I had a sister Vermilla Beck Pope who would be two years old the following March 1st.

Because it was so close to Christmas and a Mother’s stay then, was 15 days in the hospital my father asked my mother to deliver at home. Her sister Edna Smoot Iverson was a practical nurse and lived only a few houses away. They put the brass bed in the living room by the fire. My father was so pleased he had Z.C.M.I. a department store, send to mother a beautiful dusty rose satin down quilt.

Aunt Edna called Doctor Gil Richards who had his offices at the Salt Lake Clinic, then located on South Temple between State Street and 2nd East. Being a friend of the family, it was suggested he come for dinner. I was told he was dozing in the big black leather chair, the great fire burning bright, when came the dear patter and “Millie” the mother gave birth to Mary Isadora another daughter.

I was told, I was born with a veil on — a thick covering of skin over my whole head.  The doctor put his fingers under my chin and lifted it off. He said to my Aunt Edna, ‘Millie will want this, save it for her.” They put it on a newspaper on top of a hot water heather, and of course it dried up and could not be saved.* [See NOTE insert at the end of this history].  Because I was born at home the doctor, nor my parents ever registered my birth– only a poem written by my mother, in her own handwriting, which says “and her big sister was not even two,” gives me the date of 1912. My sister Vermilla was born at the L.D.S. Hospital and her birth recorded the 1st of March 1911.

Two years after my birth a brother Edward Robert Beck was born. Two years later another brother Jack Campbell Beck, and two years later a sister Audrey Margaret Beck Lieberman. The last of five children.

Being born only a few days before the New Year, with no birth certificate they forgot and put the year 1913 on my Baptismal record, also school and my marriage licence carries 1913.

It was a shock when I was older to add another year.

Mother and Father moved to a duplex on 7th South between 4th and 5th East on the North side of the street. They lived in the East side of the duplex. Her sister Jen Smoot Spetique and her husband Will lived in the other half of the duplex. Must of been a good time for them. Mother said they put Vermilla in her buggy and would push her over to town for a day together. She remembered watching her mother as she joined them for the fun. The little puffs of dirt that her long dress made as she walked for it was not until they reached the City and County building that there was side walks. Mother would dress Vermilla in what they called a white Maderia dress. Aunt Jen and Aunt Edna would take her to the other side of the duplex, feed her bread and Jam, smear it over her face and then return her for mother to clean her up. You would have to know my family to understand this was a way of expressing their love and fun for each other.

My first memory is of living on the Avenue’s on L Street at the top of the hill on the East Side. Mother read us stories of the Sand Man from a book. I can still see in my minds eye the picture of him a little elf of a person with a bag of sand thrown over his back. He sprinkled magic sand in little ones eyes and then they would go to sleep. I can remember pulling the curtain aside so I could see him coming up the hill.

Mother loved horses, and had one named ‘pinto’ as a child. When we lived on the Avenues someone had ordered a load of coal and it was always delivered by horse and wagon. It was winter, the streets were covered with Ice and snow. Mother looked out the window and saw a load of coal being brought up the hill. The horses had a hard time on the ice. The street was covered with snow and ice and no matter how the courageous animals tried they could not get a footing and pull it over the top. The driver was cold and angry and sat on the seat, beating the horses with a whip over and over and over again. Mother could take it no longer and flew out the front door and ordered the man to stop. Her father, William C.A. Smoot, was a policeman in Sugar House and before she left the house she called him. In a short time he was there with other men to help the animals pull the load over the top. I can remember how proud I was of her.

She, my mother was a little person, five feet with beautiful auburn hair and always a warm glow about her…Not thin, just a round soft figure…her cooking was so special. I can remember as a child with five children buttering a whole loaf of bread, putting it on the broiler and toasting it for breakfast. She always made us hot chocolate and we were aloud to “dunk” our toast. Mother and Father were always very strict with our table manners. I can still at 77 years of age recall her words “Mary elbows off the table, put your napkin in your lap. They were not paper. Sit up dear and lean over, put your knife and fork and spoon across your plate.” She explained, “now dear you can go anywhere, eat with kings and queens and not worry about your manners.” We always had to say “May I be excused” before we could leave the table.

My father was a white collar worker. I can’t remember of him ever sitting at the head of our dinner table without a white shirt, tie and suit coat on. He was tall and handsome. My girl friends used to ask me if he was my brother. I can remember him taking me in his arms and teaching me to dance. I loved to dance and do to this day of 77 years. We always had a lovely home. In my father’s business of selling cars, Cadillac’s, Lincoln’s and worked for Ford Motor Company for many years. He was able to make certain deals for we enjoyed a Persian rug, a beautiful baby grand piano, lovely large dining room set and wicker furniture in the living room. Mother had a gift for sewing and so we were always dressed in fashion.

I can remember I had a girl friend Norma Packer, we were in school together. One day I asked teacher and Norma to come home with me to dinner….because of a program at school it was dinner time. They accepted and can remember how gracious my dear mother was. Two guests unannounced, the home always clean. Our dining room was a long beautiful room, with dark woodwork, a china closet built in one end and by window on the south, with a window seat. A large oval shaped dining room table with a beautiful Tiffany light over the table. I can still see the purple and dark red grapes and green leaves that made up the design. Mother always had a white linen table cloth on and she welcomed us with open arms. She had us sit down, bless her heart she opened 2 cans of pork and beans, cut up frankfurter and heated them together, fixed a green salad, opened a bottle of her canned peaches, can still see them in the fruit dish. She cut up slices of her home made bread and jam. Can’t remember the dessert she served if any but what a blessing to have such a beautiful mother. The best part was after they were taken home she never once said to me “not again Mary.”

When mother did her house cleaning I remember the dining room with curtain stretchers. What a temptation to run my fingers over the clean stretched material

They were wonderful parents.

I remember a birthday party mother gave for one of we girls, Vermilla or I. She ordered from Snelgrove Ice Cream. It was a strawberry Cupid doll made of a mold. Oh how I hated to eat my doll.

It was about this time that mother bought our first talking dolls, cloth bodies and if you laid them on their backs and then turned them over they said “ma ma”. She would take every one into her bedroom to see them. We could hear the “ma ma”, but could not see them until Christmas.

Because of mother’s health, having been born with asthma she was told a lower climate could help her breathing. We moved by Union Pacific train and lived in Sautell and Ocean Park, California. Returning to Salt Lake as soon as her health would permit.

Because of moving so many times I attended many schools. Highland Park Elementary, Forest School was on 21st South and 9th east, has been torn down. Woodrow Wilson in Sautell, California, close to where the L.A. Temple is built. Irvine Junior High just above 11th east on 21st south. West High, South High which will close this year. We attended the first year South opened.

I started school while living on Parkway Avenue in a lovely home. We attended a two room school house set in a field. No other homes were in the area, somewhere by where our daughter Joan Patricia Earl Iverson now lives on Glenmare Avenue. There was a coal stove in each room and in the winter it took all day to dry our shoes and long stockings.

I was there when Highland Elementary was built, and attended classes. It is now a Private School called “Cardizon” on 27th South.

Friends were easy for me to make and were an important part of growing up. Patricia Roberts in California, Gladis Rag, Norma Packer.

We had all the conveniences in our home but can remember of living on Vine Street just off of 21st south in Sugar House. We had a coal stove in the kitchen. My mother had beautiful dark auburn hair and always braided it each morning. As she lifted the lid on the stove to pour a little grease from the frying pan, it caught fire and her braid, that had fallen over her shoulder was burned. When I returned from school that day I saw my mother for the first time with short hair. My father had her buy a new hat with the hopes it would make her feel better.

My older sister Vermilla found great delight in having treasure hunts. We lived in an apt. in Sugar House at the time. She would know of things she had that I wished I could have. In a metal can she lovingly placed them, took them to the Sugar House Park back of the Library in Sugar House, which is now a huge Auto Parking Place and buried them. She would return home draw a map an then ask me to find it. I really enjoyed the fun times we had together.

Mother saw an ad from Mamie Torkelson that she needed a job. Mother hired her to help with the chores around the house, and then in the evening we girls would do the dishes and mother would sit at the kitchen table and help Mamie with her school studies.

When we lived on Parkway Avenue in Sugar House I would walk to Sugar House to do the shopping. We had a little wagon. During those days the grocer did all of the filling of the goodies for you. You would tell him what you wanted and he would put it into the wagon for us. If you wanted a couple of oranges he would pick them out for you. We could stop at Grandma Mahali. She was a sweet lady in the neighborhood. Every  time we stopped she would give us something to eat, and arrange our fruits in the wagon.

While we lived on Parkway I was very fearful. Mother would leave Vermilla and I in charge. I remember that I sat in the front of the fireplace very frightened. The fireplace had book cases on either side of it. Many times people had tried to break in, because we lived so close to the prison. It was where Sugar House Park is today. The prisoners would come and try to get in so whenever mother went anywhere I was very frightened.

When we lived on the corner of 21st South and 9th East I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. I lived upstairs on both corners. We moved a great deal. School was hard for me. As we traveled back and forth from California I found that the schools in California were behind the ones in Utah, and it was so hard for me to keep up on my studies. I was a dummy.

When we had Chicken Pox, I remember how we had to be quarenteened. It was dreadful. We had to stay in for such a long time. As we began to get better mother would let us go out onto the porch. On the porch was a sign about how long we had been in with the Chicken Pox. Mother would let us go out and tear a letter off the sign.

We moved from Sugar House to 1625 South on 5th East. It was owned by a doctor L.A. Stevenson and we rented it. The home was next door to Waterloo Ward (which has been torn down). A new building has been built in its place. My father was a member but never attended any of the meetings. Mother worked in the M.I.A. She made a big hit with the young girls and the boys felt important and needed. They taught them how to dance.

It was when we lived next door to the Waterloo Ward that I first met and fell in love with my husband Don Roy Earl. He lived at 1412 Denver Street and his mother who is 94 this 1977 year still lives there.

We attended West High together and South High the first year it was opened. After graduating from High School I worked for J.G. McDonald Candy Company. Later at the Paris Company a department store in Alterations. I always enjoyed sewing. After graduating from South High my husband Don served as a missionary in Hawaii, two years for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Returning in March we were married the following December on my birthday.

After work we would go looking for a place to live. Each apartment building smelled of all the evening meals that were being prepared and it really turned us off. We asked mother and father Earl if we could move into the home they were renting at 440 Sherman Avenue. The home belonging to my husband's father and mother.

It was while living there on November 18th, 1937 that our first son Raymond Don Earl was born in the Latter-day Saints Hospital. My husband was making $100.00 a month. He was a Lath and Plastering contractor for his father who owned the business. Bread was .05 a loaf, butter .25 lb., milk .10 a quart, rent $25.00 a month.

After five years we had saved enough to buy a piece of property at 427 Edith Avenue. Fifty feet by 120 feet for $500.00. Paying cash we were able to borrow enough from the bank 7,000 to build us a home. It was while living here at our new home that our second child was born. A daughter Mary Julie Ann Earl Larson, in the Latter-day Saints Hospital, June 8, 1942. Four years later a third child, Joan Patricia Earl Iverson was born, July 25, 1946. Four years later a fourth child was born Ralph Jonathan Earl, on February 24, 1950. Four years later our Fifth child was born, Jill Janette Earl Anderson, on June 11, 1954. The growing up years with our family were choice and happy years. Always told our children "peace at any cost". Quarreling was never a part of my growing up years. Also that they all came from good Pioneer stock, so nothing was impossible.

[ADELE NOTE:  This membrane is known as a caul.  Here is information about it from Wikipedia.  Folklore would tell you that it has magical or special powers - particularly to keep you from drowning.  See, for instance, Orson Scott Card's novel Seventh Son, the first part of the series The Tales of Alvin Maker, Alvin Miller (the seventh son of a seventh son) is born with a caul, a sign of his extraordinarily strong magical gifts.  This is a series of books which I particularly enjoyed - based, loosely, as it was on many things in common with Joseph Smith]
   caul (LatinCaput galeatum, literally, "helmeted head") is a piece of membrane that can cover a newborn's head and face.
     A child "born with the caul" has a portion of a birth membrane remaining on the head. There are two types of caul membranes, and there are four ways such cauls can appear.
The most common caul type is a piece of the thin, translucent inner lining of the amnion which breaks away and forms tightly against the head during the birthing process. “Infrequently, in past ages as now, a baby is born with a thin, translucent tissue, a fragment of the amnioticmembrane, covering its head. The remnant is known as a caul."[2] Such a caul typically clings to the head and face, but on rarer occasions drapes over the head and partly down the torso. In Germany, this would be called a "helmet" (Galea) for boys; and in Italy, for girls, a "fillet" (vitta) or "shirt" (indusium, camisia).[3]
The lesser common (unknown) type of caul tissue is adhered to the face and head by attachment points and is looped behind the ears, making the removal process more complex. In extremely rare cases, the thicker caul encases the infant's entire body, resembling a cocoon.
The rarest caul type is a thick, soft membrane of unknown tissue type, which presumably forms against the infant's head during gestation. "Cornelius Gemma, a sixteenth century physician ... described it quaintly as being '... the remnant of another membrane, much softer than the amnion, but nevertheless more solid....'"[2]
The caul is harmless and is immediately removed by the physician or midwife upon delivery of the child. If the membrane is of the amniotic tissue, it is removed by easily slipping it away from the child's skin. The removal of the thicker membrane is more complex. If done correctly, the attending practitioner will place a small incision in the membrane across the nostrils so that the child can breathe. The loops are then carefully un-looped from behind the ears. Then, the remainder of the caul can be either peeled back very carefully from the skin, or gently rubbed with a sheet of paper, which is then peeled away. If removed too quickly, the caul can leave wounds on the infant's flesh at the attachment points, which may leave permanent scars.[2]
The caul membrane in some cases will be put aside and given to the mother to preserve.[citation needed] However, the parents may or may not be told that their child was born with the caul. This depends upon the particular practice of the hospital or practitioner.

DEATH & BURIAL: (has photo of headstone)
Mary Isadora Beck Earl
Birth: Dec. 19, 1912 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Death: Jul. 5, 2006 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA

Salt Lake Tribune, The ( UT ) - July 8, 2006
Deceased Name: Mary Isadora Beck Earl
UT United States
Mary Isadora Beck Earl "Holding Hands Again"
     Mary Isadora Beck Earl, our loving mother, grandmother, and great- grandmother, passed away July 5, 2006. She was born December 19, 1912 to Edward R. Beck and Vermilla Smoot.
     She married Don R. Earl December 19, 1935 in the Salt Lake Temple. Mom was adored by her family and friends for the great love and service she showed them throughout her lifetime. She served in many positions in the Liberty Park Ward and Liberty Stake. She was continually caring for, feeding, and loving her family, friends, and those in need. She often opened her beautiful home to the aging or the ill and became their nursemaid and companion. She was an excellent cook, Sunday dinner became a gathering place for her large extended family. She was able to do this with the help of her husband, Don, who happened to enjoy washing dishes with a grandchild or two.
      Mom liked to write poetry, play the piano, listen to music, go shopping, and out to lunch. She was a very talented seamstress who made dance dresses with matching shoes for her daughters, dozens of bridesmaids' dresses, and scores of baby blankets edged with her personalized crochet design, every grandchild and most of the great-grandchildren have a blanket made by their grandmother. Nanie, as she is called by her grandchildren, always had time for them and usually had something fun to do and yummy to eat. Whether it was cookies from the cookie drawer, money to buy a slush puppy at the corner store, trips to the park to pick up feathers, a round of cards at the dining room table, dance lessons on the lawn, excitement at our accomplishments, a listening ear, lunch at Lagoon or just time with Nanie, her grandchildren have been blessed beyond measure by this amazing woman who made each one of them feel that she loved them the most.   She will be dearly missed, but her family takes great joy in knowing that she is now free from her weakened body and able to play, laugh, love, and serve as she did during her life on earth.
     She is survived by her children, Raymond (Elaine), Julie Ann Larson (Michael), Joan Iverson (Lee), Ralph (Janice), Jill Anderson (Weymouth), sister Vermilla Pope, 21 grand-children and 32 great-grand-children.  Preceded in death by her husband Don, her parents, brothers Edward and Jack, and sister Margaret.
     Funeral services will be held Monday, July 10, at 11:00 a.m. at the Liberty Park Ward located at 445 East Harvard Avenue. Friends and relatives may visit with the family at Larkin Mortuary, 260 East South Temple, on Sunday, July 9, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. or Monday at 10:00 a.m. prior to the services. Interment will be at Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park. Condolences at To our special friend who has been with us on this journey for the last five years helping us care for our mother, we thank you.
Salt Lake Tribune, The ( UT )
Date: July 8, 2006
 Family links:
  Edward Robert Beck (1888 - 1954)
  Vermilla Smoot Beck (1889 - 1954)
  Don Roy Earl (1914 - 1998)
 Note: Burial: Jul. 10, 2006
 Burial:  Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park,  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Plot: Hillsdale_354_2_E
 Created by: Robert Steven Ramsey
Record added: Mar 23, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 67342937

     Don Roy and Mary Beck Earl were the parents of 5 children, 4 of whom are still living:  
Raymond Don (deceased), Mary Julie Ann, Joan Patricia, Ralph Jonathan and Jill Janette. 

     Child #1-Raymond Don Earl was born 18 Nov. 1937 in Salt Lake City.  He died of Cancer on 11 April 2008 in Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake Co., Utah.  He was buried on the 16th in Cottonwood Heights
     Raymond Don Earl passed away at home April 11, 2008, surrounded by his wife and children, after a courageous battle with cancer. 
     Raymond was born November 18, 1937 and grew up in Salt Lake City. He graduated from South High School, attended BYU and served a mission to the Hawaiian Islands. He married his sweetheart Elaine Butters in the Salt Lake Temple February 11, 1965. They have been blessed with five children and 14 grandchildren. 
     Raymond used his talents and skills in the plaster and dry-wall industry for many years. He was well-known for his high quality workmanship, honesty and integrity. After his drywall career, he retired from Continental Airlines following 15 years of employment. 
     Raymond was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His love for the gospel was evident through his life. He was a great teacher and example to his children. He had wonderful relationships with many friends and neighbors. WB7UFT was his call sign, as he was a HAM Radio enthusiast. He loved the outdoors and had a great appreciation for the beauties of the earth. He loved gardening and "puttering" around the yard. He found solace at the beach, in the mountains, and loved birds. Nothing was more important than encouraging his children to chase their dreams and be happy.
     Raymond is survived by his wife, Elaine; his sons, Douglas (Lieca); Greg (Julie) both of West Jordan; Brian (Natalie), San Marcos, CA; and his daughters, Jennifer (Sam) Shearer, Germany; Emilee Earl Butler, West Jordan; three sisters, Julie Ann (Michael) Larson, Livermore, CA; Joan (Lee) Iverson; Jill (Weymouth) Anderson, both of Salt Lake City; a brother, Ralph (Janice), of Herriman; and 14 precious grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, Don Roy Earl and Mary Isadora Beck Earl.
     Funeral services will be held Wednesday, April 16th 11:00 a.m. at the Greenfield chapel, 6634 S Greenfield Way. Graveside services will follow at Mountain View Memorial Park, 3115 East 7800 South, Cottonwood Heights. A viewing will be held where family and friends may call on Tuesday, April 15 from 6-8 p.m. at the Mountain View Memorial Mortuary, 3115 E. 7800 South, and one hour prior to funeral services at the Greenfield chapel.
     Raymond's family would like to thank the many relatives, friends and long time associates who gave their love and support. In lieu of flowers, Raymond has requested that donations be made to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Perpetual Education Fund. To make a donation please visit

BURIAL: has photos of Raymond and of his headstone
Raymond Don Earl
Birth: Nov. 18, 1937, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Death: Apr. 11, 2008, Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
   [Here follows the same same obituary as is listed above]
Buried:  Mountain View Memorial Estates Cemetery, Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Plot: Chapel 3_29A_2
Created by: Ryan Curtis
Record added: Apr 14, 2008 
Find A Grave Memorial# 26009914



Laura Camilla Forsgren & Jonathan Earl 
    Child #2 -  Ruth Margaret Earl, born 30 July 1919 in Salt Lake City.  She married Warren Salzner Anderson on 18 Mar 1945 at Fort Ord, Monterey Co., California.  Ruth died 30 Jan. 2008 in East Millcreek, Salt Lake Co. and was buried 5 Feb 2008 in Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park in Salt Lake City

DEATH & BURIAL: has photos of her as younger girl, older age and of her headstone
Ruth Earl Anderson
Birth: Jul. 30, 1919, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Death: Jan. 30, 2008, East Millcreek, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA

Our beloved mother, grandmother, wife, sister, and friend passed away peacefully on January 30, 2008. She resided at 3814 South 2940 East in East Millcreek, Utah at the time of her death.
     Ruth was born July 30, 1919 to Laura F. Earl and Jonathan Earl in Salt Lake City, Utah.
     She grew up with her big brother Don and was soon joined by siblings Alice, Glen, and Beverly. She graduated from South High and the LDS Business College, and studied Child Development at the University of Utah.
     She worked at New York Life, then married Warren Salzner Anderson on March 18, 1945 at the Post Chapel, Fort Ord, California. The marriage was later solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple.
     Ruth was a lovely companion always interested in learning and improvement. She was independent, thoughtful, kind, and generous. She loved her family, friends, and home and cared for all with joy and enthusiasm. Ruth delighted in creating many beautiful things as a painter, seamstress, and gardener. We will miss her warmth and laugh.
     She is survived by her loving husband Warren; sons Brent (Renee Doe), Paul (Mary Ann Wright), and Marc (Amy Finch); daughters Elaine and Peggy; sisters Alice Andrus (Quentin, deceased) and Beverly Robinson (Calvin); brother Glen Earl (Margaret, deceased). She doted on nine grandchildren; Cynara Guyer, Kit Keigwin, Felice Charlton, Whitney Hansen, Adrianne Hansen, Zachary Anderson, Peter Anderson, Ella Anderson, and Evan Anderson.
     Family and friends are invited to visit on Monday evening, February 4, 2008 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Holbrook Mortuary (3251 South 2300 East). Funeral Services will be held on Tuesday, February 5, 2008 at 12:00 p.m. in the East Millcreek Stake Center (3103 East 3600 South). Friends may call from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m. at the Church prior to the services.  Interment: Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park.
Published in the Deseret News from 2/2/2008 - 2/3/2008.
 Family links:
  Jonathan Earl (1886 - 1956)
  Laura Camilla Forsgren Earl (1883 - 1979)
  Warren Salzner Anderson (1921 - 2010)*
Burial: Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park,  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Created by: Ryan Curtis
Record added: Feb 02, 2008
Find A Grave Memorial# 24317403
Added by: Mark Bennett
Ryan Curtis  Added: Feb. 2, 2008

Warren Salzner Anderson: 

Warren is included in a family tree submission to by "60sqween".  She can be contacted through the ancestry website.

MILITARY:  Utah Military Records, 1861-1970, Reel 051
  Ser. # 546415   Discharged
ANDERSON, WARREN S.  1st Lt.   Army
     131 W. 6th So., Salt Lake City, Utah  [had 978 Garfield Ave. with type-thru over it]
Born:  7-27-21  Pocatello, Ida.  (In Ut. 10 yrs.)
Parents:  Father: DECEASED Howard B. Anderson
Mother: Mildred S. anderson, 978 Garfield Ave., SLC
Wife:  Ruth E Anderson, 131 W. 6th So., SLC
ENLISTED: 5-22-42  SLC  LB#10
DISCHARGED:  8-29-46  Camp Beale, Calif.
Biog:  Attended U of U, Student.
Hist:  Overseas:  8-16-45  Ret. 7-15-46
     With 6th Div. 63rd Inf. Regt.
     From. 1st Lt. 4-24-45

DEATH & BURIAL: (has two photos of him and of his headstone (prior to his death being engraved)
Warren Salzner Anderson
Birth: Jul. 27, 1921, Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho, USA
Death: Jan. 20, 2010, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
      Warren Salzner Anderson, beloved father, grandfather, husband and friend, passed away peacefully on January 20, 2010 at age 88.He was born July 27, 1921 in Pocatello, Idaho to Mildred I. Salzner and Howard B. Anderson Sr. He lived in Boise and Denver before settling in Salt Lake at 11. He graduated from South High and the University of Utah.
     From 1943 to 1946, he served as an officer in the U.S. Army. While in the Army, he married his sweetheart, Ruth Earl. After the war and overseas duty, the marriage was solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple.
     His career as a CPA began with the Appellate Division of the IRS and switched to the private sector, practicing in Salt Lake City. He joined the Utah Association of CPAs in 1953 and served on the Executive Board, served as president in 1973-74, and was later awarded life membership.
     Warren was a cheerful, good-natured person who focused on the sunny side of life. He shared his love of music by singing, playing, and listening. Many fine days were spent with friends and relatives on the golf course and with family in the wilds. He joined his sons in the Scouting and Explorer programs. He used his accounting skills to help widows, the disabled, retired people, and others.
     Our dad, grandpa, brother-in-law, friend, and brother will be sorely missed, but he lives on in all of us. His wife Ruth passed away in January 2008. He is survived by sons Brent (Renee Doe); Paul (Mary Ann Wright); Marc (Amy Finch); daughters Elaine and Peggy, brothers Arthur S. Anderson (Jan), and Howard B. Anderson Jr. (Midene). He was devoted to his nine treasured grandchildren, Cynara Guyer, Kit Keigwin, Felice Charlton, Whitney Barrell, Adrianne Hansen, Zachary Anderson, Peter Anderson, Ella Anderson, and Evan Anderson. A memorial service will be conducted at noon on January 25, 2010 at East Millcreek Stake Center, 3103 Craig Drive (3600 South). Visit with the family one hour prior to the service. Online condolences can be sent to the family at:
     Published in Salt Lake Tribune from January 23 to January 24, 2010
Family links:
  Howard Ballantyne Anderson (1897 - 1932)
  Mildred Ina Salzner Anderson (1896 - 1981)
  Ruth Earl Anderson (1919 - 2008)
Burial: Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Created by: kent shepard
Record added: Jan 23, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 47004003

Laura Camilla Forsgren & Jonathan Earl 
    child #3 - Alice "F" Earl, (the F is just an initial.  It does not stand for anything) born 26 July 1921 in Salt Lake City.  She married "J" Quentin Andrus on 3 Dec 1943 in the Mesa LDS Temple, Maricopa Co., Arizona.  Alice passed away 4 Nov. 2011, in Salt Lake City, and was buried on 8 Nov 2011 in Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park in Salt Lake

Alice Earl Andrus
Birth: Jul. 26, 1921 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Death: Nov. 4, 2011 Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
     Alice, having reached the age of ninety, honorably completed her life's mission here on earth and returned home to her Heavenly Father and the loving embrace of her beloved husband, Quentin, on November 4, 2011.
     Alice was born July 26, 1921 to Laura and Jonathan Earl, and was a sister to Don, Ruth, Glen, and Beverly. Alice was a graduate of South High School.
     Alice and Quentin met in their teens, and married on December 3, 1943 in the Mesa, Arizona Temple. Together, they had eight children. Kathleen (deceased), Gary, Laurene (Kevin) Knighton, Janice (Brian) Noyce, Judy (LaMont) Beynon, Wayne (Royalyn), Keith (Amy), and Allen (Maryann).
     Funeral services will be held at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 in the Waterloo Ward Chapel, 1623 South 500 East. Friends may visit with the family at the chapel Monday, November 7, 2011 from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening, and one hour prior to the services on Tuesday morning.
Interment: Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park.
Published in the Deseret News from November 6 to November 7, 2011.
 Family links:
  Jonathan Earl (1886 - 1956)
  Laura Camilla Forsgren Earl (1883 - 1979)
  J. Quentin Andrus (1920 - 1999)
Burial: Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park,  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Created by: Ryan Curtis
Record added: Nov 05, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 79942557

FAMILY TREE:  Quentin is included in "Andrus Family Tree" submitted to by 1_cyra2

Mission to Brazil

J. Quentin Andrus
Birth:  Jan. 23, 1920, Cedar City, Iron County, Utah, USA
Death:  Nov. 12, 1999,  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
     Our beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, J. Quentin Andrus, born January 23, 1920 in Cedar City, Utah to Dolph and Irene Jones Andrus, died November 12, 1999 in Salt Lake City, Utah of causes incident to a rare immune system disorder.
     He served an LDS mission in Brazil from 1941-1943. Married Alice F. Earl on December 3, 1943 in the Mesa LDS Temple.
     A World War II veteran, he served in the U.S. Navy from 1944-1946. Served as bishop of the Waterloo Ward from 1958-1963, and in many other ward and stake positions throughout his life. Employed for fifty years at Restaurant and Store Equipment Co.
     Survived by wife, Alice; eight children, Kathleen, Gary M. (Sue), Laurene (Kevin) Knighton, Janice (Brian) Noyce, Judy (LaMont) Beynon, Wayne E. (Royalyn), Keith E. (Amy), and Allen E. Andrus; twenty-five grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and one due in January. Also survived by sisters: Torma Henderson and Beverly Jane Young; brother, Berwin J. Andrus.
     Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 16, 1999 in the Waterloo Ward Chapel, 1623 South 500 East. Friends may visit with the family at the chapel one hour prior to the services.
Interment: Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park.
Published in the Deseret News from November 14 to November 15, 1999.
 Family links:
  Alice Earl Andrus (1921 - 2011)*
Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Created by: Ryan Curtis
Record added: Nov 06, 2011
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Alice Earl and Quentin Andrus were the parents of 8 children, 7 of whom are still living.
   child #1 - Kathleen Andrus ("Kathie") passed away from cancer in 2003.  She was born 6 Sep 1944 in Salt Lake City and died there on the 5 Sep 2003.  She was buried 10 Sept. in Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park in Salt Lake City.  Kathleen was unmarried at the time of her death.   [I have no photo or other information for Kathie]

OBITUARY:  Deseret News Monday, Sept. 8 2003
Kathleen Andrus
1944 ~ 2003
     Our beloved Kathie was born September 6, 1944 in Salt Lake City to J. Quentin and Alice Earl Andrus. She died peacefully at home with family members around her September 5th ending a long battle with cancer.
     Preceded in death by her father, Quentin. She is survived by her mother, Alice; sisters, Laurene (Kevin) Knighton, Janice (Brian) Noyce, Judy (LaMont) Beynon; brothers, Gary (Sue), Wayne (Rolalyn), Keith (Amy), Allen; 26 nephews and nieces.
     Kathie served a mission in Los Angeles, CA, and for many years was a ward organist in addition to her other callings. She was employed more than 32 years by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and enjoyed her work as a secretary in the Church Office Building.
     Services will be 12 noon Wed. Sept 10, Waterloo LDS Ward Chapel, 1623 S. 500 E. Friends may visit with the family at the Larkin Mortuary, 260 E. South Temple, Tues. 6-8 p.m. or at the church Wed. one hour prior to the services. Interment, Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park.

BURIAL: She is listed in Memorial # 50764696 (which has a photo of her headstone.  No obituary given)
Created by: Perry A Sloan
Record added: Apr 07, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 50764696

Laura Camilla Forsgren & Jonathan Earl 
   child #4 - John Glen Earl, (known as Glen) was born 3 Dec 1923 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He married Mary Margaret Kilbourne on 22 July 1946 in the Logan, Utah LDS Temple.  Glen passed away 11 July 2012 in Salt Lake and was buried on 16 July in Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park in Salt Lake.
     Mary Margaret Kilbournee (known as Marg)  was born 26 Jun 1925 in Salt Lake City.  She Died in Salt Lake on 1 Dec 2001 at 76 years of age.  She is buried in the Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park  in Salt Lake City.

Marg's OBITUARY: published where the obituaries could be found.  
Published in the Deseret News Dec. 2, 2001 and in the Salt Lake Tribune on same day.  Mary Margaret "Marg" (Kilbourne), age 76, died Salt Lake City.
[Forsgren Family Assn. has no other information and no photos of Marg.  Can some descendants help??]

Glen and Marg Earl are the parents of 4 children, all living at the time of this post (March 2013)

Paige is the infant daughter of  their son Craig Lee Earl and is buried near her grandparents in Wasatch Lawn Cemetery.

Laura Camilla Forsgren & Jonathan Earl 
   child #5 Beverly Laura Earl - [Beverly and her husband are still living as of March 2013 and going strong!  I wish I could add more information since she has been a faithful and diligent supporter of the Forsgren Family Association, always!!  Has rarely missed a reunion and is VERY good at updating me with information about new marriages, deaths, children, etc. in the Earl family.  She and her husband have 6 children and numerous grand and great grandchildren.  Beverly is a dear and lovely friend.  (And since she no longer "does computers" she may not get to see this until one of you younger generation show her the blog site!) 


Oscar and Othelia Forsgren's child #3 -  Christian Oscar Forsgren.  This infant son was born, blessed by his Grandfather, and died on the same day 1 May 1885 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah.  [I do not know what caused his death and the year is too early for death certificates or even for entries in any local newspapers that are available to me online].

BLESSING:  by Peter A. Forsgren
BURIAL:  Brigham City Cemetery B-21-24-4

(the following entries will be updated as I can get to them .........)

Oscar and Othelia Forsgren's child #4:
     Arvil Theodore Forsgren, born 6 Jun 1886, Brigham City,Utah. He married Lillie Prudence Bywater on 17 Jan 1912 in the Salt Lake Temple.  Arvil died 18 Sept 1974, Salt Lake City.
Buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery.   
          Lillie Prudence Bywater was born 10 Oct 1890, Brigham City;  She died 10 Mar 1982, Salt Lake City and is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.
     Arvil and Lillie had 7 children: Opal, Arvil Ferron, Keith Oscar, James Bywater, Robert Byron, Henrieta Louis and Ida Lillian.    [I have no other photos of Arvil.  Can anyone help with that?]

Many of the early church records list him as Orville T or Orvile T
BIRTH & BAPTISM: Brigham City LDS 2nd Ward Recs, early to 1921 SL Film # 0025,805) # 1526
BAPTISM: by P.H. Sorensen;  confirmed 2 Aug 1894 by L. Jeppsen
ORDAINED:  Seventy by J. Golden Kimball 9 March 1893

His membership records transferred to Brigham 2nd Ward 5/26/1912  (Brigham City 3rd Ward Recs (SL film #0025,675 line 1267)

MILITARY:  World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Arvil Forsgren, age 30
522 W. 1st So. Brigham City, Ut
Birth:  June 6, 1886, natural born citizen, Brigham City, UT
work:  farmer, self-employed in Brigham
Married with wife and two children to support
No prior military service
Did not claim exemption.
Signed: Arvil T. Forsgren
[indexed in as Orvil T. Forsgren]
Tall build, gray eyes, brown hair
Registered, precinct 2, Box Elder Co., Utah  June 5, 1917

BURIAL:Photo of headstone in poss of Fors. Family Assn

James Bywater, Lillie's father

BIRTH: Brigham City LDS 2nd Ward Recs, early to 1921 SL Film # 0025,805) # 1230
BAPTISM: by James Bywater (her father) and confirmed 6 Nov 1898 by same.  Also, Brigham City 3rd Ward Recs (SL film #0025,675 p.206)
BURIAL: Photo of headstone in possess of Forsgren Family Ass'n.
Forsgren, Lillie B
B. 10-10-1890 Brigham City, Utah
3/10/1982 SLC
Buried 3/13/1982
SLC Cem West_14_51_5W   [next to her husband]

Arvil T and Lillie Bywater Forsgren's Child #1 
     Opal Forsgren, born 25 October 1912 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co.  She married Jacob Rulon (known as Rulon) Christensen 3 Nov 1932 in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple.  Opal passed away 1 July 1966 in Salt lake City and was buried on July 5th in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.
      Jacob Rulon Christensen was born 25 March 1907 in Murray, Salt Lake Co., Utah and died 14 Jan 1999 in Salt Lake City.  He was buried on 18 Jan. in the Salt Lake City Cemetery
          [I have no photos of Opal or Rulon or of any of their children]

Opal Forsgren Christensen

Arvil T and Lillie Bywater Forsgren's Child #2
   Arvil Ferron Forsgren (known as "Ferron") was born 13 Jan 1916 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah. He married Elizabeth Wale on 2 Jun 1941 in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple.  Ferron passed away 24 Feb 2013 in Salt Lake City and was buried on 28 Feb in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.
     Elizabeth Wale, was born to William Moroni and Jean Nibley Wale in Baker, Oregon on February 21, 1916.  She passed away from Alzheimer's Disease on 5 Oct 2005 in Salt Lake and was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.
Ferron as a young boy - from the collection of Frank Forsgren

FGS prepared by Arvil Ferron Forsgren.  Copy in poss of Fors. Fam Assn.

MILITARY:  Military Service Cards, 1898-1975,
FORSGREN, ARVIL FERRON    Serial No. 19 117 240
Address:  225 Hampton Ave., SC 4, Ut.  Salt Lake County
Wife:  Elizabeth Wale Forsgren
Address, Same
Date of birth  1/13/16, White, Male, born Brigham City, Utah
Length of Utah Residence prior to entering Service:  24 yrs.
Father:  Arvil T. Forsgren, address:  216 Hampton Ave.
Mother:  Lillie Bywater Forsgren, address: same
Education:  1 yr. High School
Name of School:  West and South High Schools
Enlisted 10/16/42  SLC;   Discharged:  2/7/46  Ft. Douglas, Ut.
Branch of Service:  Army Air Forces
Left for Overseas  8/19/45;  Returned 1/30/46
Unit:  Seventh Air Force  Rank:  Sgt.
Awards and Promotions:  Secretarial work - Union Pacific RR Co., Salt Lake City

MISCELLANEOUS:  Salt Lake Tribune, Oct. 2, 1973  (has a photo of Ferron)  -
   A. Ferron Forsgren, 57, 1711 Wasatch Dr. (2400 East), has been elected president of the Union Pacific Old Timers Clubs general committee.
     The chief clerk to the Union Pacific Railroad superintendent, Salt Lake City said the committee is the governing body for 35 clubs in 13 states.
     Members include about 9,000 Union Pacific employes with 20 years of service or more and about 6,000 honorary or pensioned employes.
     Mr. Forsgren is a past president of Salt Lake Old Timers Club No. 12.
     The group's 1974 convention will be Sept. 15 to 18 at Sun Valley, Idaho.

Janet Thomas, “Ward of Wisdom,” New Era, Mar 2005, p.12  (teens in a ward spend an evening with the older members, over refreshments, and listen to their stories).
     " . . . Daniel Harbuck and Miguel Peña, both 18, interviewed Ferron Forsgren. They were impressed that he could once type 100 words a minute, wore racing goggles when he drove his first car, and had some good advice about impressing young women. Brother Forsgren also told them how he gained his testimony of the Church and how he has been active all his life. They found out that Brother Forsgren still plays tennis at the age of 87. Daniel says, “That’s the kind of guy I want to be when I’m older.”

OBITUARY:  Deseret News, Tuesday Feb. 26, 2013,    (with photo of Ferron and Elizabeth)
"Together Again"
     Our dear father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend passed on February 24, at the age of 97. Ferron was born January 13, 1916 in Brigham City to Arvil T. and Lillie Bywater Forsgren. The family moved to Salt Lake where he graduated from South High and then Stevens-Hennegar Business School.
      Dad married his sweetheart Elizabeth Wale in the S. L. Temple on June 2, 1941. He adored "Liz," treated her like a queen, and was a loving and dedicated companion especially during her declining years before she passed in 2005. Together they loved and raised three children, Tom, Jane and Mark.
     Dad loved the Lord and was always a devoted, faithful and active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He served as a young missionary in the British Mission and later with his wife Elizabeth serving as Mission President in the Liberty Stake where he touched many lives. He loved the missionary program and assisted many young missionaries spiritually and financially. He was loved and respected by all as he served in several bishoprics and high councils.
     Dad served in the Army  Air Corps during World War II, and was proud to be part of "the greatest generation."
     Dad loved people and loved to travel. While working as an office manager for the Union Pacific Railroad he was President of the U.P.R.R. Old Timers Club, organizing and taking groups of friends and family on several tours throughout the world. He was also an avid golfer, playing weekly with his three brothers, as well as a great tennis player, winning many tournaments right up through his early nineties.
But dad's greatest love was his family. He was so generous with his time, talents and means. We will forever cherish our precious memories of being with him and the many wonderful family vacations he took us on. He truly taught us how to play, pray, give and live.
     He was preceded in death by his wife, daughter Jane, grandson Mike, and two sisters, Opal and Ida, and is survived by his sons Thomas (Jane) and Mark (Janna), 6 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren, 3 brothers and one sister.
The family wishes to thank the loving staff at The Wentworth Assisted Living center for their devotion and service during his short stay there.
     Funeral services will be held Thursday, February 28 at noon at the Monument Park 11th Ward building, 1565 So. Foothill Blvd. Friends may call at 10:45 A. M. prior to the service.
     Goodbye for now, dear Grandpa. We will miss you and will be forever grateful for your true example of dedication, charity and love.

Social Security Death Index Social Security Death Index
Name: Elizabeth Wale Forsgren
SSN: 529-05-1941
Last Residence: 84108  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Born: 21 Feb 1916
Died: 5 Oct 2005
State (Year) SSN issued: Utah (Before 1951)

Source Citation: Number: 529-05-1941;Issue State: Utah;Issue Date: Before 1951.

OBITUARY:    Salt Lake Tribune Oct. 6, 2005.    Photo of Elizabeth and Ferron.
     Elizabeth passed away peacefully at Alta Ridge Alzheimer's Center on Wednesday, October 5, after a long battle with Alzheimer's.
     Born to  William Moroni and Jean Nibley Wale in Baker, Oregon on February 21, 1916, she moved to Salt Lake City with her family shortly thereafter.  After graduating from East High she worked for Hudson Bay Fur.  She married A. Ferron Forsgren June 2, 1941 in the Salt Lake Temple.  Elizabeth was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend.  While raising her three loving children she worked at the Union Pacific Railroad and held various ward callings in the LDS church.  She loved being with family, friends and extended family members as they traveled all the world continents except Antarctic the the U.P. Old Timers Club, which tours she and her husband organized.  She also loved playing bridge, tennis and golf.  She was heartbroken with the death of her daughter, Jane, age 19, in 1967, but gave her all to her sons, their wives, and her grandchildren.  She opened her home to anyone who needed a helping hand or word of encouragement, and will be remembered as a loving, compassionate friend to all.  We love you and will miss you.
     She was preceded in death by her daughter, Jane; grandson, Michael; a sister, Margaret Pulham, and a brother, Bill Wale.  She is survived by her husband, sons Thomas W. and wife Jane, and Mark W. and wife Janna, sister Jean Latter (Fullmer, deceased), five grandchildren and five great grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be held at the Monument Park 11th Ward, 1500 S. Foothill Dr., on Saturday, October 9 at 1:00 p.m., where friends may call two hours prior to services.

Birth: 2/21/1916  Baker, OR
Death: 10/5/2005  Sandy (S.L. Resident)
Buried: 10-8-2005
Father: William
Mother: Jean
Grave. SLC Cem West_14_64_1E

Ferron and Keith Forsgren (Middle and Right) with their wives at the viewing of the John E. Forsgren bust before it was shipped to Sweden.  2000

Their headstone in Salt Lake City Cem - Photo taken before 2005

Ferron and Elizabeth Forsgren were the parents of three children, two natural and one adopted.  Their daughter Jane Forsgren, was born 24 Sept 1947 in Salt Lake City, but passed away from leukemia just before her 20th birthday on 13 July 1967.  Her parents were later interred near her  in the SL City Cemetery.

DEATH: Ogden Standard Examiner, July 14, 1967
   "Jane Forsgren, 19, Salt Lake City."
[I have no photos or other information for Jane]

Ferron and Liz had two sons.  Tom and Mark.  Both are still living.
     Mark's son Michael Harris Forsgren (a twin), was born 21 Oct 1974 in Provo, Utah Co., Utah.  He was married and the father of one son.  Mike drowned on the Yuba River in California on 23 Feb 1998.  He was buried 31 Mar 1998 in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

DEATH:  Obituary Deseret News March 28, 1998 p. A-12; also SL Tribune, Mar 29, 1998
     "Our hearts are broken with the loss of our dear husband, father, son, brother, and friend, Mike Forsgren, 23, who returned to his heavenly home February 23, 1998, having drowned in the South Fork of the Yuba River in California.  We express deep gratitude to the Nevada County Search and Rescue Team for their heroic rescue efforts.
     He was born October 21, 1974, the son of Thomas W. and Jane Harris Forsgren, graduated from Skyline High, 1993, attended SLCC.  He married Suni Lyn Geyer, November 2, 1996;  they lived in Fair Oaks, CA.  Member of the LDS Church.
     Mike loved his wife, his son, Canyon - the light of his life, his family, friends,and dog, Mikeala.  Mike's charm and heart of gold drew people to him.  He passionately loved nature and living on the edge.  His free spirit soared while snowboarding, heliboarding in Alaska, kayaking, and morotrcycling.  He gave his all to everything he did, living more in 23 years than most do in a lifetime.  He taught us many lessons and will be greatly missed by all whose lives he touched with his love, compassion and zest for life.
     Survived by his wife; son; parents; twin brother Matthew, and brother John Erik (Philllippines San Pablo Mission); sister, Kristen; grandparents, A.Ferron and Elizabeth W. Forsgren; loving aunts, uncles and cousins.  Preceded in death by grandparents, Alton and Helen Harris and sister-in-law, Jan Forsgren.
     Funeral Services will be held Tuesday, March 31, 1998, 12 noon, at the Holladay 25th Ward . . .  Friends and family may call Monday, March 30, 1998, from 6-8 p.m. Larkin Sunset Lawn 2350 E. 1300 S., and at the church from 10:30-11:45 a.m. prior to the service on Tuesday.  Interment, Salt Lake City Cemetery.
     In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Dean Witter account for the benefit of Canyon Michael Forsgren, 175 S. Main St.  SLC 84111."

BURIAL:  Salt Lake City Cem  West-14-51-3E
The Sexton's records as listed on the website give d.o.b as 10/21/1913 [Obviously a mistake!] Provo, with death and burial dates as 2/23/1991 and 3/31/1991
     [I have no photos of Mike or of his headstone]

Arvil T and Lillie Bywater Forsgren's Child #3
     Keith Oscar Forsgren.  Keith was born 9 May 1918 in Brigham City, Box Elder County.  He married 1) Olive Parthenia Winder on Jan 10, 1942 in Salt Lake City .  They were divorced in Salt Lake in 1944.
(She was born 20 Jun 1921 in Salt Lake City and died 7 July 1989 in Edina, Hennepin Co., Minnesota.  She was married to Glen Lloyd Ludy who died in the same county on 14 Dec 1999.  It is possible they had two children as was indicated on a family tree submitted to Roots Web.)
Keith married 2) Fern Louise Walker on 24 Nov. 1948 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.  Keith passed away 17 April 2013 in Murray, Utah and was buried on 22 April in Elysian Burial Gardens.
     Fern Louise Walker was born 26 June 1921 in Peoa, Summit Co., Utah to Clarence and Jan Ann Marchant Walker.  She died 18 Sept 2007 in Salt Lake City and was buried on 22 Sept. in Elysian Burial Gardens.

Keith with Ferron at 2008 Forsgren Reunion

Ferron, Fern & Keith at the 2004 Forsgren Reunion

MILITARY:  Military Service Cards, 1898-1970 (
FORSGREN, Keith Oscar
Local Board No. 9, Chief Yeoman (AA)   Navy
Serial No. 660 29 98
Inducted 4-1-42  Salt Lake City, UT
Termination: 4-16-46, Shoemaker, Calif
Date of Birth:  3-9-18, Brigham City, Utah
Parents:  Arvil T. forsgren
Marital Status: Single
Wife:  Olive P. Forsgren [handwritten in]
Military History:  Asiatic Pacific  3 Stars  American Area
Victory Medal   Good Conduct   Points
Overseas 3/7/45  Ret 4/1/46
655 McNair

DEATH:  copy of headstone photo in Forsgren Fam Assn digital archives and on Billion Graves. com  (as of 10/ 2012 he is not shown as deceased on the headstone)

OBITUARY:  Published in Deseret News from April 20 to April 21, 2013
Keith Oscar Forsgren
"Together Again"
     Our beloved father, grandfather and great grandfather passed peacefully from this life on April 17, 2013 of natural causes. Dad was born in Brigham City, Utah on March 9, 1918, the third of seven children of Arvil Theodore and Lillian Prudence Bywater Forsgren. The family moved to Salt Lake in 1923 where dad grew up and spent an active happy childhood with his three brothers. He served in the US Navy from April 1942 until October 1946.
     Keith married Fern Walker on November 24, 1948 in the Salt Lake City Temple. Together they had six children, Keith, William, Kirk, Nancy, Maria and Jillian. Keith and Fern moved to their "country" home in Murray in 1950, where he resided until his death.
     Keith graduated from the University of Utah in 1951. He began a career with Armco Steel in 1939 which ended when he retired in 1984. Dad loved gardening and flowers and exhibited a special love for gladiolas. He was active in the Utah Gladiola Society serving as president for many years. Dad introduced golf to his brothers and they enjoyed playing together for 75 years. After retiring he traveled the world with his wife, family and friends. He was a life long active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, continuing a long tradition of service, holding many varied offices including the Bishopric, High Council and various priesthood callings and especially enjoyed home teaching.         Keith was a member of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers.
     Keith is survived by sons Keith (Carol), William (Maylue), Kirk (Becky), daughters, Maria and Jillian, sister, Louise, brothers James and Bob, 12 grandchildren, 9 great grand children and many wonderful nieces, nephews, and extended family members. He was preceded in death by his wife Fern Walker, his parents Arvil T. and Lillian Prudence, daughter Nancy, his brother, Ferrin and sisters, Opal and Ida. Keith was many things to many people, husband, brother, father, grandfather, great grandfather, teacher and friend, and will be missed by the many his life touched. He will be close to our hearts until we meet again.
     Funeral services will be held at the Hillcrest Ward Chapel, 435 East 5600 South, at 12 pm on Monday, April 22. Friends and Family may join us at Jenkins-Soffe Mortuary, 4760 So. State St., from 5-7 p.m. on Sunday April 21 or one hour prior to the services at the church on Monday. Interment at Elysian Burial Gardens. Online condolences may be shared with the family at

OCCUPATION:  school teacher  (mention of her first-year election to teaching made in the Salt Lake Tribune, 11 May 1949)

DEATH:  Social Security Death Index
Name: Fern Louise Walker Forsgren
SSN: 529-18-4751
Last Residence: 84107  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Born: 26 Jun 1921
Died: 18 Sep 2007
State (Year) SSN issued: Utah (Before 1951)
Source Citation: Number: 529-18-4751;Issue State: Utah;Issue Date: Before 1951.

OBITUARY:  Deseret News, Friday Sept 21, 2007 - contains photo (found on-line Google search)
     Our beloved Mother and grandmother passed peacefully from this life on September 18, 2007 of natural causes.
     Fern was born in Peoa, Utah on June 25, 1921, the youngest of six children of Clarence and Jan Ann Marchant Walker.  She grew up in Peoa and spent many years with her big sister Della during World War II attending Weber State College and working at Hill Field.
     Fern married Keith O. Forsgren on November 24, 1948 in the Salt Lake City Temple.  Together they had six children, Keith, William, Kirk, Nancy, Marle and Jill.  Keith and Fern moved to their "country" home in Murray in 1950, where she resided until her death.
     When Fern graduated from BYU she was hander her diploma by President David O. McKay.  Fern has accomplished many things in her life as she raised her family, including a career in the Granite School District that lasted over 20 years, as well as volunteering for many years at Cottonwood Hospital and multiple church callings.  After retiring she traveled the world with her husband, sister, family and friends.  She liked to crochet and quilt, but mostly she liked to share her stories and the latest news from her granchildren who she claimed were the cutest and smartest ever.
     Fern was a life-long active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, continuing a long tradition of service, holding many varied offices including Primary president and especially enjoyed visiting teaching.  Fern was a member of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.
     Fern is survived by her husband, Keith O. Forsgren, sons Keith (Carol), William (Maylue), Kirk (Becky), daughters Maria and Jillian, sisters, Della and Elynn, and 12 grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and many wonderful nieces, nephews and extended family members.  She was preceded in death by her parents Jand and Clarence, daughter Nancy, and her brothers Mont, Glen, Ellis.
     Fern was many things to many people, wife, sister, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, teacher and friend, and all will be missed by the many her life touched.  She will be close to our hearts until we met again.
     Funeral services will be held at the Hllcrest Ward Chapel, 435 E. 5500 South, at 11 a.m. on Saturday, September 22.  Friends and Family may join us at Jenkins-Soffe Mortuary or one hour prior to the services at the church on Saturday.

Birth: 6/26/1921  Peoa, UT
Death: 9-18-2007   SLC
Buried 9/22/2007
Elysian Burial Gardens 1075 E. 4580 S. SLC,  plot F-56-9

Keith and Fern were the parents of 7 children.  All are living except 4th child, Nancy who was born 23 March 1961 in Salt Lake and passed away just a few months later on 19 October 1961. She is also buried in the Elysian Gardens Cemetery.  (This photo taken from
Nancy Forsgren

Nancy Forsgren
Born 3-23-1961
Died 10-19-1961
Buried 10-23-1961
Elysian Burial Gardens F-56-8W

Arvil T and Lillie Bywater Forsgren's Child #4
    James Bywater Forsgren,< living> married and the father of two daughters
Arvil T and Lillie Bywater Forsgren's Child #5
     Robert Byron Forsgren, , married and the father of three children  (another Forsgren who served a mission in Sweden!)
Arvil T and Lillie Bywater Forsgren's Child #6
     Henrietta Louise Forsgren, , married and the mother of two children

Arvil T and Lillie Bywater Forsgren's Child #7
     Ida Lillian Forsgren, was born 27 Sept. 1932 in Salt Lake City.  She married Alvin "J" Mitchell on 4 May 1957 in Salt Lake.  Ida passed away on 13 Sept 2007 in Bountiful, Davis Co., Utah and was buried on the 19 Sept 2007 in Bountiful City Cemetery.
     Alvin Mitchell is still living as of 4/2013.  He and Ida had three children, also still living.

This is the only photo I have of Ida & Al

Ida Forsgren Mitchell
Birth: Sep. 27, 1932
Death: Sep. 13, 2007
   Ida Forsgren Mitchell "Together Forever" 
   Our beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend departed this life and entered the arms of our loving Heavenly Father September 13th in Bountiful Utah. 
   She was born September 27, 1932 in Salt Lake City Utah to Arvil T. And Lillie B. Forsgren, the youngest of seven children. She attended South High School and later, Brigham Young University. 
   Ida was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and held numerous callings throughout her life. She was especially devoted to serving others. The joys of her life were her family, toiling in her award-winning yard, and rooting for the Utah Jazz. 
   She married her eternal companion Al Mitchell May 4, 1957. Their marriage was later solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple. Together, over the next fifty years, they created their own special "Camelot," raising three wonderful children. 
   Ida is survived by her husband, Al; children, Julie (Kim), Scott (Malinda), Mark (Loni); five grandchildren; three step-grandchildren; one sister; and four brothers. She was preceded in death by her parents and her eldest sister. 
   Funeral services will be held Wednesday, September 19, 2007, 11:00 a.m. in the Bountiful 36th Ward Chapel, 102 East 1400 South. Friends may call Tuesday evening from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Russon Brothers Bountiful Mortuary, 295 N. Main Street, and Wednesday at the church 9:45-10:45 a.m. prior to the service. Interment Bountiful City Cemetery.
Burial: Bountiful Memorial Park, Bountiful, Davis County, Utah, USA
Created by: Burt
Record added: Oct 14, 2007  
Find A Grave Memorial# 22193617

Oscar and Othelia Forsgren's child #5:
      Luja Navoni Forsgren, born 17 Nov 1888, Brigham City;  Died a few months later on 13 Jan 1889.
Buried in Brigham City Cemetery B-21-24-2;
BIRTH, DEATH listed in Brigham City LDS 2nd Ward Recs, early to 1921 SL Film # 0025,805


Oscar and Othelia Forsgren's child #6:  
      Ruthvin Peter Forsgren, born 13 Feb. 1890, Brigham City;  Died 11 Mar 1968 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., Calif.;  Buried Brigham City Cemetery plot B-21-21-2.  "Fuzzy" as he was called, married Clarice Amy Wright 26 Sept 1917 in Salt Lake City;  they were later sealed in the Logan Temple 10 July 1964.
     Clarice was born to Benjamin Franklin and Amy Petersen Wright on 21 Sept. 1896 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co. She passed away a few years after R.P. on 28 May 1971 in Ogden, Weber Co., Utah.  She was buried in the Brigham City Cemetery on 1 June 1971.

Ruthvin Peter & Clarice Forsgren with grandson Dean Frank Forsgren (1943)

Ruthvin Peter and Clarice Wright

MILITARY SERVICE OF SONS: Ogden City Examiner, Oct. 13, 1944
     Brigham City, Oct. 13 - Frank W. Forsgren, 24, son of Mr and Mrs. R.P. Forsgren, 225 North Second East, left for Fort Douglas today (drafted) for the armed forces. This puts all of the Forsgren's sons in the service, four of them, and have no daughters.
     The other sons are Aviation Student John Forsgren, naval air corps, Norman Okla; Richard Forsgren, aviation cadet, Santa Ana, Calif., and Earl Forsgren, army aviation cadet, army air field, Pecos Tex.
     Frank Forsgren's wife, the former Irene Dial, died June 29, last, and his 20-month-old son will reside with Forsgren's parents.

SOCIETY:  According to numerous articles in the society section for Box Elder County in the Ogden Standard Examiner the R.P. Forsgren home was the scene of many gatherings and parties.  Both Ruthvin Peter and Clarice seem also to have been part of many civic committees.  (mid-late 1930's)

  Ogden Standard Examiner, 16 Aug 1937
   No one was hurt in a collision which badly damaged two autos driven by R.P. Forsgren, 40, and Delbert Broch, 26, both of Brigham City, Sunday at ten-twenty p.m. about a mile north of the North Ogden well, reported Deputy Sheriff Lee Clausse.
   The officer reported that Broch misjudged a curve during a rainstorm and struck the other machine, tearing away most of its left side.  The impact smashed a wheel of Broch's auto.

OBITUARY: Salt Lake Tribune 14 Mar 1968 p. D-2
     Los Angeles Calif. - Ruthvin Peter (Fuzzy) Forsgren, 79, 29 N. 2nd East, Brigham City, Utah, died March 11, 1968, in Los Angeles, of natural causes.
     Born Feb. 13, 1889, Brigham City to Oscar and Othelia Anderson Forsgren. Married Clarice Amy Wright Sept 26, 1917, Brigham City. Later solemnized, Logan Temple. Retired carpenter. elder, Brigham City Fourth ward. World War I veteran; former member, American Legion, Chamber of Commerce, Brigham City Volunteer Fire Department member, 31 years. Recently celebrated 50th wedding anniversary.
     Survivors: widow, Brigham City; sons, Frank, Brigham City; John Venice, Calif; Richard, Rock Springs, Wyo; nine grandchildren; brothers, sisters: Mrs. Laura Earl, Arvil, both Salt Lake City; Mrs. Constance Cleere, Alhambra, Calif; Mrs. Howard (Naomi) Beecher, Grenada Hills, Calif.; Verdi Charles, Hayward, Calif.
     Funeral Saturday, 1 p.m., Brigham City Fourth Ward chapel. Friends may call Blaine Olsen Funeral Chapel, Friday 7-9 p.m; Saturday before services. Burial, Brigham City Cemetery.

Clarice: HONORED: Ogden Standard Examiner, 1 Jan 1943
   Gains Advancement
   Brigham City, Jan. 1 - Mrs. Clarice Forsgren, well known in Brigham City for her catering success, has been advanced to head cook at the officers' quarters at Bushnell general hospital it is reported today.
     Mrs. Forsgren works under direct supervisin of the head dietician.

[ADELE NOTE:  Bushnell General Military Hospital was an Army World War II hospital in Brigham City, Utah from August 1942 to June 1946.  It specialized in treating amputations, maxillofacial surgery, neuropsychiatric conditions, and tropical diseases. It was also one of the first hospitals to experimentally use penicillin. Bushnell was a regional facility for wounded solders from the Mountain States that provided quality medical care to patients. The sixty-building hospital, built at a cost of nine million dollars, was named for Colonel George E. Bushnell, internationally known specialist in tuberculosis and special consultant to the U.S. Surgeon General in World War I. 
     The community of Brigham City and the citizens of other Northern Utah communities were an integral part of the success of Bushnell. Citizens donated time, supplies, and money to support the facility and to assist in the care and rehabilitation of injured GIs.   Celebrities also visited Bushnell to promote morale, and some disabled Americans assisted injured patients. The hospital staff, along with Northern Utahns, played an important role in helping to rehabilitate and reintroduce injured soldiers into society. Brigham City was also effected by Bushnell Hospital. One major problem was a shortage of housing in Brigham City, which led citizens to rent to family members of patients in private homes. Another was infrastructure needed to support the hospital. However, the benefits mostly outweighed the problems. The city and surrounding communities benefited from the job growth at Bushnell and in Brigham. Downtown businesses received additional revenue from patrons. Because the hospital came to Brigham City, some citizens also met Japanese Americans and German and Italian POWs in addition to those connected to Bushnell. This led Brigham citizens to develop friendships with people they might have not met otherwise. When the war ended, the subsequent closure of Bushnell General Military Hospital brought these benefits to an end, and Brigham City and other Northern Utah communities hastened to find a new occupant for the hospital facility to ensure jobs. In 1950, it became the Intermountain Indian School. The school closed in 1984, and now businesses and homes occupy the site.
(Copied from articles on the web]
Benjamin Franklin Wright (Clarice's father)
Amy Sonora Peterson, Clarice's mother

OBITUARY: Ogden Standard Examiner, May 29 1971
      Brigham City - Mrs. Clarice Amy Wright Forsgren, 74, of 79 N. 2nd E. died Friday afternoon in the McKay Hospital of Cancer.
     Mrs. Forsgren was born Sept 21, 1896, in Brigham City, a daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Amy Petersen Wright.
     She was married to Ruthvin P. Forsgren and Sept. 26, 1917, in Brigham City. The marriage was later solemnized in the Logan LDS Temple. He died March 11, 1968.
     She was a lifelong resident of Brigham City and had worked as a former professional caterer.
     She was a former chorister for the Brigham City 3rd and 4th Wards. At the time of her death she was a member of the 4th Ward and a teacher of social relations in the Relief Society.
     She was a charter member of the Just-A-Mere Club.
     Surviving are three sons, Frank Forsgren, Brigham City; John Forsgren, Venice Calif., Richard Forsgren, Rock Springs, Wyo.; nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren; three brothers, Eugene Wright, Corinne; Frank Wright, Maurice (Mode) Wright, both of Salt Lake City.
     Funeral Services will be conducted Tuesday at 1 p.m. in the Brigham City 4th LDS Ward Chapel.
     Friends may call at the Olsen Funeral Chapel Monday from 7 to 9 p.m. and Tuesday one hour prior to services. Burial will be in the Brigham City Cemetery.

[Adele note:  Re-reading this obituary reminded me that I have no idea what a "Just-A-Mere" Club is!   I came across numerous references to it and to Clarice hosting their meetings at her home.  I googled it and was not enlightened a lot!   It does appear to be a women's social club of some sort.         
     There are references to Justamere clubs all over the United States.  One respondent said that it was a literary club organized by Laura Ingalls Wilder.   In a biography of Wilder it does state the following:  "Laura's social life continued to revolve heavily around the clubs she belonged to.  The Justamere Club gathered monthly on Tuesday afternoons in members' homes, and Laura seldom missed a meeting."   But the chapter  goes on to describe other clubs she was a member of as well.  A more in-depth search of that book found this paragraph:  " Meanwhile she also became more heavily involved in club activity than she had been earlier, playing a central role in establishing two different study groups:  the Athenians and the Justamere Club."   
     Some google articles reference a garden Justamere club while yet another seems to have to do with equestrian, I am left to assume that it is a whimsical name - "just a mere little club" sort of thing - that could really be about anything women wanted to learn about or a get- together  for whatever purposes were important to women where ever they were located]

Ruthvin's grandchildren:  Dean, Johnny, Carol, Bobbie, Ray, Terry, Mark  (not sure which is which)

Ruthvin Peter and Clarice had four sons:  The eldest was

     FRANK WRIGHT FORSGREN, born 16 Oct 1920, Brigham City where he lived his whole life except for WWII military service.  Frank was one of the mainstays of the Forsgren Family Association, serving several terms as its President and always being the one to reserve and set up the Brigham City Senior Center for our Reunions.  He was always cheerful and cooperative and helpful and loved to come and greet his cousins.  At the 2010 reunion he came for just a few minutes, commenting that that morning he had fallen from a ladder (at age 90!) and was a little shaken.   That was on top of recovering recently from a broken neck.   He was a dear friend and remarkable man and will be greatly missed. 

Frank Forsgren - age 8 mo.

Frank - 3rd grade (2nd row, circled)

Frank as Bishop

DEATH: Photocopy of Obituary (Newspaper unidentified) and the funeral program sent to me by Morris Forsgren.

     Brigham City - Frank Wright Forsgren, 90, passed away on Friday, December 3, 2010 in Brigham City, Utah.
     He was born on October 16, 1920 in Brigham City, Utah, a son of Ruthvin Peter and Clarice Amy Wright Forsgren.
     On November 1, 1940 Frank married Helen Irene Dial in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. They had one son, Dean Frank Forsgren. Helen died June 30, 1944.
     Frank served in the US Army during WWII and received an honorable discharge.
     He married Edith Bowen on March 9, 1945 in the Logan LDS Temple. They had two sons, Ray Bowen Forsgren and Mark Bowen Forsgren.
     Frank worked as an electrician for thirty years for Chase Electric.
     They served an LDS mission in Johannesburg, South Africa mission from 83-84.
     He was an avid golfer and sportsman.
     Surviving is his wife, Edith; three sons, Dean (Jean), Evanston, WY; Ray (Marsha), Vernal, UT; Mark (Jill) Brigham City; 13 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, December 8, 2010 at 11 a.m. at Brigham City 8th LDS Ward Chapel, 129 East 300 North.
     A viewing will be held on Tuesday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. at Gillies Funeral Chapel, 634 East 200 South, Brigham City and on Wednesday at the church from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.
     Interment will be in the Brigham City Cemetery, where military honors will be accorded by the Box Elder County Veterans. . . .

Fam recs in poss of Frank Wright Forsgren  223 N. 1 E.  Brigham City, UTah
Fam records in poss of Gideon Lenord Bowen
8th ward mem rec, Brigham City Stake
Birth, Bapt, Marr certificates

MILITARY:  Ogden Standard Examiner, 13 Oct. 1944
   Las Son Enters Armed Forces.   Brigham City, Oct. 13 - Frank W. Forsgren, 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Forsgren, 225 North Second East, left for Fort Douglas today, (drafted) for the armed forces.  This puts all of the Forsgren's sons in the service, four of them, and they have no daughters. 
     The other sons are Aviation Student John Forsgren, naval air corps, Norman, Okla;  Richard Forsgren, aviation cadet, Santa Ana, Calif., and Earl Forsgren, army aviation cadet, army air field, Pecos Tex.
     Frank Forsgren's wife, the former Irene Dial, died June 29, last and his 20 month old son will reside with Forsgren's parents.

HONORED: Ogden Standard Examiner, 26 October 1930
     "Frank Forsgren was the guest of Honor at a party given by his mother, Mrs. R.P. Forsgren, of Brigham City, at her home Saturday afternoon complimentary to his tenth birthday anniversary.  Luncheon was served and an individual birthday  cake featured the luncheon and Halloween favors were presented on each tray.  Following the luncheon the afternoon was passed in playing contest games and in a game of football."

These and other wonderful photos, together with a sweet tribute to her grandfather can be found HERE on Apryl's blog.  Frank just never lost that smile, and it appears he had music in his soul till the very end.

Military Honors

    Frank's first wife Helen Irene Dial, was born 25 Apr 1921 in Corinne, Box Elder Co., Utah.  She passed away 30 Jun 1944 (just 1 1/2 yrs. after her son was born) in Brigham City and was buried in the Brigham City Cemetery on 3 July 1944.
 Irene and Frank with son Dean

Ogden Standard-Examiner, Sat. Evening, July 1, 1944
     Brigham City - Funeral services for Mrs. Frank W. Forsgren, 23, who died Friday morning in a Brigham City hospital, will be conducted Monday at two p.m. in the LDS Fourth ward chapel.  Interment will be in the Brigham City cemetery under direction of the Harold B. Felt funeral home.
     Friends may call at the R.P. Forsgren home, 22 North Second East, Sunday afternoon and Monday, until time of services.

Brigham City Cemetery B-52-40-3
Helen and Irene had one child, a son - Dean - who is still living

After Irene's death Frank married #2) Edith Bowen on 9 Mar 1945 in the Logan LDS Temple, Cache Co., Utah.  Edith passed away on Jan 18, 2011.  She is also buried in the Brigham City Cemetery.
Edith and Frank bore two sons, Ray and Mark, both of whom are still living along with numerous posterity.

Edith as cook at Bunderson Elementary School

Thank you to granddaughter Apryl for letting me steal this photo for this blog.   Please be sure to go to Apryl's BLOG to see more photos of Edith as well as a nice tribute and display of memorabilia.

DEATH:  Social Security Death Index
Name: Edith Bowen Forsgren
State of Issue: Utah
Date of Birth: Thursday  October  17, 1918
Date of Death: Tuesday  January  18, 2011
Est. Age at Death: 92 years, 3 months, 1 days
Confirmation: Proven
Last known residence:
City: Brigham City; Brigham; Bushnell; Perry
County: Box Elder
State: Utah
ZIP Code: 84302

Edith Bowen Forsgren
October 17th, 1918 - January 18th, 2011.

We had the funeral of a sweet sassy, lady that I love. She was such a talented woman. She was an amazing cook and always wanted to feed you something when you came to visit. She loved chocolate (especially Reeses), Pepsi, watching baseball but most of all she loved her family. She would always cut out anything about her family from the newspapers. Her house was littered with pictures of her kids, their kids, and their kids.

Most of the time when we went to visit she would tell me how handsome Jeremy was. "I was going to marry a tall, dark, and handsome man, but then I ended up with this guy" she'd say, gesturing to grandpa. Then she told me how she and my grandfather met. They were both working at the Remmington Arms factory and she saw him. She got a strong feeling she would marry him and asked her friend about him. To her dismay she found out he was married with a baby on the way. But she could not disregard her strong feeling. Well a few years later my grandpa's wife passed away and he was left heartbroken and with a little boy. When he returned from WW2 they courted and married and had 2 more boys. And to wrap up her story she'd tell me how handsome Jeremy was.

When we were kids we would spend the night at her house and we would dress up in her clothes she never wore (think fur coats, and big purses) her high heels, wear her jewelry and if we were lucky she would let us wear her lipstick. If we were cold she would put a lovely bright green towel over us like it was a blanket, even though she had plenty of blankets. What a sense of humor she had! She said the funniest things and was bold about it, and she got away with it because she was old. She called breaking wind, bluejays, I never understood why!?

She loved roses and poems. She loved to travel and went to so many places with 2 other couples that were good friends of hers and grandpas. I'm honored to be her granddaughter.

Ruthvin Peter and Clarice Wright Forsgren's 2nd child: 
     John Chester Forsgren, born 1 Feb 1922 in Brigham City, Utah.  He married Eleanor Mae Wamples Jeffries on 11 Aug. 1944 in San Francisco.  John Chester passed away in a care home on 14 Feb 2011 in Chino, San Bernardino, California
     Eleanor Mae Wamples Jeffries was born 2 April 1924 in Bicknell, Knox Co., Indiana.  She died on 8 Feb. 2002 in Sun City, Riverside Co., California.

John & Eleanor are the parents of two children, both of whom are still living.
John Chester home on leave from Navy - with Frank's son Dean

OCCUPATION:  Pinedale Roundup (Wyoming), 26 Aug 1948.   (
Notice.  WEST WAY DRY CLEANERS is now uner new management.
     Dick and John Forsgren, owners of Finer Cleaners in Rock Springs have purchased West Way Dry Cleaners from Jack & D.C. Carson.  They will operate the plant under the name of "Finer Cleaners & Furriers"
     Dick and John have had many years' experience in the Dry Cleaning Business and before too long, with the addition of new equipment we can promis you 3-Day service on all your Dry Cleaning needs.  We humbly solicite the continued patronage of the many friends and customers of Jack and D.C. Carson.
Pinedale Roundup  Dec 29, 1949
Fire Destroyed Interior of Finer Cleaners Plant.
     A fire early Friday morning, Dec. 15, destroyed the interior of the Finer Cleaners and Furriers plant and damaged a considerable amount of clothing which had been cleaned in Rock Springs and was waiting for delivery that day.
     Frank Whitten who was passing the plant at 6:30 a.m. was the first to notice the smoke and sent in the alarm.
     An explosion of the oil stove, which had not been working properly for several days, caused the fire.
     Dick and John Forsgren of Rock Springs, managers of the cleaning establishment were in in Pinedale on Saturday to investigate the damage.
John & Eleanor  - 1985

RESIDENCES:  1993-2002, Sun City, California  (U.S. Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2002  (

DEATH:  Social Security Death Index (
Name: John Chester Forsgren State of Issue: Utah Date of Birth: Wednesday February 01, 1922 Date of Death: Monday February 14, 2011 Est. Age at Death: 89 years, 13 days Confirmation: Proven Last known residence:
City: Chino; Ontario
County: San Bernardino
State: California
ZIP Code: 91710
Latitude: 33.9905
Longitude: -117.6635

OBITUARY: (online)
John was born on February 1, 1922 and passed away on Monday, February 14, 2011.  John was a resident of Chino, California.

BURIAL: has photo of plaque marker
Riverside Natl. Cemetery
Inscription:   S1  US NAVY;  World War II  1922 - 2011
Memorial #72643886
Full Name:  John Chester Forsgren
 Gender M (*inferred)
Born 1 Feb 1922;   Died 14 Feb 2011 Age 89y 0m 13d (*inferred)
Buried  Riverside National Cemetery  Riverside,  California, United States
Location Section BE Row E Site 418

Eleanor Mae Wamples Jeffries: 
Social Security Death Index 
SSN: 555-28-2432
Last Residence: 92586 Sun City, Riverside, California, United States of America
Born: 2 Apr 1924
Died: 8 Feb 2002
State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951)

John and Eleanor Forsgren had three children:  John [living], Carol [living] & Robert
     Robert Allen Forsgren, was born 11 Sept. 1949 in Rock Springs, Sublette, Wyoming.  He died 24 July in Torrance, California and is buried in Rancho Palos Verdes, California

     DEATH:   Obituary Daily Times,  So Bay D-B  (
FORSGREN, Robert Allen; 50; Rock Springs WY>Torrance CA; SO BAY D-B; [pub.] 1999-7-27; janmrw

Robert is listed in a member tree on submitted by "skyefo86"
He is listed with a spouse and two children (whose names are private because they are still living)
Social Security Death Index
Name: Robert A. Forsgren 
SSN: 571-68-9308 
Last Residence: 90501 Torrance, Los Angeles, California, United States of America 
Born: 11 Sep 1948 
Died: 24 Jul 1999 
State (Year) SSN issued: California (1963

MARRIAGE:  California Marriage Index ( 
Name: Robert A Forsgren Age: 33 Est. Birth: abt 1949 Spouse Name: Mary G Dethloff Spouse Age: 35 Est. Spouse Birth: abt 1947 Date: 9 Feb 1982 Location: Los Angeles (with photo of headstone)
Birth: Sept. 11, 1948
Death: Jul. 24, 1999
Burial: Green Hills Memorial Park,  Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County, California, USA 
Plot: Vista Paz, 321, C
  Maintained by: GreenHills Stones Callin...  
Originally Created by: Warren Weimer  #46903249
Record added: Jun 15, 2011  
Find A Grave Memorial# 71398785

Ruthvin Peter and Clarice Wright Forsgren's 3rd child: 
     Richard Arvil Forsgren, born 22 July 1923 in Brigham City, Utah.  He married Clayta Christensen 17 Jun 1945 [in Texas??].  Richard passed away 8 April 1998 in Tucson, Pima Co., Arizona.  He is buried in Rock Springs, Sweetwater Co., Wyoming.   As of 2012 Clayta was still living in Rock Springs.

Marriage:  Ogden Standard Examiner 8 April 1945  article contains her photo
Brigham City, April 7 - Mr and Mrs. L.F. Christensen, Brigham City, announce the engagement and forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Clayta to Aviation Cadet Richard Forsgren, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Forsgren, Brigham City.
     The marriage will take place soon, probably at Pyote field, Pyote Tex., where Mr. Forsgren is recovering at any army air corps hospital from injuries suffered recenty in an automobile accident.

 Clayta at Pyote Field with Richard and Bob Smith

 Clayta & Richard are on the right
Richard and Clayta also in this photo with Edith Bowen (R)

OCCUPATION:  Pinedale Roundup (Wyoming), 26 Aug 1948.  []
Notice.  WEST WAY DRY CLEANERS is now uner new management.
     Dick and John Forsgren, owners of Finer Cleaners in Rock Springs have purchased West Way Dry Cleaners from Jack & D.C. Carson.  They will operate the plant under the name of "Finer Cleaners & Furriers"
     Dick and John have had many years' experience in the Dry Cleaning Business and before too long, with the addition of new equipment we can promies you 3-Day service on all your Dry Cleaning needs.  We humbly solicite the continued patronage of the many friends and customers of Jack and D.C. Carson.
Pinedale Roundup  Dec 29, 1949
Fire Destroyed Interior of Finer Cleaners Plant.
     A fire early Friday morning, Dec. 15, destroyed the interior of the Finer Cleaners and Furriers plant and damaged a considerable amount of clothing which had been cleaned in Rock Springs and was waiting for delivery that day.
     Frank Whitten who was passing the plant at 6:30 a.m. was the first to notice the smoke and sent in the alarm.
     An explosion of the oil stove, which had not been working properly for several days, caused the fire.
     Dick and John Forsgren of Rock Springs, managers of the cleaning establishment were in in Pinedale on Saturday to investigate the damage.

OBIT: " Richard Arvil Forsgren, 74 of 1115 McKinley Ave., Rock Springs, Wyoming, died on Wednesday April 8, 1998 at the North West Hospital in Tucson, Arizona.
     Forsgren was born on July 22, 1923 in Brigham City, Utah, the son of the late R.. Forsgren and Clarice Wright Forsgren.  He graduated from Box Elder High School.
     Funeral services were held in Rock Springs, WY on Apr 14 where he was buried.
     He and his wife Clayta Christensen were the owners and operators of the Finer Cleaners and Brodway Cleaners in Rock Springs, where they have lived and raised their three children for the past 50 years.
     He is survived by his wife Clayta; two brothers, Frank W. of Brigham City, John C. Forsgren, Sun City, Calif.; a son, Richard Forsgren and wife Jackie of Mesa, Ariz.; two daughters, Terri Hager and husband Greg of Gillette, WY and Barbara Thompson and husband Dale of Rock Springs;  10 grandchildren; and four great grandchildren
     In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by one brother, Earl who was killed in World War II, and a granddaughter, Amber Joy Thompson who died on June 26, 1989."  (Title and date of the newspaper clipping are not identified - it may have been the Pinedale Roundup)
Contains photo of the above headstone
Birth: Jul. 22, 1923 Death: Apr. 8, 1998
Burial: Rock Springs Cemetery, Rock Springs, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, USA
Plot: YOUNG_401_16X_5
Created by: Barb Walker # 47034601
Record added: Sept 05, 2011

Find A Grave Memorial# 76036967

Richard and Clayta have three children, all of whom are still living

Ruthvin Peter and Clarice Wright Forsgren's 4th child: 
     Ray Earl Forsgren (known as Earl), was born 8 Nov 1924 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah.  He joined the armed forces and was killed before he ever married.  He died 3 Sept 1945 in Palau, Morotai Island.  He is buried in the Brigham City Cemetery.

Ogden Standard Examiner, Nov. 15, 1937
   Shoulder Broken in Bike Accident
   Brigham City, Nov. 15 - Earl Forsgren, 12, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Forsgren, Brigham City, was nursing a fractured shoulder today, sustained late Saturday when he rode his bicycle into the path of an automobile.  He was treated at the Pearce hospital.  C.G. Adney of Corinne was the driver of the automobile, investigating officers reported.

MILITARY:  Ogden Standard Examiner, May 28, 1944
Completes Primary:
     Brigham City, May 27 - Ray E. Forsgren, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Forsgren, 225 North Second East, has completed the army's primary flight training course at Thunderbird field, Glendale, Ariz.  He is a graduate of Box Elder high school and attaended the University of Utah.

Utah, Military Records, (
Ordered to Active Duty - Army
Forsgren, Ray Earl, 2nd Lt., Brigham City, UT.
[typed at bottom of card: #2 p. 368-F  c.1 War Rel. 6-4-45]
 Another card:
KILLED:  Body Returned to Ut. 5-30-48 for Re-Burial  Nave A.C.
Returned from pacific aboard USAT Lt. Geo. W.G. Boyce.
Tib. 5-31-48)
DEATH:  Died in World War II;

OBITUARY:  Ogden Standard Examiner, Sep. 23, 1945  []
Liet. Forsgren Dies on Morotai
     Brigham City, Sept. 22 - Mr. and Mrs. R..P. Forsgren Saturday had received a telegram from the war department stating that their son, Lieut. R. Earl Forsgren, 20, was killed on Morotai island Sept 3.  Circumstances of his death were lacking.
     Lieut. Forsgren was born in Brigham City on Nov. 8, 1924 . . . . While in high school he was active in debating and speech.  He received his diploma from the civil air patrol on Aug. 8, 1942.
     Surviving besides his parents are the following brothers, all of whom are in the service:  Pfc.F. W. Forsgren, Weissbaden, Germany;  John C. Forsgren, S 1/c, Chincoteaque, Va., and Aviation Cadelt Richard A. Forsgren, De Witt general hospital, Auburn, Calif.

Ogden Standard Examiner, Sat. Evening, Oct. 13, 1945,  p. 5
Memorial Set for Brigham Officer
     Brigham City, Oct. 13 - Memorial services for Lieut. R. Earl Forsgren, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Forsgren, Brigham City, will be conducted Sunday at two p.m. in the LDS Fourth ward chapel.
     Liet. Forsgren was a passenger in a plane that crashed Sept. 3 while taking off from Morotai.
     He was born in Brigham City and attended elementary schools there.  He graduated from Box Elder high school and attended University of Utah prior to entering the service in May, 1943.
     Surviving besides his parents are three brothers, Pfc. Frank W. Forsgren, Germany;  S 1/c John C. Forsgren, Virginia, and A/c Richard Forsgren, Auburn Calif.

BURIAL: Brigham City Cem. B-21-21-3;  headstone photo added to


Oscar and Othelia Forsgren's child #7:  
 Nephi Faunt Leroy (Faunt) Forsgren, born 29 Oct 1892 in Brigham City, Utah.  Faunt married #1) Emma Victoria Emilie Hartmann on 4 Mar 1914 in Salt Lake City.  Emilie passed away just six months later of mitral stenosis during a premature birth.  A sealing for the couple was performed the following year on 2 Mar 1915 in the SL Temple.   Faunt then courted and married Emilie's younger sister #2) Ellen Gerda Elisabeth Hartmann,  born 7 Sep 1917 in Helsingor, Denmark.  They were married on 21 Dec. 1917 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Faunt and Emma - probably at the time of their marriage. 

Emma Victoria Emilie Hartmann was born 20 Sept 1893 in Helsingor, Fredricksborg, Denmark.
Her parents were Emilius Carl Frederick Hartmann and Victoria Velhelmine Chrisstoffine Bergstrom
Emma died from heart valve complications during a premature birth... just 8 months after her marriage to Faunt.  

BURIAL: Brigham City Cemetery C-5-5-4
At the bottom of her headstone:
"Sleep on dear Emma and take thy rest
God called thee home he thought it best
He took dear baby home with thee
That you might not departed be."

MILITARY:  Utah, Military Records, 1861-1970  (
World War I Service Questionnaires, 1914-1918
Sec. I
Name:  Nephi Faunt LeRoy Forsgren
Home Address 112 S. 5th W. St. Brigham, Utah
Camp or Oversea Address: Co. C 316th Amm. Tr. Esp. Force 91st Divn., France
Birth:  October 29th 1892, Brigham, Utah
Mother:  Othelia M.E.A. Forsgren
Father:  Oscar Forsgren
Education:  Common School
Occupation before Entering Service:  Plummer
Employer:  E.C.F. Hartman, Brigham, Utah
Married: Gerda Ellen H. Forsgren 
Number of Children:  One son
Name: Faunt LeRoy Forsgren, Jr. 
   (born 9 days after death of his father, his mother died about 2 hours after giving birth to son.  Confinement & Spanish influenza cause of death
[Written along the side of the form is Forsgren, Nephi Faunt Le Roy & Box Elder Co.]
Sec. II. 
Induction: Date into Service:  April 27th 1918, Selective Service, Army
Company & Regiment: Co. C 316th Amm. Tr. Amer. Exped. Force France.  91st Division. 
Commanding Oficer Mage Gen. Wm. H. Johnson
First Training Camp:  Camp Lewis;  Time spent, about two months
Sec. III   Oversea Service
Date of Transportation Overseas:  July 12th 1918
Place of Oversea Service  Marseilles France  
Remarks:  Muse Argonne Drive
Sec. IV  Promotions
Rank at entrance into Service:  Privt
Previous Military Training.  None
Promotions, with date:  Wagner (about first of June)
Sec. V Casualties
Killed in Action: 
Date:  Reported to have died Oct. 13th 1918  Place in or near Argonne, Fr.
Died of Disease:  Reported to have died of Labar [sic] pneumonia and pulmonary oedema
Remarks:  Have learn nothing definit pertaining to our son or personal effects to this date Dec. 17th 1919. 
Signature of person who fills out questionnaire:  Oscar Forsgren

OBITUARY: (Deseret Evening News, Nov. 23, 1918.  p. 6 Sec. 2)
     Belated Word Comes Of Death of Soldier After Wife Was Dead
BRIGHAM CITY, Nov. 23 - Faunt L. Forsgren died in France of pneumonia Oct. 13.  The word came only last night and his wife, who died here Oct. 27, never knew her husband would not get the letter she wrote him on the day she died to tell him that he was the father of a beautiful baby.
     Young Mr. Forsgren entered the service of his country April 27, this year.  He was sent to Camp Lewis and six weeks later went overseas.  On Oct. 27, his wife gave birth to a baby and on the evening of the same day she sat up in bed and wrote him a short letter, a message from the mother and the baby.  That night she died, before the letter was more than in the mail.  The father had been dead two weeks.
     The official announcement of young Mr. Forsgren's death came addressed to his wife.  Her father E.C.F. Hartmann, opened it.
     The soldier boy was the son of Oscar Forsgren and was born Oct. 23, [incorrect] 1892.
(Deseret Evening News, Nov. 25, 1918 p. 6 Sec 2)  part of an article entitled "Twelve Dead From Intermountain Region"  . . . News of the death of Faunt Le Roy Forsgren, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Forsgren of Brigham City, was received by his parents Saturday.  Death occurred in France of pneumonia Oct. 13.  Mr. Forsgren was a member of the 316th ammunition supply train.  He entered the army in April, 1918, and was trained at Camp Lewis for one month, after which he was sent overseas.  On Dec 21, 1917, he was married to Miss Gertrude Hartman who died Oct. 22, leaving a baby one month old. "  [inaccurate information] 
Ogden Standard Examiner:Wed. Evening,  1 Sept 1920
   Soldiers Body to be Returned Home
     Brigham, Sept. 1 - The body of Faunt L. Forsgren, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Forsgren, is being shipped  home for final interment through efforts of the American Legion, according to advices received in Brigham yesterday.  Forsgren died in France.  The body, upon arrival, will be buried with military honors. 
     Mr. Forsgren buried a young wife a number of years ago, and a hear before his death, married a sister of his deceased wife.  She died but a few days before receiving news of her husband's death.

BURIAL:  Brigham City Cem: C-5-5-5; Photo in possess of Fors Fam Assn

Emma Victoria Emilie Hartmann:  

Mitral stenosis is a valvular heart disease characterized by the narrowing of the orifice of the mitral valve of the heart.  It is the most common valvular heart disease in pregnancy.

Ellen Gerda Elisabeth Hartman:
     Ellen died 23 Oct. 1918 shortly after having given birth to a son.
DEATH:  It is sad to note that both Gerda and Faunt were suffering the effects of the 1918 flu epidemic and that it caused both their deaths, though half a world apart.  And even more tragic is that Faunt got to be married to both of his wives for only a matter of months before their deaths and that he lost one child by Emma and never got to see his child by Gerda.

BURIAL:  Brigham City Cemetery
At the base of her part of the monument it reads "God knows best"
Monument has Gerda E.E. Hartmann
wife of F Forsgren
Feb 7 1897
Oct 22 1918

After the death of his parents Faunt Leroy Forsgren  was adopted by his Hartmann grandparents (Emelius C.F. and Eva Hartmann) and took their surname.  Records of the disposition of his parent's estate and his adoption can be found on SL Film #480,332  Brigham City Probate Records, 1856-1887.

A FGS prepared by Laura Earl lists his birth as 19 Oct 1918
Faunt married Sybil Alberta Rose (the widow of Glen Walter Barnett) 17 Dec. 1960 in Ogden, Weber Co., Utah.  He died Feb 16, 1986 and is buried in the Ogden City Cemetery.
     Sybil was born  12 Jan 1908 in Box Elder County.  She died in Ogden on 24 Mar 1994 and is buried in Ogden City Cemetery.
ACCIDENT:  Ogden Standard Examiner, 13 Dec. 1932
   Collision of two trucks at Twenty-fifth street and Harrison avenue, Sunday afternoon resulted in injuries to three persons.  They are:  Mrs. Victoria Hartmann, 60, broken ribs; Eva hartmann Mix, 36, of Sacramento, injured knee, and Faunt Hartmann, 14, hurt on the back.  The truck in which they were riding was driven by E.W. Hartmann.  The Hartmanns live at 1465 Twentyfifth street.  The other truck was driven by Charles Shaw of Liberty.  The ighway was slippery, making it difficult to control the trucks, both of which wer damaged, acccording to report at the police station Monday afternoon.  None of the injuries was of a serious nature.

MILITARY:  Faunt served in the U.S. Army in World War II
Utah, Military Records 181-1970
Faunt Leroy Hartman,   Local Board No. 5,  (white) Rank or Grade:  CP:
Serial # 39 679 101  Army
Commissioned 9/26/41 at Fort Douglas, Utah
Termination of Service  12/3/45  Lowry Field, Colorado
Birth:  22 Oct 1918, Brigham City, Utah  Age 23
Nearest Kin:  Mrs. Victoria Hartmann, Address:  Rt. #3, Ogden, Utah  (Grandmother)
Marital Status:  Single
(on reverse of card):  Hartmann, Faunt LeRoy,  Ogden, Ut.   Army  p. CCCL111
c.3  Trib. 9-27-41

BURIAL: Ogden City Cem: R-9-24-2W;
listed on Memorial #41717919  (with photo of headstone)
Faunt Leroy Hartmann
Birth: Oct. 22, 1918  Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah, USA
Death: Feb. 16, 1986 Ogden, Weber County, Utah, USA
Family links:
  Sybil Alberta Rose Hartmann (1908 - 1994)*
Ogden City Cemetery, Ogden, Weber County, Utah, USA
Plot: R-9-24-3W
Maintained by: Adele Austin
Originally Created by: Lisa Olorenshaw

Record added: Sept 08, 2009

As far as I know there were no children born to Faunt and Sybil Hartmann.  [I have no photos of either Faunt or Sybil - Are there any Hartmann relatives who can help with this?]

Oscar and Othelia Forsgren's child #8
      Phyllis Constance Forsgren (known in life as Connie), born 11 Mar 1895 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah.  She married Francis Patton Cleere on 27 June 1927 in Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., California.  Connie passed away 19 Dec 1979 in Los Angeles.  She is buried in the Mt. View Cemetery in Altadena, Los Angeles Co., California.
     Francis Patton Cleere (known in life as Frank) was born 13 Jan 1892 in Millington, Shelby Co., Tennessee. He died the 31 Aug 1953 in the Santa Fe Hospital in Los Angeles.  He is also buried in the Mt. View Hospital in Altadena, CA.

   HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION:  Box Elder News 4 May 1917 lists Phyllis Constance Forsgren among its graduates to be held the following Sunday for Box Elder High School graduates.
    Ogden Standard Examiner:  20 June 1926 -  Box Elder News Column:
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Forsgren of this city left for Salt Lake Friday where they will accompany Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Earl on a trip to Zion's National Park & Bryce Canyon. They will meet their daughter, Connie Forsgren, who is returning from Los Angeles, and she will return home with them to Brigham for a vacation.    June 29, 1926:  Miss Connie Forsgren who is employed in Los Angeles is passing her vacation at Brigham City with her parents. . .
   May 30, 1937, Connie attended her 20th class reunion & helped chair the program.  In 13 Mar. 1968 she was a resident of Alhambra, California when she is mentioned returning for her brother Ruthvin's funeral.

CENSUS:  1940 Census of Councilmanic District 9, Los Angeles
Constance F Cleere
(original):  Wife. female, age 45, married
relationship to head of household (standardized): Wife
birthplace:  Utah
estimated birth year:  1895
residence in 1935:  Same House
enumeration district number: 60-638
family number: 204
sheet number and letter: 8B
line number:  78
nara publication number: T627
nara roll number: 381
Spouse:  Francis P. Cleere
Children:  Jean R Cleere, Neil F. Cleere

DEATH:  California Death Index, 1940-1997 (
name: Phyllis Constance Cleere
event: Death
event date: 19 Dec 1979
event place: Los Angeles, California, United States
birth date: 15 Mar 1895
birthplace: Utah
gender: Female

Frank:   [I have no photos of Francis Patton Cleere]
His parents are  Oscar George Cleere & Victoria Alberta Patton.

MILITARY: World War II Draft Registraton Cards, 1942
name: Francis Patton Cleere
event:  Draft Registration
event date: 1942
event place: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
gender: Male
birth date: 02 Aug 1889
nara publication title: World War II Draft Cards (4th Registration) for the State of California
arc identifier: 603155
digital folder number: 005669358

DEATH:  Died in the Santa Fe Hospital, Los Angeles
California, Death index, 1940-1997  (
parents: Cleere,​ Patton
name: Francis Patton Cleere
event: Death
event date: 31 Aug 1953
event place: Los Angeles, California, United States
birth date: 13 Jan 1892
birthplace: Tennessee
gender: Male
father: Cleere

mother: Patton

Connie Forsgren & Francis Patton Cleere were the parents of two children:  Jean & Neil.  <Neil is still living>
      Jean Ruth Cleere, was born 19 April 1928 in Alhambra, California.  She married 1) Delmas Earl Watters 30 Dec 1951 in Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA.  Delmas died in an airline accident in 1959 in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois.  There were no children born to that marriage.   Jean then married 2) Richard T. Burns 27 May 1967 in Los Angeles.  They divorced in Jan of 1984.  [I have no further information about Mr. Burns.  I do not know if he is still living or not].  Jean and Richard adopted a daughter and a son.  [I have no further information on them;  it is supposed they are still living>
BIRTH:  California Birth Index 1905-1995 (
Name: Jean Ruth Cleere
 Date: 19 Apr 1928
Gender: Female
Mother's Maiden Name: Forsgren
Birth County: Los Angeles

Marriage: California Marriage Index  (
 Name: Delmas E Watters
Gender: Male
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1922
Age: 29
Marriage Date: 30 Dec 1951
Marriage Place: Los Angeles, California, USA
 Spouse: Jean A Cleere Spouse Age: 23

California Marriage Index  (
Name: Richard T Burns
Age: 36 Est. Birth: abt 1931
Spouse Name: Jean R Cleere
Spouse Age: 39 Est.
Spouse Birth: abt 1928
Date: 27 May 1967
Location: Los Angeles City
     another entry gives the following:
Name: Richard T Burns Age: 36 Est. Birth: abt 1931 Spouse Name: Jean R Watters Spouse Age: 39 Est. Spouse Birth: abt 1928 Date: 27 May 1967 Location: Los Angeles City

DIVORCE:  California, Divorce Index, 1966-1984.  (
Name: Richard T Burns
Spouse Name: Jean R
Location: Los Angeles Date: 9 Jan 1984,
a second entry underneath it lists 17 Jan 1984.

DEATH:  Social Security Death Index (
first name: Jean
middle name: Ruth
last name: Burns
birth date: 19 April 1928
social security number: 558-30-4508
place of issuance: California
last residence: Los Angeles, California
zip code of last residence: 91748
death date: 5 August 2009
estimated age at death: 81
Del was a pilot for TWA;  he was killed in an airplane crash
MILITARY:  Korean War
   Citations:  Distinguished Flying Cross
His parents are Earl Waters and Anna Belle Smith

Oscar and Othelia Forsgren's child #9   
       Manila "D" Forsgren, was born on 5 April 1898 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah.  She married Leonard Rufus Clements (known as "Clem") on 25 Nov 1934 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California.  Manila died on 16 Jan 1997 in California.  She is buried in Alhambra.
CENSUS:  1920 Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah  ED6, p. 15B  Image 285 (taken Jan 15);  5th West St.
Forsgren, Oscar, head, age 59, md, carpenter, born Utah, both parents born Sweden
Forsgren, Othelia, wife, age 57, md, immigrated 1874, naturalized 1890 she and both parents born Denmark
Forsgren, Manilla, daur, age 21, Single, born Utah
[living in the same house (renting)  Ruthvin& Clarice, Verdi C and Naomi]

OCCUPATION:  Manila was a milliner

RESIDENCE CHANGE:  Ogden Standard Examiner, Sat. Evening, May 8, 1926 p. 2
    " Manila Forsgren, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Forsgren of this city, has gone to Los Angeles to visit her sister, Connie Forsgren.  She will remain there indefinitely."

MARRIAGE: Ogden Standard Examiner, 13 Dec 1931 p. 27 - Box Elder Society

    " Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Forsgren of Brigham City announce the marriage of their daughter, Manila Dee of Los Angeles, California, to L.R. Clements, also of Los Angeles.  The marriage took place on Wednesday at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Frank P. Cleere at Los Angeles.  The young couple will make their home in California."

[I have another page of photos to add here but first I need to change it to a different format]

DEATH:  DEATH:  California, Death Index, 1940-1997
Name: Manila Forsgren Clements
Social Security #: 568017725
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 5 Apr 1898
Birth Place: Utah
Death Date: 16 Jan 1997
Death Place: Los Angeles
Mother's Maiden Name: Anderson
Father's Surname: Forsgren
MILITARY:  World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918  (
Serial Number 1274  Order Number 1556
Leonard Rufus Clements
Permanent Home Address:  1800 Ohio Est. L.  St. Clair Co., Ill.
Age 20, Born March 28 1898
White, Native Born
Present Occupation:  Clerk, Big Four R R,  Front St.  Est.L.  St. Clair Ill
Nearest Relative :  William Henry Clements, Black Reynolds, MO.
Signed:  Leonard Rufus Clements
Description:  Tall, Stout build, Blue/grey eyes, Light colored hair
Date of registration.  Sept 12 1918, East St. Louis Local Board No. 2, Public Library Bldg.

CENSUS:  1940 Census of San Gabriel, Los Angeles, Calif.  (Residence same in 1935)
Sheet Number 10B  household 273  #319 Westboro Ave.
Clements, Leonard R, respondent, head, age 42, md. born Missouri.  occupation: auditor for State of California, Owns own home valued at 6,000 Education:  8th grade completed.  Income:  2500
Clements, Manila D., wife, md, age 42, born Utah, Education completed: High School 4 years.  Income $650

DEATH: California Death Index, 1940-1997  (; also Social Security Death Index.
Leonard Rufus Clements
Social Security #: 565 30 ____
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 28 Mar 1898
Birth Place: Missouri
Death Date: 10 Jun 1985
Death Place: Los Angeles

Mother's Maiden Name: Sutterfield

There were no children born to this marriage.

Oscar and Othelia Forsgren's child #10
     Verde Charles Forsgren, was born 20 Apr 1901 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah.  He married Jewell Mae Knorp on 28 May 1933 in San Francisco, San Francisco Co., California.  Verde (pronounced Verdie) died on 8 Jan 1992 in Hayward, Alameda Co., California.  He was buried on 21 of January 1992 in Brigham City Cemetery.  [I am interested to know why so much time lapsed between Verde's death and his burial in Brigham]
     Jewell Mae Knorp,  was born 17 Feb 1905 in Hazleton, Barber Co., Kansas.  She passed away 10 May 2002 in Hayward, Alameda Co., California  [She is listed on the photo of the headstone I took of Verde, but I do not know if she is buried there or not.]  
     There were no children born to this marriage.

Verde and Jewell

BIRTH:Brigham City LDS 2nd Ward Recs, early to 1921 SL Film # 0025,805)
BLESSED: By Bp. A. Valentine

MARRIAGE:  Ogden Standard Examiner  18 June 1933
     Announcement is made of the marriage of jewel Mae Knopp of Kansas City to Verdi Forsgren of San Francisco, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Forsgren of this city, which took place late in May at Sa Francisco.  Mr and Mrs. Forsgren visited with relatives and friends here the latter part of last week during their honeymoon trip to Kansas and the east.  On their return they will make their  home San Jose, California.

Polk's Directory, San Jose California, 1938:
V Chas (Jewell), employed Roos Bros.

Charles & Jewel Forsgren listed on Honolulu, Hawaii Passenger and Crew Lists, arriving in Los Angeles 17 May 1956

CENSUS:  1930 Los Angeles, Calif
Forsgren Verdi C, head, male, age 29, salesman, born Utah
Forsgren, Manila D, relative [sister], age 30, milliner, born Utah
Cowley, Gladys W, single, Lodger,  milliner, born 1897, Utah

1940 Census of Santa Clara California.  House no. 373, line 34
Forsgren, Verdi Charles, head, age 39, Md. Education:  4 yrs. High School, born Utah, same place in 1935, Salesman Men's clothing
Forsgren, Jewell, wife, age 35, Md, Education:  4 yrs. High School, born Kansas, same place in 1935, Bookkeeper at [unreadable]

DEATH & BURIAL:  Brigham City Sexton's records  B-21-21-5

[He is listed here as V. Charles...but I find no references to him using anything but Verde as his name]

Oscar and Othelia Forsgren's child #11
      Naomi Sheila Forsgren, born 18 Jul 1908 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co.  Naomi married 1) Stephen Ulysses Zundel on 4 Dec 1930 in Ogden, Weber Co., Utah.  This marriage only lasted a couple of years. (In the Ogden Standard Examiner in many articles in 1933 she is once again referred to as Naomi Forsgren.)  Naomi married 2) Sumner Howard Beecher on 17 June 1943 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nevada.  Naomi died 11 Feb 2001 in Alhambra, Los Angeles Co. and was buried on 17 Feb 2001 in the Brigham City Cemetery.
     Stephen Ulysses Zundel was born 15 Nov 1906 in Willard, Box Elder, Utah.  He later married Mrs. Ethel Ruth Myers Voorhies with whom he lived the rest of his life and by whom he had several children.  He passed away Sept 19, 1985 and is buried in the Willard Cemetery.
      Sumner Howard Beecher was born 28 Mar 1910 in Kingman, Mohave Co., Arizona.  He died 12 Dec. 1990 in Los Angeles, California.  It was his wish to be cremated and his ashes were scattered.

Howard Beecher's birth certificate (as it was uploaded to

Naomi and Howard had one child, a daughter Karen who is still living.  I am grateful to her for having clarified some information for this post.  She has lost a lot of her family memorabilia in a house fire so has not been able to help with additional photos.

Naomi is mentioned in numerous articles in the Ogden Standard Examiner in 1925, 1926 as singing duets or solos (coupled often with DeLone Valentine) so she must have been quite the singer.  Her daughter also stated that she was in high school musicals and loved to dance, including performances.  She is noted often as the hostess of events at her parent's home.

His parents are John Henry Osmer Zundel (1885-1948) and Clarissa Maria Pettingill (1883-1909),  He is listed in numerous family trees on with photos and Naomi is listed as his first wife.  (No children born to the marriage).  Stephen's father John was sheriff of Brigham City at the time of his marriage to Naomi.

MARRIAGE TO STEPHEN ZUNDEL:   Ogden Standard Examiner, Sunday, 7 Dec. 1930 p. 2-C
     Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Forsgren of Brigham City, announce the marriage of their daughter, Naomi, to Stephen Zundel, son of Sheriff and Mrs. John H. Zundel of Brigham.  The marriage took place Thursday in Ogden.  The young people are both graduates of the Box Elder high school, and Stephen is a former student of the Utah State Agricultural college of Logan.  Mrs. Zundel has been employed for Peopl's Drug company of Brigham City for the past several years and Mr. Zundel has been with the Ferris and Gardner company, well drilling.  They expect to make their home in Brigham City.
also:  Western States Marriage Index
Details For Marriage ID#411996
Groom Last Name: ZUNDEL
Groom First Name: Stephen
Groom Residence: Brigham, Box Elder, Utah
Bride Last Name: FORSGREN
Bride First Name: Naomi
Bride Residence: Brigham, Box Elder, Utah
Place: Ogden, Weber, Utah
Date: 04 Dec 1930
County of Record: Weber
State: Utah
Volume: P
Page: 495

Ogden Standard Examiner.  11 July 1943
Naomi Forsgren is Married at Coast Rites
     Brigham City, July 10 - Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Forsgren of Brigham City announce the marriage of their daughter, Naomi to R. Howard Beecher of Burlingame, Calif. The couple was married in a ceremony performed by President Byron of the Nevada branch of the LDS church at Las Vegas, Monday, June 28.
     After a wedding trip through Bryce and Zion national parks the young couple will make their home in Los Angeles, California.
Sheila and Howard Beecher

OBITUARY:  unidentified newspaper located on
     Brigham City - Naomi Sheila Beecher, 92, died on February 11, 2001 in Alhamba, California.  She was born in Brigham City on July 18, 1908, to Oscar Forsgren and Othelia Anderson Forsgren and was the youngest of eleven children.  She was educated in the Brigham City schools and graduated from Box Elder High School in 1927 after which she moved to California in 1933.
     She married S. Howard Beecher on June 17, 1943, and they were married for 47 years before he passed away.  Naomi first worked for Ray Grant's People's Drug store in Brigham City.  She met her husband at McKesson Drug in Los Angeles.
     They are the parents of one daughter, Karen Margaret Beecher who lives in Sylmar, California and is a pharmacist there.
     Naomi enjoyed gardening and worldwide traveling with her husband and daughter.
     She is survived by her daughter Karen and numerous nieces and nephews in Utah.
     The graveside services were handled by Petersen Funeral Chapel on Saturday, Feb. 17, at the Brigham City Cemetery.

Birth: Jul. 18, 1908 Brigham City Box Elder County Utah, USA
Death: Feb. 11, 2001 Alhambra Los Angeles County California, USA
 Also known by her middle name of "Sheila." Naomi was a daughter of Oscar Forsgren & Othelia Anderson. Naomi married Sumner Howard Beecher II (1910-1990) on June 17, 1943 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nevada. They had one identified daughter. Death date not engraved on her grave marker when photo was made.    Family links:  Spouse: Sumner Howard Beecher (1910 - 1990)

Burial: Brigham City Cemetery   Brigham City Box Elder County Utah, USA
Maintained by: David L. McMonigle ;Originally Created by: Kim Millett ; Record added: Apr 22, 2006  Find A Grave Memorial# 14036193

 And thus I complete the posterity of Oscar and Othelia Forsgren.  Please feel free to contact me with corrections or to add additional photos or information.  ALWAYS happy to do that!


  1. Thank you for this. Frank Wright Forsgren is my grandfather. I am currently residing in the house that he built. This is so dear to my heart. Words cannot express how thankful I am to you for taking the time to do this research and for sharing it.

    1. Apryl. We miss Frank so much. I can't imagine having another reunion without him there! He was my mentor in so many ways. That you are pleased with the blog makes all the hours of effort seem worth it! Hold on to that home and love it to pieces!

  2. So grateful that you have a love for family history. The work you have done is an inspiration to me, and I too cannot express the gratitude I feel for all you have shared. Thank you

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